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Nice car somehow suede finish doesn't really gel with my taste..the only 300c i came across is one parked at Motibagh Pump.
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My uncle has a 300 C here in Goa and drove it a few times. The ride is very wobbly. Huge amounts of space. The rear seat is like a sofa. If you import one it comes to about 55-57. Its really good for long journeys. One thing I noticed in the car was the doors open so smoothly. Just a slight push and the door just glides.
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Old 7th March 2010, 07:26   #18
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Originally Posted by Scorcher View Post
Nice find dude, But it being a diesel spoils all the fun factor IMO. What is an American Muscle car minus the rumble and roars ?
Oh trust me, u get a good enough roar from the diesel version too
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Old 8th March 2010, 11:51   #19
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definetly a pimp machine. interior quality is definelty average/below average.
This looks to be made in UK/Europe (RHD).
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Old 8th March 2010, 19:52   #20
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Totally agreed, this car oozes character like no other.

You know what I'm waiting for? Another 3 - 4 years when they start hitting the used market. Mark my words, these Chryslers will be depreciation disasters. I foresee a placement in my 2014 "Best Enthusiast cars for 15 lakhs or less" thread
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Old 9th March 2010, 02:10   #21
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@ scorch-Is it a muscle?
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Originally Posted by anupam9557 View Post
@ scorch-Is it a muscle?
Hm, not exactly. But features all its properties - Big, Thirsty, Wobbly, In-your-face, Chiseled lines and most importantly, Pointless ! So, yea it is a Muscle car.
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Old 3rd May 2010, 22:08   #23
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The looks just blew me away. as someone else said PURE GANGSTA.
Imposin looks with a merc diesel engine.Don't care about handling as long as it rides well.
Few of the remaining american RWD full size sedan,but seems to have a redesign in 2010(wikipedia).
But like all other non-muscle car american its auto,tat too 4/5speed.But what's really horrible is the interior plastics.Saw a video in youtube,had enough
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Originally Posted by sidindica View Post
That's a really beautiful beast of car.I don't know about you guys but has anyone noticed the guy in orange suit grappling his ho.. hum.. well sorry mods but that's a really funny sight.
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Old 1st August 2010, 19:44   #25
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Seen a blue SRT here in pune parked at the Audi ahowroom. Guess its the owner's car. Its one big lumbering brute. Would'nt mind buying one if it is diesel and came for 15 lakh. Would compliment my octy eh
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Old 25th April 2012, 23:07   #26
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Default Re: First ride: Chrysler 300C 3.0 V6 CRD Diesel

Originally Posted by //M View Post
Wow sid. Lovely car there. Oozes character and class. Saw a silver one in Delhi few days back. Its quite impressive.
I probably saw the same silver one last week near Mahipalpur in Delhi. Impressive car. Yesterday, there was a 300 CRD extra long stretched limo at the Gurgaon toll plaza. Two sightings of this mighty car ipwithin 10 days. Seems to be popular in India?
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