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Default Automatic: Honda BR-V v/s Tata Hexa

We are a family of six and as the kids have grown up over the years, we have been planning to move into a more spacious 7 seater Automatic from our 2011 Honda City.

And this is what we had in mind: Honda BR-V Petrol V-CVT

What we liked:

• A compact, yet spacious 7-seater petrol SUV with decent styling
• Honda’s widely acclaimed 1.5L iVTEC with fuel efficient CVT & paddle shifters
• Compliant ride quality & neutral handling. 210 mm of ground clearance!
• Effortless to drive: light controls, sorted ergonomics & easy maneuverability for the city
• Standard set of safety features like Dual Airbags, ABS + EBD

What we did not like:

• Interior part quality is ordinary. Also, build quality is very light
• Limited cabin width. Middle row good for 2 adults, not 3
• Doesn’t feel as premium as the price would indicate
• Didn’t like the alloy wheel design, and with 195 sections, its under-tired too
• Missing essentials like Touch Screen AVN, Rear Parking Camer, Cruise Control, Hill Hold

But, with the massive GST price corrections by Tata, there has emerged an unexpected competitor to the BR-V Automatic...
the Tata HEXA XMA Automatic

What we liked:

• Smart styling & substantial presence. Solid build & paint quality too
• Excellent insulation from road noise when cruising on highways, a segment higher overall
• Spacious, high quality and comfortable interiors. Even 3rd row is rather useable
• 6-speed AT is smooth & competent. Perfectly mated to the 2.2L diesel
• Excellent ride quality. Comfortable over any kind of road
• Well integrated Touch Screen AVN, with 8-speakers
• Standard set of safety features like Dual Airbags, ABS + EBD & hill hold
• Lots & lots of small convenience features like Cooled Glovebox, Front Centre Armrest with storage
Retractable Window Sun blinds, 12V Power Outlets on both 1st & 2nd rows, Puddle Lamps on Doors
Sunglass Holder, ORVM Demister, Rear AC vents on 3rd row, etc

What we did not like:

• Missing essentials like Alloy Wheels, Climate Control, Fog Lamps, Rear Parking Camera, Cruise Control
• Heavy steering (low speeds), high kerb weight, big size & wide turning radius are annoying in the city
• Lesser boot space with all seats up, 128L compared to 225L on BR-V
• Concerns over niggling issues reported in ownership threads on the JBL AVN
• Long-term reliability & Tata's after-sales service remains to be seen

So, we compiled a comparison sheet highlighting the major differences between the two..

Automatic: Honda BR-V v/s Tata Hexa-comparo1.jpg

Automatic: Honda BR-V v/s Tata Hexa-comparo2.jpg

I've also factored in the price of some essential kit that are missing from both vehicles, and the final difference is under 2.0 lacs, which is just a 15% premium on the BR-V!

As we have no need for two vehicles, we would be selling off the Honda City in either case. Also, we have an annual running of just 12-15k kms and don't really need a Diesel vehicle by that measure.

So this leaves some questions to mind.. Will the Hexa be too big & burly for everyday city use? Or should I see this as an upgrade, getting a much larger vehicle from a higher segment for a small premium? Wouldn't the lower running costs of diesel would be an added bonus? What about niggles, after sale service & resale value?

So, given the above scenario, what would be your choice & why?



Disclaimer : Images & inputs taken form the TBHP Official Reviews of Honda BR-V & Tata Hexa
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Default re: Automatic: Honda BR-V v/s Tata Hexa

I would pick the Hexa XMA.

The purpose of these big seven seaters IMO is to get the people together in comfort for the longer drives, and I'm pretty sure Hexa would do that job better than the BRV. The vehicle feels a segment better than the BRV in most aspects - be it engine, ride and handling, interiors, space, features etc. Although your usage is just borderline and diesel is not a must-have, it would bring much needed peace of mind over longer drives for sure.

The initial lot has proven itself to be rather niggle-free as well, unlike the Aria.
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Default re: Automatic: Honda BR-V v/s Tata Hexa

Yes, the Hexa price cut has surprised everyone, and while unexpected this is a very logical comparison.

Below are the points that you should note during your test drive to decide and see if any of these are a strong enough factor to tilt one way or another.
  1. Hexa's steering is heavy, while BR-V would be much more car like keeping the experience closer to City. This along with wide turning radius could make things slightly difficult in City.
  2. The mileage would not be vastly difference as CVT is quite efficient and Hexa is a heavy car.
  3. Build and interior quality of Hexa and BR-V are significantly different. BR-V was built to a cost, while Hexa is (new)Tata's flagship.
  4. Hexa has few features like Hill Assist that you can't add in BR-V. Are you going to be driving in hilly areas?
  5. 3rd row is much better in Hexa. Who is/are going to be the third row occupant? Are they comfortable in BR-V?

