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Default Pics: T-Rex 14 RR in Mumbai (Aero 3S)

My friend spotted this last night at carter road
I Think its a T-Rex ! not sure though .
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Originally Posted by karanj View Post
My friend spotted this last night at carter road
I Think its a T-Rex ! not sure though .
This does look like a T-Rex. If I am not wrong, this looks like T-Rex 14RR. Not sure if it's street legal in India but would love to see this in person. Looks menacing. Is it a legal import or is on Carnet. The number isn't clearly visible but looks like an Indian Number Plate. Can someone confirm if it's running on Indian Number Plates?

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I think this is a T Rex 14R, not T Rex 14RR. The website lists Yellow color only for T-Rex R.

The trike looks menancing and loos as if it is ready to tear away anything which comes on its way.
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Default you need a car license or a bike license for that thing?how much would one of these cost on our road?
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It should be road legal, at the end of the day it is a three wheeler. Maybe registered as an auto.
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Atleast from the pics, it looks scary and menacing on the road. Would create a 'Tumbler/Batpod' kind-of scene, seriously!
And yeah, would like to know about the registration of such vehicles.
Thanks for the pics Karan. It's a welcome change from the run-of-the mill supercars.

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Wow! I'm floored. That is not just a Campagna T-Rex but a T-Rex Aero 3S. The Aero 3S simply takes a stock T-Rex and gives it windows, scissor doors, additional fairings and wind spoilers.

The T-Rex(not the Aero 3S but the bone stock version) is one of the craziest/oddest vehicles that made into my wish-list and I overwhelmed seeing one India. Great taste, Great buy!

The side utility box could have been compromised though.

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OMG!! That looks like some Batmobile! I never knew such a car even existed!

After searching on the net, I found some facts about this 'thing'.

The 2010 Campagna T-Rex 14 RR is powered by a Kawasaki 1,352cc inline-four engine that provides the trike with 197hp. The engine is mated to a sequential six-speed transmission.

T-Rex has two 16-inch wheels at front, one 18-inch wheel at the back, and fiberglass bodywork. The dry weight of the trike is 470kg.
0 to 100kh in just 3.9 seconds, and the trike can go all the way to a top speed of 230kph. The T-Rex costs $56,500.
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Oh man, looks woooooow!

What a choice, so inconspicuos
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Whoa, that looks awesome. Cant imagine the amount of stares it would have got. It mustbe cost over 50 lacs to import?

OT but imaging him trying to avoid Mumbai potholes, if the front wheels avoid the rear one goes in, and if the rear wheel avoids the on of the front wheels go in.
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Funny looking thing! Technologically exciting, but I wouldn't be caught in one.

Wonder who would buy something like this? The itch to be different must be very very strong!

Originally Posted by sumitkalindi View Post
It should be road legal, at the end of the day it is a three wheeler. Maybe registered as an auto.
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It's a T-Rex RR (not R). Look at the clear lens tail lamps..
The RR comes in 3 color choices.

Well this car(?) now owns the title "The eye-catcher number one in India."

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Certainly draws all the attention. I had been following the popularity of Can AM Spyder, never seen this one before. Its three times the price of a Can AM ($15K)
T Rex is built in Canada as well. What is with Canadians and three wheelers? Too chicken for two wheels, too brave for four?
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Whoa!! What a thing it is! Never knew before that such a vehicle exists. What would have been the owner thinking while spending over 50 Lakh for this three-wheeler?!!
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