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Default Re: My 1-star review of the 2016 Harley Street 750

While I am not going to write about classifying your rant or review, I definitely agree with you on a few points.
  • ABS on a machine of this class is definitely needed. Any justification of ABS absence is just illogical
  • Someone pointed out to the lack of clarity on the purpose of the bike and I agree with him, the purpose of the bike seems a bit lost and this looks more like an impulsive buy (count me in with the set of people known for such bravery)
  • After my several attempts to make my Z800 a commuter bike (office and back), I've realized that such beasts are at home on highways and twisties during the first few hours of sunlight. Other times, these machines are simply flaunt value and may not really tick the right boxes. For city commuting, stick to the activas, passions and apaches of the world.

That being said, there is no substitute to the kind of emotion that a bike can invoke in people like us!
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Default Re: My 1-star review of the 2016 Harley Street 750


Dear friend just like you this is my first post here. I think you bought a great bike at a price point where there's very less competition capacity wise (cc) the Street 750 offers. What you basically wanted was pure utility like activa and when you are accoustemed to the luxuries like Passat, the mass market Activa showrooms disappoint you.

I have a RC390 myself, it's a chore to ride it in traffic or as a daily runner but I can not keep myself away from it.

Just like you one of my friend also wanted to buy a Bullet but I made him buy the Street and told him to get the tyres changed asap. Yes the accessories and everything associated with the bike or HD in general is criminally expensive, but he enjoys the bike immensely and misses the bike and the HoG rides too much if he is out of town for few days. The Street like other HDs is rich boys' toy for sure and the safety parameters are spartan but the engine and pulling power is awesome and brings a smile everytime I ride his bike.
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Default Re: My 1-star review of the 2016 Harley Street 750

Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Harley and specifically with Street 750.

Most of the bikes above 600 CC in my opinion are difficult to use for daily commute unless and until you are very sure that you can withstand the heat and weight in bumper to bumper traffic. These are definitely meant for weekend leisure rides or adventure / track rides depending on the segment of the vehicle. Not contesting your review here but at least Street is liquid cooled and is much better than most of the air cooled Harley siblings. In my opinion you can definitely double a harley Fatboy or even a sportster to roast a Tandoor in bumper to bumper traffic. It is the same with many other super bikes as well.

While all bikes have their own positives and negatives, this is a very good write-up on how not to choose a bike just by the name or the fan following while your need is to use it for local commute. Many whom I know have distanced themselves from superbikes or I can call it as above 600 cc while their need was to drop their kids to school or use to visit their club maybe for a game of tennis or a swim. Many of these bikes see daylight only on weekends and head straight to highways where they mostly belong.

Nowadays you have an option to rent a bike in most of the major cities and one should spend couple of thousands and rent a bike for a weekend and do your test ride than plunge into any bike uninformed. Yes you don't get most of the makes and models but definitely get your hands on similar bikes with similar engine capacity as much as possible before you decide on a bike.

This is just my opinion and you all can agree to disagree and move on

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Default Re: My 1-star review of the 2016 Harley Street 750

Wow. This thread is an eye-opener. Not (just) about Street 750, but how polarised thoughts can get on the forum.

Allow me to explain.

As I read the four pages of discussion so far, mostly there are two clear point of views being expressed. One, congratulating Amit for putting up an honest review and commiserating with him. Second, essentially chiding him for being ignorant, not understanding his requirements and not understanding superbikes. Heck, even the selective "thanks" to posts show the side people are taking !

The reason to point the above was that, in my opinion, there is absolutely no reason to 'chide' or 'attack' the individual, with sarcasm laced posts and what not. He's put his money where his mouth is, and giving an opinion about a product that he has put money on the table for. He has absolutely every right to express his dismay if the product doesn't meet his expectations.

From what i can see, Amit has essentially two issues with the Street.
(1) Over-heating, to the extent of it being unbearable and
(2) Inadequate braking.

I have not read one post challenging these two shortcomings as highlighted, on facts.

I can personally thank you Amit, for putting up this 'rant' because these two are deal-breakers for me. If they were merely highlighted like you would expect in an auto magazine review as a one liner, or dismissed as industry/segment norm (as some have suggested about heating), I wouldn't realise it or understand it. I would not suspect HD for not giving me a long-ish TD either. I would have realised them when I went out of pocket on the product. Until this review. So it has served it's purpose.

