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jkdas 10th July 2010 21:26

Harley Davidson models & Prices in India
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Harley Davidson models & Prices in India.

Abhishekjp 10th July 2010 21:48

Is anyone aware of the on road price (with standard accessaries ) for sportster 883L in Mumbai ?? Actually sportster 883c is a great looker but for some reason its not part of the HD portfolio in India.

Axe77 10th July 2010 22:45

This data is already on the harley website. I think it would help if someone posted the on road prices if they have access.

Gurpartap Singh 11th July 2010 00:11

The original cruiser look still starts from the 10+ range. There will be class problem in India compared to passion in the US. Maybe not. Anyways, there's a Heritage Softail Classic in my neighbour. Too much pimped up. Looked like a used one. Have deliveries started?

Zappo 11th July 2010 00:26

They seem to be attracting a lot of eyeballs. Though I am skeptical about the volumes those 18 lakh ones will bring in. Yesterday while coming back from office got caught in a massive traffic snarl around Jubilee Hills and I was wondering about the reason since there was no rain yesterday. The reason became clear as soon as I reached the junction. A spanking new all-glass Harley showroom has opened since yesterday on the junction and the place was teeming with people and cars (like BMW, Mercs and such).

aargee 11th July 2010 13:14

But Jkdas, this is a old news & their website - Harley-Davidson India - Home has this information on their product catalog.
Aren't these pics from their brochure?

ottocycle 12th July 2010 15:58

Good news for Hyd people. Harley Devidson opened it's first showroom in India at road no. 3 Banjara Hills. Near Brand Factory and RBS office.

thedreamcatcher 12th July 2010 17:12

I am quite tempted to go in for an 883R or a StreetBob. Have hell of a lot of work on convincing my wife though, as to why it makes sense to go in for something like a StreetBob, instead of a Civic that she wants

shrini78 13th July 2010 06:48


Originally Posted by thedreamcatcher (Post 1978637)
I am quite tempted to go in for an 883R or a StreetBob. Have hell of a lot of work on convincing my wife though, as to why it makes sense to go in for something like a StreetBob, instead of a Civic that she wants

convince her passionately, that this is your passion...
I have been in that place & done that thing

Now happily ridin a heavily modded Dyna FXDC

manson 14th July 2010 00:15

I personally know that Harley Davidson did plenty research before entering the Indian markets.
I wonder if they conducted those only for the heck of it, or did the intend to make use of all the data them seem to have logged through the extensive process. And whatever happened to the much hyped Harleys for Mangoes deal.
All of the above range seems rather overpriced for what I was expecting after all the research around pricing and preferances.
At current pricing, I would be rather amazed if Harley Davidson India can capture a significant market share in the premium motorcycle segment beyond the initial (heavy PR) months.


aargee 14th July 2010 01:56

@Manson - how do you say they're being over priced?
Take the 883L that's priced about $7K in US; the same should cost about 3.5L here. Considering the import duty of 60+30+18% tax of Indian Govt, it should cost about 7L & its priced around 7L.

If at all you consider they're costing exhorbidantly, then the Thanks should go towards the tax.

manson 14th July 2010 14:50

I'm far from being aware of Harley's international pricing. My opinion of their Indian pricing being expensive is strictly based on the vision, or illusion they kind of had through their survey activities.
You should browse through the older Harley threads which would give you an understanding of consumer expectations for Harley with regards to their pricing. I think I faintly recall their entry level bike to come around the 3 - 4L mark on road Mumbai.
They intended to work around the duty structure and create a niche medium to premium level market for themselves far below the Japanese price points.


SumitBahl 16th July 2010 18:02

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Visited newly opened Harley Davidson showroom yesterday at DT Mall, Chandigarh.

Here are the pictures:

SumitBahl 16th July 2010 18:08

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Some more pictures continued:

diecast 16th July 2010 18:40

Great pics Sushil
Great pics Sushil.
Chandigarh is on high list of automarkers first was Porsche and Harley .

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