These 5 points should make things clearer or you. Personally, I would go with Hexa. Its a much more premium car, without any cost cutting evident as on BR-V.
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Default re: Automatic: Honda BR-V v/s Tata Hexa

AFAIK, power door locks and turn indicators on ORVMs are present on the Hexa. There is a lock / unlock button on the central console near the hazard switch. Please verify.

In case you happen to pick up the Hexa, be careful when you swap to alloys. If it is the official accessory then no issue. In case you plan to go for aftermarket ones then doubly make sure that they have NO offset or else you will end up removing the mud flaps and also cutting open a small portion of the fender lining.

Coming to the dilemma, the Hexa makes more sense as you get:

1. One of the best automatic boxes.
2. Solid body on frame construction.
3. Rough road friendly SUV grade 16" tyres and class leading ride quality.
4. Much better driving position - view of the road.
5. Better plastics, build and paint quality compared to the Honda.
6. Small yet significant features like the window shades at the rear, all 4 disc brakes.
7. View from the drivers seat is something a BRV/Mobilio/Ertiga cannot match!
8. While the price difference stands at about 1.7L, one is a petrol and other is a diesel. Remove about 1.2L for the difference of engines and suddenly you feel Hexa is on top in terms of VFM

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Default re: Automatic: Honda BR-V v/s Tata Hexa

My humble suggestion, after having tried both these vehicles during my search in Dec-Jan timeframe. Though eventually I postponed my decision.

Go for the Hexa - it is better in every aspect compared to the BRV. The latter is an elongated small sedan, too narrow for its length, and does seem built to a budget. And with 6 onboard it is bound to feel sluggish, more so on the hills.
The Hexa's 400 Nm will make you smile every time you drive it and its got acres of space to really carry everyone happily.

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Default re: Automatic: Honda BR-V v/s Tata Hexa

Thumb rule: When it comes to mainstream automobiles, 9 out of 10 times, the more expensive car is better.

Since Tata Hexa XMA is in your short list, obviously you don't mind paying 20% extra (on road price after adding accessories) over BR-V AT. Hexa has more comfortable seats, better interior quality and highway ride.

You should be going for Tata Hexa XMA, unless -

- You are worried about Hexa's long term reliability.
- Your city usage is 50% or more. BR-V is compact, nimble and U-turn friendly.
- You want car like handling

in which case, you should pick up BR-V AT.

Performance and running cost (cost per km) is likely to be similar because of significant weight difference between the two cars

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Default re: Automatic: Honda BR-V v/s Tata Hexa

On the ownership experience with Tata, especially on their flagship vehicles
Expect to have some niggles here and there- especially the electronic gadgets
Service experience - More or less on par with honda. Hexa owners usually will get preferential treatment over your typical indicab owner. Things will be cheaper than honda (though not significantly cheaper - also the fact that this is a diesel will also bump up costs)
You may need to spend a bit more effort on your side to ensure that issues get sorted out (follow up, escalate, do a PDI after every service)
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Default re: Automatic: Honda BR-V v/s Tata Hexa

Interesting conundrum.

Advantage Hexa (these are just the things that come to my mind, off the cuff) :
  • More power and infinitely more torque
  • Solid Build Quality and great interiors (courtesy HoriozonNext)
  • Loads of Space - a veritable studio apartment on four wheels, with lots of intelligently designed storage spaces
  • Supple Ride Quality, good ground clearance and the ability to handle bad roads with aplomb.
  • A refined automatic gearbox - great driveability
  • Top of the Line ICE - easily the best in its class, and maybe even in a segment or two above it too
  • Decent fuel efficiency along with a cheaper fuel - Diesel
  • Elegantly understated yet looks muscular and butch in right proportions
  • Taller tyres

Advantage BRV:
  • Reliability
  • A rev happy NA petrol motor
  • A competent CVT
  • Smaller footprint - better for city drives
  • Ground Clearance - 210mm of it

If I was in your place , I'd gravitate toward the Hexa. But that would be more of a heart over the head decision. You must decide based on on your requirements and priorities. All the best !

Cheers !
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Default re: Automatic: Honda BR-V v/s Tata Hexa

Originally Posted by smartcat View Post

You should be going for Tata Hexa XMA, unless -

- You are worried about Hexa's long term reliability.
- Your city usage is 50% or more. BR-V is compact, nimble and U-turn friendly.
- You want car like handling
Also, IMHO, the following goes in favour of BRV (although I've not yet voted!):

1. If required, you will not hesitate to ask your parents/wife to drive BRV!

2. Comparatively, BRV is a silent car; noise free.

3. Cost of owning (cost of running+annual maintenance+insurance+tyre replacement) would definitely be lower in a lighter BRV!

