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Old 16th April 2010, 18:43   #46
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Awsome bike, real cool colour, it underplays the beast hidden in that motor
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congratulations! what a bike, wow!

saw a white busa here in pune and one has to see it to believe it how good this bike looks.
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Default yes yes yes

Originally Posted by ishotmydog View Post
congratulations! what a bike, wow!

saw a white busa here in pune and one has to see it to believe it how good this bike looks.
you so rite
The Pearl White is an amazing color and i have been lucky that i waited for almost 4 months for this color
It looks absolutely ravishing in this color and more so when the bike shines in sunlight
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Congrats buddy. She looks beautiful. I notice the decals have some kind of outline on it.

Despoine haan, what is the reason behind that name?

Ride safe buddy.

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Old 17th April 2010, 01:37   #50
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Congrats man! the bike looks awesome!
As every one says, Ride safe!
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Old 17th April 2010, 15:47   #51
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My Oh My...! the BEAST has finally pawned its mark's on Ram's palace...!

I was prepared to reach at ram's place by 08:30 a.m. as discussed with him on sms last nite, while i got ram's call at 07:30 am tht the busa jaan has been awaiting at his palace from mornin 05:00 am. to get it un-caged n' un-chained n' the growls of its wer heard soon n' i rushed then n' there itself to ram babu's place, as i didn't wanted to miss the baby gettin delivered out of its wooden womb...!

While i reached there askin the directions from ram on call, i was quite curious n' desperate as i shuld not get late for the moment, i even had company of papa along with me as wanted him to have the feel of sbk's, he is always at distance for my this demand...!

I saw Ram there is his as usual smiley face, with some ppl from Suzuki, Pune n' our fellow xBhpian Hiren Mistry (he had come on his green bike i.e. a gr8 piece of bicycle - @Hiren post some pics of ur steed u had in mornin dude). Not to forget Hiren was the man of tht time as being the official paparazzi coverage man. Had a nice time with him all along...

I wont say much on the part of revealing the busa jaan, as its Ram bhau's domain n' area of priority so best left to him... While i had a ball of time experiencing myself the magical aura tht had engulfed all of us there along with ram family, her daughter is gonna give a tough compitition to him as she is more agressive for the seat on the busa, dare not to say her a NO for seat as she wont permit it to leave withour her... :-)

There are loads n' loads of still pics from Ram's digital cam n' vid's from Ram's NokiE71 to follow in this thread which has captured all the event through out rite before un-boxing till his 1st magical ride n' maybe followed by Puja of the beast.

p.s. thanks ram for inviting me, as it has fueled the fire even more, i am totally bowled over by ur Despoine, she is a breed of diff kind, not to be messed than respecting the power at its best... looking forward to meet u both soon, n' probably we can plan a ride on our respective steed's to lonavala/amby valley on the coming sunday morinin to mark the homecoming of the Pearl Despoine...! Jai Ho...
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Old 17th April 2010, 16:40   #52
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pinnacle, congratulations... the busa looks stunning.

Do remember to ride safe - a helmet at the very, very least - all the time even in the city. On the outskirts - ATGATT... All The Gear, All The Time... as Varaman said to me earlier today.

The busa is a fearsome machine. Am unaware of your previous sportbike riding experience but in case your previous riding machines do not include a reasonably powerful motorcycle, then please put the lower power output modes of your busa to good use in the initial few weeks. Else the busa can get from zero to trouble very quickly.

I do not mean to put a dampener on the high spirits that you're in right now. All i'm saying is be safe.

Ride hard. Ride long. Ride safe.
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Old 17th April 2010, 19:05   #53
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Congrats on the beauty, it looks like it was imported or did you get it in india itself ? and how much did the beauty cost you ? Ride safe.
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Pinnacle - Congratulations. I had to cover my mouth to stop myself from drooling. A 'busa is a 2 wheeled dream come true.

Ride safe and wish you many many 1000s of safe, fun filled miles with the bike.

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Old 17th April 2010, 19:30   #55
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Congrats Ram, on the BUSA.

With great power comes great responsibility. Keep her within the limits and have in mind that you are riding in India. "C" mode on the drive selector is more than enough for prevailing road conditions and traffic.
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Old 18th April 2010, 14:38   #56
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Congrats buddy...ride safe!!!
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Congrats dude! the bike looks awesome!

As every one says, Ride safe!
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Default Despoine joins me @ Work

Ram's Log : Saturday - 17.April.2010

Despoine joins me @ Work
I had always wanted to take Despoine to work
Even before buying my first SBK, i was always in the mood to take her out on a daily or alternate day basis : notwithstanding, the practical problems associated with using a SBK daily. But then what are few obstacles, compared to the unadulterated joy of riding.

Saturday was an appointment with an Expat client for apartment viewing. He being an old client was in the know of my SBK coming and was very very eager to meet Despoine. He has been riding SBK's abroad and been owner of a Honda VFR. So i had more than one reason for taking Despoine for a spin.

Left home and reached his place @ Bandra at 2.00 pm
The sweltering Mumbai Heat was unabated, but strangely i din seem to notice that at all. After all it was Despoine's first run outside home ground.
The Western Express Highway was almost empty except the Times of India junction at Malad. Good for me that i din have to wait @ signals except the one after Andheri Flyover. It was a smooth ride from one flyover to another till Bandra, cruising on C mode. At first i was apprehensive about the ride as it was the first time ever on the Highway, but 5 kms on and i was quite settled i would say. It ain't the over confidence, but the bonding between me and Despoine that got me into the comfort zone. Din go beyond 80 kmph at anytime. Off course there is a lot of temptation to flick that acceleration, but that can wait till i am more confident of handling her and get over the running in period.

