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Default CBR 250R or CBR 600F2

Hi friends, have a CBR 250r ABS version since the past 6 months. One of my friends owner of a CBR 600 F2 has decided to part ways with his steed. Have seen the bike and liked it,but it is a 1996 model. Wanted your opinion if i should stick to the CBR 250R or can i take this leap of faith. I use the bike for weekend rides with wifey as pillion.
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Default Re: CBR 250R or CBR 600F2

Isnt that a pretty old bike? If it maintained ok and if it can be maintained locally near your place, why not?

check this

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Default Re: CBR 250R or CBR 600F2

Since the bike will be used only over the weekends, you should definitely go for the CBR600. The thrill of riding one will be way greater than a CBR250.

Although, having said that, you did mention that your wife will be the pillion rider. Now the pillion seating position on the CBR600 is not the best suited for long rides, this is my opinion, you may find it otherwise. Rest guaranteed, the both of you will have a nice ABS workout :o)

Maintain the CBR600 well & it will serve you for many more years to come.
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Default Re: CBR 250R or CBR 600F2

The CBR 600 F2 is a sweet bike, if its well kept then surely buy it. The seating is pretty similar to the likes of Karizma/RTR & should not be weird for your wife.

I rode one a few years back & even when it was not in a great shape, I loved the way it ran. The bike runs just like a regular fast bike till mid-range & shows SBK nature post that, so a good combination to ride both in city & on highways.
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Default Re: CBR 250R or CBR 600F2

Before you embark on the bike a few questions to answer to yourself
1) What is the physical condition of the bike (bodyline)?
2) What is the engine status --> do you listen to any funny noise
3) how is the gear transmission
4) Handling of the bike
5) Immediate condition of the bike --> tires/brake pads
6) How much of the bike is in Original Condition?

to the best of my knowledge these inline 4's are very easy to maintain if they are in tip top condition. All that you might need to do is frequently check on the chain (say greasing it once in 2000 Kms), Oil filters (once in 10000 Kms) & Air filters (Based on the condition but generally they last 10000 kms). Tires would last a good 15-17K if you are not the aggressive rider.

How genuine is the RC book?

Once you are through with all these stats please go ahead and indulge in the CBR. Age will not be a matter of concern as long as the bike is in near perfect condition. Only spot of bother might be to find a true technician who can tune these 4 carbs but then once tuned properly they would last a good 10000 - 15000 kms.
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Default Re: CBR 250R or CBR 600F2

I had a CBR F2 for 4 years (from 2002 to 2006). It was in pristine/immaculate condition when I bought it. Someone told me it would have great antique value if I stored it well. I never bought it to store, I commuted to work, then sold it when I got bored. I upgraded to my current bike VFR.

Honda has put in lots of man hours in terms of upgrading technology in 20 years. Everywhere from the engine to electronics. When I ride any honda bike built in 2010, there is really no comparison in terms of riding comfort, smoothness of operation, and ease of use. The F2 will be buzzy and you will certainly see the difference after a longish ride (200mi)

Personally I see this as a very easy decision - even if I were getting a brand new CBR F2, I would go with the modern bike - the CBR250r - reliable better engineered bike. If you want to own a piece of history, grew up reading glowing reviews of the newly designed F2, then F2 would be a good fit for a petrol head's museum (among 10 other yester bikes).

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Default Re: CBR 250R or CBR 600F2

Sharad: Go thru the pros & cons of my thread for the F2. Its an amazing bike and will always be. A proper daily commuter bike for me.
Considering that you ride just over the weekend and that too with your better half, I would say the F2 has a much better and comfortable seat than the 250. Its ways bigger & broader than any Indian bike available in the market. The plus point of the F series is the non split seats. Split seats are a pain if your wish to ride along with your wife.
Spare are easily available over ebay and specially if you have contacts in the UK it would be easier to find even a damn small screw or bolt which you need. Maintain it properly and the bike will last for years. Mine is 20 years old beast but still tough and tite on the roads.
Now comes the price part: What price is your friend willing to sell off the F2 for? As you said it 1996 pls check the manufacturing year as the F2 were made from 91 to 94 only. 95 to 98 was the F3 era. If its 93-94 Manufactured bike go for it. 93 94 model came with better suspension setup.
Let me know if you need any help and advice from my side.
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Default Re: CBR 250R or CBR 600F2

A little late to answer your queries but I think the regulars here have given you a sweet inside to owning an F2. However, the ownership experience of an almost 20 year old motorbike can swing for phenomenal to crap in no time, heck even before the honeymoon period is over.
I highly suggest you post some very detailed pictures and an indicative price that the current owner expects for his motorcycle enabling us to guide keeping the subject in

Also, some basic questions:
  • How long has the current owner had the bike for? Kms and years?
  • When was the bike last serviced?
  • Odometer reading?
  • How long ago were the tires and brake pads swapped?
  • You said you know the current owner, have you ever seen smoke from the tail pipe?
  • What are the exterior plastics like?
  • Do not get swayed by a broken fairing etc, a twenty year old bike had to have fallen at some point. Accident bikes are actually not as bad as many people make them out to be, it depends on how well they were put back together.
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Default Re: CBR 250R or CBR 600F2

thanks for the insight guys, especially mason. Sorry for the delayed reply.I looked at the deal objectively and realised that i should wait a bit, save some more and go for a newer version of the 600 series. Till then i guess the 250R will have to do.
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