For some of the other remarks about poor judgment on buyer's part, buying the product knowing the deficiencies fully well (safety and equipment), and still ranting about it, please give him credit to appreciate that he would have known that and still taken the plunge. Of course. The reason why he brings it up in this 'review' (and sound like rant) because they appear to not have been deal-breakers by themselves, but coupled with overheating and braking issues, they compound a person's misery, and he felt compelled to write about it.

An individual is expressing his remorse on an expensive purchase, publicly. If some parts of his post read like a rant, please cut him some slack.

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Default Re: My 1-star review of the 2016 Harley Street 750

Originally Posted by amitkb View Post
Thanks for the tips, Bblost. Yes, I have practiced and become better at braking. Had I known as explicitly that this is a "holiday-getaway bike" from other reviewers before, I wouldn't have bought the bike.

The upside is that new buyers will hopefully now know this and that's my two cents...

To my understanding, all big displacement bikes dissipate a lot of heat and are meant for touring, not for city traffic at least. Harley says that street 750 is doing decent numbers in India, so they arent introducing the street 500 which I feel would be a more practical bike with a lesser sticker price as well.
Also I heard the 2016 harley street now comes with better brakes which you can upgrade to for 20k if I am not wrong, but still no ABS which is really a downer.

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@Vitalstatistiks is spot on. Cut him some slack , once a person makes an opinion it will be difficult to change it. Personally I feel its quality of build is rather shoddy,specially the base models .
I would also advice @amitkb to try and enjoy the bike on its strengths I:e taking it on the highways and taking leisurely long rides with a small group of riders ,but first get new tyres.
If you still don't find solace and satisfaction ,bite your tongue and get rid of it, invest in some "plastic fantastic" jap machines that have far better build quality and performance.
I must say that this thread has really hit a nerve of many,its becoming quiet interesting with rants and raves
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Default Re: My 1-star review of the 2016 Harley Street 750

@amitkb: Thanks for your review. In your position, there are three things I would do immediately.
  1. Buy a scooter for in-city commute, keep the bike for weekends
  2. Upgrade the tires
  3. Join the local HOG chapter. I am sure folks there would empathize with you.

Interesting tit-bit. Had gone to Triumph showroom a year back with my friend who was interested in Bonneville. The sales guy we interacted with was ex-Harley. We were talking for about half hour and had build up a rapport with the guy when the conversation shifted to Street 750. That's when he got all serious and said no matter what you do don't buy the Street, don't buy Bonne from me but do not buy the Street. If you are serious about Harley go higher, but do not buy the Street. That guy had some strong opinions!

For folks here who say amitkb made an impulsive decision, my counter-argument is this. There's only so much you can gather from reading reviews. And specifically for premium Bikes, unless you have a friend (or a place you can rent from), you would need to make a decision in couple of KMs of riding. Heck, my local KTM dealer refused to give me a test drive for KTM 390! So your final decision is also gonna be more from impulse than sound judgement

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Default Re: My 1-star review of the 2016 Harley Street 750

Amit, tough luck. my advice, stick with it for 6 months and ride it only for weekends or on highways to "try and fall in love" with it. Much like a forced arranged marriage, if you spend enough time with it, you just might seem to start liking it! now that you've vented, take it for a spin at night on empty roads when its relatively cooler to ease the burn in your pocket and heart! hope you find some love!
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Default Re: My 1-star review of the 2016 Harley Street 750

I like a honest opinion and this one is real; the article expresses the pain of the owner without trying to impress the audience. I liked this a lot.

Coming to the bike itself. The street platform is exists for a few good reasons for HD.

1. Lowest cost big bike in the market.
2. Gives a big bump to sales figures.
3. A significant percent of buyers will upgrade within the brand.

A brilliant strategy that is working for the brand.

One should buy a street only due to budget constraints OR for the engine. To use the Street as the only bike, suspension and tyres have to be changed. There is no direct upgrade for suspension, you have to go the full monty and swap in the forks of the RC at the least and go for some aftermarket or 2016 sportster shocks.

The Street is a pretty nasty bike in its stock form. Don't lose heart brother, im sure every Street owner feels near about the same.

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Default Re: My 1-star review of the 2016 Harley Street 750

Let me add a few pointers to help you live with your purchase better
1) The 750 cc engine is a gem. That alone with a decent build quality comes for 5.5 lacs on road is value for money. Compare with the 2+ lacs they charge for a Thunderbird 500 (I am an owner) and you can appreciate the quality.

