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Default Need Guidance with choice of SUV/MUV

Dear All,

Was directed to this site during my researches and thank my lucky stars for it - it is really comforting to find a group of people so passionate about their vehicles - after all smooth talks and false promises by dealers/salesmen it extremely reassuring to be amongst people who really know what they are talking about and does not have any hidden agenda.

To come to my predicament let me start off by providing the basic information which has been requested for any posting in this section
Cars short listed
1. Safari DICOR LX
2.Safari TCIC LX
3. Toyota Innova (lowest priced diesel version)
4. Safari 2.6 CRDe DX
5. Bolero SLX
Price range
<= 8-8.5 lakhs (including accessories, road tax, insurance)
Maintenance & After Sales Service (A.S.S.) expectations
Minimal maintenance and reliable ***
Average distance traveled per month
Around 1500 km
Where car will be mostly used (city / highway / rough roads etc)
Mostly on city roads (Kolkata) with occasional forays into hills/off-the-beaten track
Chauffer driven / self driven
Whether the vehicle will be shared by other members of family
Just my parents
Any specific requirements from car (ex. Better luggage space, responsive engine, rear seat comfort)
Responsive Engine and good handling on hilly roads/off-the-beaten track
How long you intend on keeping this car (and how important resale is to you)
At least 4-5 years if the performance is good - if I get 40% of original value after that I am happy

Having said all that I would like to mention the following :-
  • I have tried to read thrououghly through all existing threads on this topic (in fact Steeroids passionate love for his DICOR nearly prompted me to call the Tata salesman right away :-) - however I still wanted to have a fresh opinion in view of the drastic reduction of prices in Safari
1. Although I initially set my sight on Bolero SLX, after reading several reports (BS Motoring, Overdrive etc) which gives it a drubbing for performance on city roads and does not give it too high a rating I have nearly struck it off the list - also close to 7 L price for a UV set me thinking why not an extra lakh for something really sporty?

2. I started with test drive of Scorpio and liked it - however the feedback from my friend who owns a CRDe SLX about poor fuel efficiency on city roads (6-7 kmpl in Bangalore) and several reports on websites (carwale, bsmotoring, overdrive and this website) about not so good behaviour at higher speeds and off-the-beaten track I am now a bit negatively inclined towards it

3. Then I saw an advertisement of the new price tags for Safari - and I called up the Safari dealer and test drove DICOR EX - The price for the DICOR LX and TCIC LX seemed very alluring and I have always loved the looks of Safari - however here I am a bit confused - the salesman tells me the TCIC LX which has basically the same engine as that of a Sumo Victa gives better fuel efficiency than the DICOR 3L engine (he says TCIC Diesel will give 12kmpl compared to 10kmpl of DICOR Diesel) - I had hoped that the DICOR engine would be more powerful off-the-beaten track and highways - but now after lots of research on the internet it seems that the engine fails to delivery to its capacity and promise - also if I read correctly a complete overhaul of safari engines is in the offing?

4. Initially Innova was not in my consideration - I did not like the longish look and dismissed it as a passenger car (like Tavera) and not in the same league as (Indian) SUVs - however after reading several reports about its great FE, shorter turning radius , power matching that of Safari and Scorpio, it has now nudged its way into my list.

So now I need guidance :-
  • Is it worth buying a TCIC? at 6.4 lakhs ex-showroom it is very alluring - does it really deliver 12kmpl? If it does I am ready to compromise a little bit on power and performance
  • If TCIC is really not worth it - then if I have to choose between DICOR LX and Innova basic diesel version which is a better buy given my preferences - is the ground clearance of innova and its other parameters make it suitable for hill roads/off-the-beaten-track driving
  • Is there some radically different thought on Bolero being the best value-for-money buy amongt all of above
Thanks for taking time to guide me
Warm Regards,
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Arindam, couple of points on the FE of both, the Scorp and the Tata TCIC - both would give you about 9 in a city like Blr. 12 is more like the highway FE with AC on.

The Sumo Victa got the TCIC engine from the Safari. This TCIC engine would go back to the Sierra Turbo days.

If you want to do off-roading, then IMO, Innova is off the list. Innova is not a SUV.
And if you need 4x4, for your budget, the Safari TCIC would be the choice.

But check out about the Scorp 4x4 with M&M. Pls note that this report is almost 4 yrs old now :(

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on the Milege Front you would probably average < 10 in CITY. Highway Driving you would get 12+ .... I am not sure but i think the SCORP also averages the same ....

I average about 9 - 10 in Bangalore Traffic on the TCIC (2 Years Old)

Go in for the DICOR , TCIC is not something you would want to go far considering the Cost Difference to be about 50 - 70 K Max ... or if you are not in a hurry wait for a couple of Months and pick up the 2.2 DICOR .....

BTW - Is the TCIC Still available with 4x4 ?
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Thanks ! I think TCIC 4x4 has been discontinued from 16th June. I am actually in bit of a hurry - however will the new 2.2 DICOR be indeed available in 2 months?

Also in what aspects will the 2.2 DICOR improve upon the 3.0 DICOR - price? performance? both?

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Firstly, Innova will just not suit u, while u say u r going to use it in Hilly roads and Rough roads.

now between Safari and Scorpio, well i am a tata hater, so obviously i have only bad things to say about the Safari too (i am open to be a tata lover if they can convince me, but safari puts me back even more). so i rather not comment on it.

Scorpio, now thats a great vehicle! and dude, the new scorpios look great, and handle lot better than the previous ones. the braking, suspensions and steering, everything is better than before, thou tuning it a bit more could be done with. drive the Scorpio for urself, and i suggest try keeping it for a day or 2 with u if u can for a more better idea of it.

I luv the Scorpio, and wud anyday vouch for its reliability and good mileage!
hey, the mileage is not that bad as u saying. in City, in HYD , the new scorpio CRDe gives around 9kmpl. which is very good for a monster of this size! maintenance is dirt cheap with mahindra compared to TATA. so keep that in mind too. and so is the parts reliablity! i wud even say quality, but then some tata loves wud pop up a point for me to go drive one before i suggest that.... well, friend has it, seen it all, still a tata hater

I wud not say me a tata hater when it comes to Indica , as there i can see the company is making efforts to upgrade itself. thou quality is the biggest issue with tata cars, can see them making efforts in designs and engine performance.

Regd the 2.2lt Dicor, i doubt it comes in anytime before the year end or next year.

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