The BUSA sure gets loads of attention, both on and off the road. Hordes of 2 wheelers seem to kinda escort the Despoine on the maiden run. Everyone wana catch up once i overtook them and then once they are exactly behind me, they seem to ride in formation. This also got risky as lot of the road was occupied by the bikes who wanted to glance her on and on, as they manage their rides. Faces filled with awe, surprise, admiration, exhilaration and you name the feelings and it was there. Off course i could not risk observing people's reaction at the cost of losing control over my ride.
But that she has an awesome street presence is an understatement. Maybe the size, the color or the curves ---- it continues to attract attention of one and all. Having been on a bike after a long time, i surely missed the comfort of being in an airconditioned car, with my favorite music soothing me. But astride on a superbike is probably a much bigger event in itself, which overshadows all other shortcomings.

Reached bandra, to my client's building and Despoine was an instant celebrity. So much so that i din wana risk leaving her alone in the parking lot and go see the client at his apartment. Called him down and in the meanwhile almost everyone wants to click pics of her. I din want to sound rude, but din want anyone to come close to her, so politely said NO to everyone. My client comes down and he is like WOW... "The BUSA looks Uber Cool in White Man". And im like "YEAH YEAH YEAH" but more Haute than Cool.

We had to go to Powai to see some apartments and he said his car will follow me. SO back on road, Despoine regains the Queen of the Street status and even top end cars wana slow down to chek out my RIDE.
Does that make me Proud or what ?
Naah... i just feel so happy that i am lucky to be riding her now --- everyone's Envy - My Pride.

Reach Powai soon enuf. Now began the Fun....
Most of these High End Apartment Blocks have policy of STRICTLY NO ENTRY for 2 wheelers. So i am told to leave Despoine out of the Gate.
NO WAY i Say... as i visualise that this would be a regular problem
No point arguing with the security guys who are doing what they are supposed to do. Talk on the intercom to a senior guy from security and he comes to the gate in the next 2 minutes, eager to see whats this BIG BIKE all about. The moment he sees it, he asks the security guy to open the gate and even escorts me to a vacant parking space, near the Lobby.
Asks one of the guards there to keep an eye as we go chek out the apartments. When i m back, he asks if he can click a pic from his phone. I say a reluctant yes, provided he is 1 metre away from the Busa.. He complies and gives me a big grin. Next he instructs his guards, that whenever im there next, i be allowed straight into a vacant parking lot.

No major dramas at any of the other buildings as i gain access for Despoine in the podium car parks. My Client is amazed at the attention we get everywhere and i have to remind him that SuperBikes are not a very common phenomenon in India compared to most developed economies.

Finish all viewings by 6 and then head off to JW Mariott, juhu for a meeting. The Powai to Juhu ride is a painful 75 minute experience with heavy stop n go traffic. Despoine gives up lot of heat which is bearable just cos the Riding Spirit is in Top Gear. Reach Juhu @ 7:30
NO ENTRY into JW for her. They say there is a paid car park 300 metres away and i can park her there and come back as no 2 wheelers are allowed inside JW. I am at pain to make that guy understand that this is not a regular 2 wheeler. I ask him to make me talk to some senior guy. There i go again ........

The guy on the other end knows what a BUSA is and says dont worry sir we will surely allow you in. I m asked to take a gate at the North End and sure enough i get an entry for Despoine there and also one nice vacant parking where she would be secure. The guard at the gate offers to safe keep my helmet and riding gloves.

With this peace of mind, i go for the meeting, followed by a delicious dinner next door at Mahesh Lunch Home.

11.15 pm and time to pick up Despoine for the HOME RUN.
Juhu Streets still bustling with traffic of party goers
Its choc a blok till andheri and there after the Link Road looks inviting to open up the throttle.. But me say NO THANK YOU.
I stick to below 70 and it seems painfully slow at times.
But yes, FUN overall
Reach home and need to wait for her to cool down, so i can put on the covers.
Dont wana let anyone come and peep, even if its past midnite.

My wrists were paining a bit and not to mention the back hurts a wee bit.
After all it was my first home RUN... but the joy of the RIDE was overwhelming.

Dozed off real quick

Sharing some pics :
Attached Thumbnails
Dream come True. Got my new Suzuki Hayabusa-102_7274.jpg  

Dream come True. Got my new Suzuki Hayabusa-102_7275.jpg  

Dream come True. Got my new Suzuki Hayabusa-102_7276.jpg  

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Default Congratulations!

Hello Ram,

April seem to be the month of realisation of Dreams of getting rides worthy of being called "For those who dare to Dream" (Escorts RD 350 Tag Line from mid 1980s)

Superb machine. Looks Great

Enjoy it and Ride Safe

Best Regards

Ram (Nair)

ps: I too realised a dream this April (though no where in the league of Haybusa) I just got a Triumph Bonneville (4th April). More a classic than a performer.

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Only 3 letters..Wow ! You are one damn lucky guy I say. The color is enthralling.

Can you share the Vit M behind the dream and the A.S.S details of such SBKs in India ?

Ride Safe buddy !
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