2) 600+ cc engines are not for city riding. If you want to potter around town get a 100 cc bike, or even better buy a cycle and build up your health. Any big bike (especially multi cylinder ones) are going to heat up in traffic and your legs will feel close to the tandoor. Try riding it on the open roads and you can appreciate the difference.

3) Cruisers have to be ridden differently than a commuter bike. One can't steer using the handle bar, one has to corner using weight transfer from one's hips. Read up on that and you will see your bike is extremely flickable and easy to ride. Regarding braking, no matter which bike, the front brake does 80% of your braking, and unfortunately our 100 cc commuter drivers keep riding the rear brake to stop. Especially on a bike without ABS please don't brake on rear alone, it will cause skidding and fishtailing, its not a quality of your street 750 alone.

4) Bad brakes. When this is a known issue, one needs to modulate their riding a little better to handle this flaw. There is no point in blaming the brakes when the braking technique may be at fault.

Please note, I am not blaming you at all. You have the courage to admit you made a bad purchase, on a forum, which is commendable. However the above points will help you live with your bike better. There is no point in selling it off so soon and taking a big depreciation hit.
I was also contemplating buying a 600+ cc bike for a while, just for the kicks. I wanted something which can do a comfortable 2 up touring for 5/600kms almost like a replacement for my SUV. So I hired a Benelli GT600 and went of for a 800 kms (2 days) ride with a couple of my collegues who had hired a Superlow, Streetbob, Tiger, Ninja650, scrambler, Scout and some other bikes. I had long test rides on each of these bikes which was a blessing for me in evaluation. What I found out at the end of the ride was that I am not really a bike person. Even the most comfortable bike was not making me happy during the tour. So lesson learnt after spending only 12k instead of a few lakhs.
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Default Re: My 1-star review of the 2016 Harley Street 750

Originally Posted by amitkb View Post
@tejas08: Thanks for your inputs, but please understand why I have put this "review" up. Its not so I can get advice on what to do next. I am a common man and I have put this up so I can help other common men like me. Yes, it was an impulsive decision and that's exactly what I am hoping new buyers will not do!

If the post comes across as a rant, its probably my poor writing skills.

This was a discretionary spend for me. So I had written the money off the day I bought it. I couldn't care less whether the bike gets sold today or in the distant future. Think of the guy/girl who spends hard-earned money on the bike thinking its a combination of commuter and lifestyle bike as they are portraying it. I am hoping to help him/her make a better decision. So many things not spoken about the bike in earlier reviews/forums have been elucidated here. Thats helping. Thats all I wanted.

Hi Amit, Though you have mentioned that you are not looking for advice, I do have a suggestion. Having spent 5L, please go the extra mile, get the activa for daily commute and have some peace of mind. Having gone through numerous reviews, I still think HD S750 is a really capable bike for highways and ghats. After a break of 15 years from two wheelers it's time to experience a different aspect of motoring. Just take weekend rides with wifey on the HD away from the city so that you can feel the wind in your face so and enjoy without having to worry about engine heat. I think you can still get something out of this. Who knows may be you will grow to love it. And get better tyres when you have the resources. That can help with braking and traction and improve your confidence in the bike.
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Default Re: My 1-star review of the 2016 Harley Street 750

First of all, thank you for sharing this. Before I say anything else, let me state that many people make decisions like this and your post will hopefully prevent them from following suit. It's one thing to criticize a test bike and another to actually drop down the dough and then be willing to share a bad experience.

However, I believe (and I'm sure you do to) that the bike or brand alone cannot be blamed. Had you been even a little patient, this scenario could've been easily avoided, but the decision has been made and I urge you to make the best of it. You might be pleasantly surprised. The fact is that this wasn't a meticulously thought through decision and a lot of that can be attributed to the allure of a Harley-Davidson, which brings me to some of the points you highlighted:

It’s terribly overpriced.
It is a pricey bike, but that's the brand value. Harley-Davidson has a legacy behind it that gives them the right to charge what they want. It's the reason why Royal Enfield can't reasonably price a 750cc bike of their own on par with the Street even if the product turns out to be better.

Say "I ride a Street 750" to a layman and he may not know what you're talking about. Say "I ride a Harley-Davidson" and he will know that you have an expensive bike.

To give you another example, just look at MINI. The standard kit includes nothing, but many people still buy it because the brand has a certain value associated with it that can't exactly be quantified.

