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Default Re: Advice on buying a used Ford Endeavour

Originally Posted by pratap007 View Post
Dear fellow uncles,
You had me in splits on this one. Starting from Alto and getting an Endeavor, this is a first.

Adding one more point to the issues is the missing Ford badge on the front grill. Since you have already bought it, suggest you get a full service done including the timing belt change. Also, get full interior detailed to give it a new car feeling.

Wishing you many miles on your first car.

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Default Re: Advice on buying a used Ford Endeavour

Originally Posted by pratap007 View Post
Dear fellow uncles,

them, when I saw a shy thing in the corner, covered in dust and looking at me with big eyes. I could tell she was neglected even by the dealers who weren't even trying to keep her in shape to sell her.
You will be pleasantly surprised at how economical Ford's are to service these days. As mentioned earlier, don't realistically expect much more than 10kmpl. A friend has a 2004/5 Endy and the best that has achieved is 11/12 when driven sedately on the highway.

Please find a good Ford dealer by asking around and then get a proper check and service done.

For the switches, let the dealer check it all and let you know the status.

For the tyres, use them for a few days and then decide if they handle well enough or not. If your lack of driving experience makes it difficult to judge how the tyres are behaving, either get a friend to do it, or take the safe route and change them.

For the suspension, the dealers/mechanics advice would be best.

Get a decent 90/100 set of lights installed if possible. Ensure that a decent electrician does the job though. A proper fuse is essential for that.

For the bumper, I am assuming that one or more of the joints are broken and hence a jugaad was needed. If you are OK to live with it, paint over it to make it less visible. Otherwise, get it replaced.

As long as nobody in your family is called Sara of Hamza, the names won't be a problem, but long term I would suggest getting it painted over or buffed out.

Get a windscreen specialist to check the glass. If it can be repaired, do so. Otherwise get it replaced. This will crack further over time, especially if you drive at speed or over bad roads.

For the timing belt, definitely get the mechanic's advice. If you have no service history, even at the Ford dealer, it is safer to change it.

I assume you were comfortable in the cars backseat during your long drive. I only ask because my friends Endy isn't that comfortable in the back seat. It is bouncy and the seating position is too low, leading to your legs being in such a position that your knees are high up, which isn't comfortable on long drives.

I guess you could and perhaps should have negotiated, but I guess you are happy with the price. Good luck and enjoy the vehicle.

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Default Re: Buying a pre-owned Ford Endeavour? - UPDATE

Buying a pre-owned Ford Endeavour?-img_20200223_043327.jpg

Hi all,

Apologies, I did not post a follow up to my story.
-First things the car dealer replaced the broken windscreen for me.
-I replaced the two rear tires with a set of slightly undersized Falken 235s as the front had 235s as well and they are in pretty good condition.
-Replaced the timing belt, all the other belts, had some work done and bushes replaced for the rear, got all the switches working (except the dvd player and screen) and liquids replaced for about 12k at a local garage.

I've driven 3000+ kms now and it's performed beautifully. I love her to the core. The ride has gotten immensely better after the rear suspension work and it might be my imagination but she comes a halt much better and quicker too.

I have managed to extract a fuel efficiency in the range of 10-11 kmpl overall including horrid stop and go traffic and pleasant cruising on the NH8 at 80-90 kmph. I think I can do better.

I have to wipe her down everyday as the dust, and diesel fumes really do a number on her.

Averaging around 100 kms a day and not breaking a sweat. No pain or fatigue whatsoever no matter how bad traffic gets. Her size belies how easy she is to manoeuvre.

I love her and am gonna take good care of her as long as I can.

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Default Re: Buying a pre-owned Ford Endeavour?

Hi Everyone,

Since I started driving (way back in 2005), I have always loved the Endy. Didn't have the finances then and stuck to our Maruti 800. Almost bought one in 2012 (after the 800 was stolen ) but then better sense prevailed and I bought a Swift diesel on full cash payment. Had a good run with the Swift, driving with it almost all over the country for the past 8 years (almost 1 lac kms).

Now that time has come to start looking for a new car, I started gravitating towards Endy again. However, don't like the new Endy's shape much. I know it has much advanced drive and features, but the boxy shape of the old Endy is what I loved. Looks butch and like how SUVs should. Have been thinking a lot during the lockdown, as that's all I could do given all the dealers had shut down. And the more I think, more I feel I should go for an old Endy and do a total customisation. There are two reasons for it :
  • I will get the shape I want and can make it the way I want.
  • It will be the first step to do some restoration work on old cars I am thinking of (grand plans, I know... but YOLO! )

Here comes the issue : I know nothing about restoring/modding except for tonnes of cool videos I have been watching online over the past couple of weeks. So, here I am... to humbly ask of help.

List of questions I have :
  1. Should I even bother buying such an old car, considering I already have a 8 year old 1L driven car? Or should I just bite the bullet and buy a new car for peace of mind?
  2. Should I rebuild the engine after buying a very cheap car (~4-5 Lacs with 1.5-2L on the odo) or should I buy a decently driven car (~8-10L with <80Km on the odo)? A corollary to this is how much does a rebuild normally cost and which is the best place to get it done in Bangalore?
  3. Which is the best place to get my car modified (external and internal) in Bangalore? How much would it cost approximately considering I am planning for total re-haul of upholstery, carpets, new music system, total repaint externally, upgraded lights, etc?

Hoping to get a guidance from you all.


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Default Re: Buying a pre-owned Ford Endeavour?

Hello folks. Thanks to this forum and your sage advice, I was able to buy a second car that my wife uses - Polo GT TSI. This was a demo car that was run about 7k kms and I got a good deal too. It was manufactured in Oct 2019 and I bought her in February 2020, right before the lockdown. Have been happy with it and it has been my daily rider to get vegetables and whatnot! But I digress.

My primary car is a 2014 Dec manufactured Altis that I bought perused last year. Very happy with it. I was using a 2006 Corolla earlier to this, so thought it will be wise to go for a newer version. But, I was looking for a pre-owned car for my sister in law who used an i10 and came across a 50k run 2011 Endy AT. I am yet to TD it. But could you please advise on it? If the car is good, I am thinking of selling my Altis and replace it with Endy. Will that be wise? My sister-in-law finds Endy too big, so she is not interested. I am pushing her to take my Altis and ask her to Buy Endeavour, so that we can exchange.

I always loved the boxy Endeavour. I have a practical small car for my daily run and I live in Chennai, a metro city with fairly good broad roads. Please advise.
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Default Re: Buying a pre-owned Ford Endeavour?


I currently have a 2014 Altis. And I am thinking of going for a 7 seater, preferably an endeavour. I love the boxy design and the road presence. There is this 2014 endeavour in my city (Chennai) for sale and the asking price is 9.5 lakhs. It seems a little expensive and it is already a 2 owner car. If the car seems to be clean, is it a good buy? Are Endeavours workhorses like Toyotas? I am not planning to change the car for the next 5 years and want to keep it. The car that I am talking has run only 35k kms and 4x4 auto. Please advise. Thanks.
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