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Default Re: Comparison Report: Harley Davidson Iron 883 vs Triumph Bonneville

Originally Posted by mobike008 View Post
Come on Jaggu, Someone spending 7 lakhs will balk at 2 lakhs extra?

I personally wouldnt care to fork out those 2 extras as long as it wins my heart but, it was never even there in contention for me personally.
Yes they would, why did the pandits in HD brought a sub 5 lakh bike? You and me are exception, sales does not work on that. But then you know that already.

Both are totally different bikes and performance wise I know ST can leave the Bonnie in dust ( not literally though) but, styling of the bike is so much like the FZ/Duke that people are hestitant to plonk 9 big ones on it ( my assumption considering the dismal sales of it). Till date 1 in Hyderabad and maybe 3-4 in Bangalore
Let me agree partially, since you also know that in India looks do matter, classic looks means some nerve somewhere gets excited, no matter its Triumph or HD. Now it would be easy to understand why hardcore superbike guys just don't bother coming to such threads at all

Besides this I know several people who rode both bikes werent really convinced on Street Tripple
How does it matter? It is their choice, i really am not bothered how well Street Tripple sells or not. On the other hand, when i pick it, i will get that exclusive feel.

Great idea. Why dont you start a new thread with these two bikes comparison? Should be interesting conversation and information for all
But seriously? its all out there on the www No one needs my help or analysis. As i mentioned earlier, biking is one of those personal pastime which will vary (taste) from person to person.

LOL. Your forgetting I rode Manson's puny Honda in Mumbai and it indeed scared me out of my wits. That's why I settled for a lesser powerful bike
The real unadulterated stuff is that and all respect.

Do you think its a good idea?
Once the purpose of the thread is done with, and especially if it is drifting to nonsense. Best it to Lock it. I feel this thread has outlived its usefulness.

Triumph has just started their dealerships across India. Lot of folks across India have just started riding the Bonnie. Wouldnt they want someplace on the forum to pen down their feedback?
Double the reason why it should be locked, we have Triumph launch thread as well as exclusive bonnie ownership thread that is running. No need for this 3rd one, i feel.

Moderator note: Thread Closed.

Do use Report Post or PM the Mod team, if you have some additional info that would really add value to be added to the thread.

For Triumph specific please continue here

For Bonneville specific review please refer to this superb thread by our own Mod mobike008
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Default Confused, Book Harley Iron sportster now or wait for any updates for 2016?

Hi Team Bhpians ,

I am from Mumbai and currently planning on booking a Harley Iron 883 Sportster. My experience has been fair with riding a Harley with my brothers Super low 883 kept with me, as he has gone abroad for an assignment.

The Iron 883 has been always what I wanted, can afford at the moment until I upgrade and go up the ranks in the future, and I am in love with the blacked out custom looks of it .Once I get it I have kept few lakhs aside just to customise it ..

My confusion is that if I book it now with Seven Islands, Harley (MUMBAI), the waiting for the bike has been advised as anywhere between 6 to 8 months or maybe earlier.The only colour I like is the pearl silver, and do not like any other colour options at this point in time. I used to love the Amber Whisky colour that many of bhpains used to or still own, but sadly no longer in production now).

I just fear that by the time I get my delivery, it may be the year 2016 if I book in july 15', and there shouldn't be any new models, or colour options launched by then, even with upgrades. Then I would really feel unlucky.

So all you folks out there, fellow BHPians and HOG riders, do you know any news or updates of any new launches in the Sportster range or any new colour options for 2016 for the Iron 883? so i can contemplate on waiting a little more for a newer version.

Any updates or advice on this would be highly appreciated.

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Default Re: Confused, Book Harley Iron sportster now or wait for any updates for 2016?

6 to 8 months waiting is generally a ploy to desist you from asking any discounts. Recent trick of the trade. A friend bought a 48 recently. What was quoted as a 4 to 6 months waiting period, the delivery happened in 12 days flat. That is after he did not ask for any discounts and got a few accessories as well. Talk to the Pune dealer as well.
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Default Re: Confused, Book Harley Iron sportster now or wait for any updates for 2016?

bikemasterflip : I just fear that by the time i get my delivery it may be the year 2016 if i book in july 15', and there shouldnt be any new models , or colour options launched by then ,
One question - if a current model would take that much time for delivery, how much time would an updated /2016 model take for delivery - I hope it wont be 2017
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Default Re: Confused, Book Harley Iron sportster now or wait for any updates for 2016?

Do I know you or your brother? PM me.... I could help.

Waiting is not going to help you with re to models upgrading on specifics. If you look at an Iron from 2011, there is precious little that has changed.
IF you are facing any issues with regards to booking and delivery, do let me know.
Secondly, due to the price bracket of the motorcycles, there are a lot of cancellations- on not just the dealer level but on a national level, and hence the question on delivery period being quoted as months and then by chance getting it in days. It is impossible to convince people here- there are no discounts on the HD, none that I know of, and I doubt if you could give me one example of a sale in India with 'discounts' or unannounced 'fereebies' thrown in.
The tact is simple- visit the showroom, find the bike you like, talk to the sales guys- and if there is something 'erroneous' in your view- contact any friend who owns a HD- get him/her to cross check on the nationwide delivery status of that model.
As models are being manufactured in batches, depending on the arrival of essential parts in the CKD kits.... you can never generalise that the franchisee is out to screw you or anyone.
Its a business. You want the bike, buy it. IF you think an alternate dealer has it, go ahead and register it under their geographical domain. IF you think Chandigarh is cheaper, for registration, go there- Ahmedabad... Why just Pune?
Oh and BTW- You or your brother should be on two forums'- the SI Forum and the HOG India one- you could ask your query there too, probably get a more educated response than mine. :-)

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