The harsh ride quality.
Granted, it is a little stiff, but I didn't find it that bad. These are bikes that aren't meant for India's kind of urban traffic. They have to be setup a little stiff for better handling as they're designed primarily to run at mid-range speeds and not stop and go traffic. Heck, I had the Street Glide through some great and some horrible roads, but after riding my Thunderbird again, I found the latter's ride to be sofa like in comparison.

It's also the reason why the heating issue isn't seen once you've hit a reasonable pace. These engines just aren't designed to comfortable at crawling speeds.

Lack of ABS, fuel gauge, tachometer.
Again, this is the "more for less" philosophy that only a select few can champion.

The mirror stems are short, a serious health hazard (it’s not expensive to put in longer stems, but HD wants to gouge money out of you).

Overpriced HD parts.
Cardinal rule - car/bike manufacturers make a huge chunk of their money AFTER you've bought the vehicle. Accessories and spare parts have heavily inflated mark-ups and offer tantalizing margins. It's the reason why HD supports the "no two Harley-Davidsons are alike" tag.

MRF tires are bad. The bike fishtails in a jiffy.
Ride regularly and you can work around this. I had rear lock-up issues when I first got my Thunderbird, but I just had to figure out how to strike the right front-rear brake balance. You learn it involuntarily.

This review is my small, and in all probability inadequate, contribution to this wonderful site.
I would term this as an immensely helpful post. The fact is that people today have the money to buy these bikes, but make decisions in excitement and regret them later. You made an impulsive decision, but you're hardly the first person to. At least you've given uninformed people an idea of what might go through their head after buying the bike and that's commendable.

Again, I'd urge you to stick with the bike. It has a sweet engine, is very nimble and is quite fun to ride.

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Default Re: My 1-star review of the 2016 Harley Street 750

Originally Posted by NiInJa View Post
we just have to adjust to their quirks.
Until I read the comments on this thread, I wasn't aware that bikes with big engines can be such a pain to ride in the city.

It's a great thread that serves as a reminder of what has been stated on many other Team-BHP discussions. Very important to research, test-drive, ponder & think in detail before buying, more so with special vehicles.

I know one too many Thar owners who couldn't live with the poor practicality, niggles, ergonomic & quality issues etc. I remember driving my Jeep on the first night after delivery - was on the highway going to pick up my then girlfriend and thought 'my God, how am I going to live with this Jeep'? The ride was so bumpy. With time, I saw its other talents and fell in love. She'll soon be celebrating 20 years with me .

Similarly, if you buy a Mini Cooper, don't expect the practicality of a same-price luxury sedan. It will be cramped & it will be bumpy.

Just read this comment from a Hayabusa owner on another thread:

Originally Posted by yash2424 View Post
I have used this bike for 3k kms in Pune. It is a great bike but the weight and power is a little too much to handle for the city, it isn't as nimble as a gsxr1000 or other litre class bikes but it is extremely comfortable on highways! Can be a great bike for touring straights but a pain to maneuver in crowded areas.
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Default Re: My 1-star review of the 2016 Harley Street 750

How did the Street get Homologated by the ARAI if there are such serious issues related to Brakes, Headlight visibility, rear view mirrors, lack of fuel gauge?

Or did HD manage to get the bike to the bare basic level and pass the test?

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Default Re: My 1-star review of the 2016 Harley Street 750

Thanks Amit, for the honest post. It is very difficult to learn from other people's experiences and even from one's own.

Great points about the cons of the HD for prospective buyers, and many useful tips from owners and others.

While it looks like HD is at fault (and may be it is), I can say the same about Honda, and that too not about a super-bike - a commuter 150cc Unicorn. After a short TD with the Unicorn, I bought it and then found it quite unsuitable for Bangalore traffic with me riding it (I mean I was unsuited to the bike). Plenty of issues that you'd never notice on a TD, showed up after I rode the bike for a few days; especially with a full tank - the higher center of gravity, larger wheels and its weight making itself felt at every point except on a straight line and zero acceleration was enough to convince me to get rid of it. And I rode a much heavier bike on the freeways of the USA without ever experiencing any of this.

All I can say is we are fallible and of course the people who know it best are the sales guys, hence your anger. Without really experiencing thoroughly the prospective purchase you can never make a prediction about how you will like it. This goes for almost anything and the experience of making a bad purchase does not make you immune to further stupidity - BUT your rant/review will help people buying this particular model and they should thank you for it.

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