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Mind blowing. Wonderful manufacturing plant.
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Excellent report Dippy. Thanks for sharing
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Good pics. This brings back the memory of me working in Toyota, India and Toyota Motor Corp., Japan. They also have the similar plant fully sophisticated and automized body shop, paint shop and assy shop (in Japan). We were not allowed to take pics inside the plant though (as per company policy).

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No words except sheer and burning jealousy. Awesome!!
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wow amazing pics and cars ...... thanks
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Awesome Travelogue and you have covered almost all areas of the plant. Great photography . Assembly line pictures are my favorite.
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Nice pics and description, I've had the opportunity of visiting the Chakan plant before- on the occasion of their 20,000th vehicle rollout early last year. The plant really needs to be seen to be believed, such is the sophistication. And I still am amazed how they are able to maintain it better than some posh showrooms that I have come across. Guess the only thing you guys missed was an encounter with the '62- trust me I have never believed in luxury and such, performance being my only priority, but that was the only car that has made me think twice, till date. Phew! Recalling that experience still sends shivers up my spine, that luxury and convenience is still unmatched- even after spending a considerable amount of time with an S. It is just head and shoulders above anything I have ever seen.

Sheesh, I almost stopped breathing- gotta get back to the turbos and forged internals.
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really wonderful...have seen the cls and slk on road and they just demand one's attention. lovely stuff and I'm sure you enjoyed yourselves driving the mercs and the beemer...and not o forget some really good thats like a dream weekend for me!
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Nice pics. Did you get to push the AMGs on a test-track?

Is that JD's old M3?
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Excellent report Dippy.
The killer was the M3 at the Factory :P

It doesnt look like a factory in India at all.
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Great report and pictured Dippy and Karthik!! That AMG SL looks absolutely STUNNING!
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Fantastic report and awesome pics Dippy. Congrats.
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Awesome photos!
Good that this time they let you shoot inside the manufacturing plant. I remember a similar travelogue (I think by Rudra sir) where he wasnt allowed to shoot inside the plant.
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Must have been quite an experience! But my post is not about the Mercs, I'm going to admit it, that BMW M3 beats everything. It is, IMO, the last of the beautiful BMWs manufactured and yes, for me it's the most beautiful BMW that's ever existed. Dimensionally perfect, visually pleasing, perfect stance and flawless proportions.

Anyway this thread's not about the M3 so let's move on.
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Awesome stuff!! Are the parts manufactured in India or are they just assembled? And do they also make the AMG's here or are they got down as CBU's?
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