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But looks like a birdie took a dump on the car...
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Originally Posted by 97octane View Post
Model :

BMW 535i Gran Turismo (3.0L I6, 8 Speed Automatic)
Nice clicks there dude. And good find. BMW 5GT and Vertu, seems the owner has a thing for exclusive stuff
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Great spotting Octane. Its just recently the owner has purchased this one. Lives in central mumbai, and also owns an X6, 7 series and couple of other indian cars and superbikes. Most of his car digits are 9375. Here's a pic i clicked last week.
Attached Thumbnails
Spotted: BMW 5 Series GT in Mumbai-20042010442.jpg  

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I Dint know know this, but the white wadala car has been bought by a good friend and classmate of dads. So expect a full photo op any time soon when I can get to meet him.
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All i can say is one wierd looking Beemer,absolute waste from my point of view reminds me of the ugly X5
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@ ramie: You mean the ugly X6, right?
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I've seen a black example of this crap near Cooper Hospital, Juhu.
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Gosh i must this car has recieved lots of negative reviews,it seriously looked good in print but not in flesh.I wonder whether this new styling direction BMW is winning any hearts.Next up the new 5,and to me it does look bland.Bangled beemers are no more!
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Default Bimmer eve in Mumbai

I wish I could have a solo thread where I can post my spottings with write ups.

Day 1 (For TBHP)

Weapon of chase & spotting :

Fomas Dream (MTB) '2010
Frame: 26"Steel.
Fork: 26" Susp,steel Dunhill.
Derailleur: Shimano 21-Speed.
Brake: F/R-Dsic Brake.
Tyre: 26"2.35.

Spotted Model :
BMW 535i Gran Turismo (3.0L I6, 8 Speed Automatic)
LoLzz Yeah another of those ugly ducklings. Its raining GTs in Mumbai cause Navneet is selling em like hotcakes.

Color :
Exterior: Deep Sea Blue Metallic.
Interior: Ivory White & Black Leather Interior.

Location :
Bandra Reclamation.

-> My fractures came out of plaster 2 days back so was pretty happy & I defiantly wanted a dose of adrenaline.

-> Jumped on my new MTB with all my gears & camera same as i used to do with my lovely Honda Activa..Sob Sob.. I miss her !

-> Directly went to Shivaji Park from my place & to my surprise saw a BMW Z4 in Alpine white heading towards Town in front of Sena Bhavan Signal. It happened to quick to capture.

-> Convinced myself for a great evening as i spotted one of my favorites.

-> Reached Mahim Causeway & spotted a Land Rover, Discover 3 (Black) which zoomed passed me. If I memory serves me well then I spotted Fardeen Khan arriving for a party at SRK's place in the same vehicle.

-> Thought of going straight to carter road but traffic was HELL so i took the left to reclamation.

-> As usual lots of couples were having a sole moment so I kept my gears up & sped towards the Sea-link turn.

-> Saw a BMW 525i(Deep Sea Blue Metallic) with parking lights on & my body wanted a pit-stop for some water so thought of parking it near the bimmer.

-> To my surprise Spotted the GT in front of 525i.

-> As i guessed it was like son-in-law showing his new toy to father & mother-in-law. The guy was explaining the features to his Dad-in-law. Something like white lights & all(hehehehe)

-> Went up to him & asked for permission to click, he seemed pretty reluctant but his wife approved.

-> Finally my primary cam saw some action.
Spotted: BMW 5 Series GT in Mumbai-dsc02818.jpg
Spotted: BMW 5 Series GT in Mumbai-dsc02819.jpg
Spotted: BMW 5 Series GT in Mumbai-dsc02820.jpg
Spotted: BMW 5 Series GT in Mumbai-dsc02821.jpg
Spotted: BMW 5 Series GT in Mumbai-dsc02822.jpg
Spotted: BMW 5 Series GT in Mumbai-dsc02823.jpg

-> Thanked the owner for snaps & PACKUP.

-> Spotted a Hummer H2 near lilawati & traffic was crawling but my cam was in my backpack so successfully chased the giant till Mehboob khan chowk on my zero BHP MTB. LoLzz.

-> Went to Taj lands end as its a great location for spottings.

-> No luck today, started cycling towards Barista. Passed Jivesh towars & heard loud honkings from behind so went to a side of road.

-> Honking was from a Police escort.

-> Guess Which cars they were escorting LoLzzz...
1)BMW 535i Gran Turismo (No idea about the engine capacity, 8 speed automatic) Alpine White with TEMPORARY plates.

2) Jaguar XJ (NOT AN XF). My lord it had awesome road presence & LEDs which the cat had were mesmerizing. Cat was colored in frost blue. I think i spotted the same one in parking of private property at Worli. But i aint sure.

Both zipped passed in a jiffy. No clicks. Sorry !

-> Spotted an Jaguar XF & BMW X6 parked in front of a 'bungalow' at bandstand but security people seemed demonic, so didnt ask for pictures.

-> Headed straight to Bandra station via linking road in bad bad bad bad Traffic.

-> Passed HP petrol pump & spotted My love with parking lights on. Its a Bimmer Z4.

-> Went straight to the guy driving. He seemed pretty busy showing his new toy to the girl in other seat.

-> Knocked his window & asked if he was free for few snaps. he declined. I thought chal fine yaar. Thanked him for nothing and went to the signal on the western express.

-> Stopped & thought, 'the Z4 guy didn't anything about clicking pictures. he just said that he didnt have time for snaps. LoLzz

-> Took out my cam & settled myself in sports mode as i though he will speed towards Mahim or may take a left to western express.

-> He crawled out of traffic & i guess he saw me. He flickered his headlight on my face. Till then i had clicked few snaps.

-> He stopped & the girl in other seat downed her window to signal me its fine to take snaps.

-> Hahaha how could i miss that. They seemed pretty amused with my enthusiasm i guess. He stopped for a brief period of 30-40 seconds in which i got few shots.

-> Signaled him a thumps up & he accelerated like anything wish i had taken a video as the exhaust note was brilliant.

Spotted: BMW 5 Series GT in Mumbai-dsc02824.jpg
Spotted: BMW 5 Series GT in Mumbai-dsc02827.jpg
Spotted: BMW 5 Series GT in Mumbai-dsc02828.jpg
Spotted: BMW 5 Series GT in Mumbai-dsc02829.jpg

-> Reached Five Gardens on my way home & stopped for a water break & fag.

-> Ninja250(Green) zoomed passed, dude that machine does make some noise comparable to liter class or els the guy had some add ons. Donno.

-> Regular guy on Yamaha R1 was doing rounds. I think its a 2001-2 model.

-> Reached home with a satisfying dose of adrenaline.
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Great spottings and pictures, there are quite a few Z4s around now. I have spotted 2 Whites in Navi Mumbai. Are there 2 colors available.. ie Blue and White?

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@97octane: Seems like you had an eventful evening. Nice pictures, man!
@heavyfoot: There's also a golden colour available for the z4 and also red. The golden looks awesome!
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Yes there is a red colour available in Z4. But I think it has to be specially ordered for. Check out this thread.
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97octane: Great effort there buddy. Proud of you having as part of Bhpians.

I would've never asked a person for taking some snaps, I'm ashamed in doing.I missed many beauties in the same way.
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I had seen a White GT in Pune a week ago as well.
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@97octane: nice write up and pics. I've never bothered to get permission of owners while taking pics but, now I have started liking you and your ways. Wish you all the very best for your next spottings.
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