However I had a question, Vikash how did you zero in to these two stalwarts (Hexa & BRV) from other suitors like automatic versions of Crysta, XUV500 likes?

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Default re: Automatic: Honda BR-V v/s Tata Hexa

This should be a no brainer with Hexa winning hands down. The extra money gets you a bigger and better looking car, better interiors and best of all , a proper 7 seater. Alloys can be added later whenever you have the extra $$. Rest of the differences are minor at best.

The feedback for Hexa has been very positive with three of my colleagues already proud owners. They have not reported any issues in the last 2-3 months of ownership.

If you bring XUV in the picture, things may change. Although the model of XUV you will get in the budget will be bare bones.
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Default re: Automatic: Honda BR-V v/s Tata Hexa

I would recommend the Hexa provided you are comfortable with its size. A test drive will clear that for you. Though XMA is a middle variant which may lack some bells & whistles that BR-V comes equipped with, fundamentally Hexa is a better car. It has excellent ride quality, better interiors, good engine, auto box that has got rave reviews from all quarters, more space for all occupants to name a few. XMA gets a toned down version of the Harman ICE, but that should still be good enough.

Resale value of Hexa will be lower than BR-V, but on the plus side you get to enjoy a better car for the duration you keep it In the official review thread, owners have reported very good support from Tata for any issues they had with their cars. So Tata is definitely going 1 step ahead to keep Hexa owners satisfied. Size could be the only deterrent that could go against Hexa. But I would say that even if you find it too large, you should weigh in the other positives before taking a call.

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Default Re: Automatic: Honda BR-V v/s Tata Hexa

I voted for the BR-V, but would suggest the Hexa for you. (Didn't read your requirement completely)
Let me explain: I think both are pretty good cars. But if you considering the company history, Hexa is an excellent product from a 'weak' manufacturer (Tata) and a BR-V is an ordinary product from a premium company (Honda) which has lost it's way. I think you should upgrade segments considering the small price difference. Unless your parking space is small, I think you should think about getting the Hexa.

I'd also like to add a counter argument about why I would go for the BR-V: (If we want to replace our Innova at home)

-> Our Highway trips (1500 km a year) are done with 4 adults plus 1 child. BR-Vs middle row won't be too much of a compromise here. Only trips inside the city are done with 8 passengers, a little compromise in the BR-V won't hurt
-> City driving is much easier in a smaller car
-> Future resale value of a diesel (unpredictable)
-> Innova handles well at <110 kmph. BR-V will be much better as it a monocoque. You'll miss the handling if you're so used to the city as the all body-on-frame diesels can't match monocoques in the handling department

Regarding ASS, I think Honda might be slightly better, but I've heard some horror stories (very few) from their ASS too. Tata ASS is improving is what I've heard.

I've heard that the BR-V at gives 10.5-11 kmpl in city and 16.5 kmpl on 4 lane highways. On mixed highway conditions, FE drops to about 14 kmpl.

The FE of Hexa sounds too good to be true. Please check it with an owner.

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Default Re: Automatic: Honda BR-V v/s Tata Hexa

How's the traffic in Guwahati? Is it jam-packed like Mumbai & Bangalore during rush hours? Reason I ask is, the monocoque BR-V will be a breeze to drive in traffic (light steering, narrower etc.) while the big & burly body-on-frame Hexa will be cumbersome (heavier steering, size etc.).

Also, how much of your driving is in the city versus the highway? The BR-V is superior in the city, the Hexa is fantastic on the highway.

Personally, are you okay with big cars? I love big cars and even happily drive my antique Jeep with its heavy steering & tempo gearbox in traffic. Most others wouldn't.

Originally Posted by vikash49 View Post
I've also factored in the price of some essential kit that are missing from both vehicles, and the final difference is under 2.0 lacs, which is just a 15% premium on the BR-V!
The difference is only a lakh if you consider that every manufacturer charges a lakh as premium for diesel (Hexa) over petrol (BR-V). There is no doubt that the Hexa is the one giving you a lot more bang for the buck here.

In terms of niggles, I wouldn't be too worried as the Hexa is basically an improved Aria which has been in production for long. But yes, there might be stuff going out here & there (mainly electronics) being the first year of production. Mechanically, I don't see the car having any issues. Electronics is where it might act up.

I would buy the Hexa for myself; for my brother however, I'd get the BR-V (as he loves cars that are light & easy to drive).

Please also check out the XUV500 Automatic. It is a beautiful all-rounded SUV with a well-mated slushbox.
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Default Re: Automatic: Honda BR-V v/s Tata Hexa

Hexa will be a better option as it clearly stands at a level above BR-V.

Ride quality: Hexa scores over the BR-V here.

Space: Hexa is the winner here.

Engine: Both the engines are proven ones. 1.5 iVTEC will definitely have an edge in
city conditions. While the 2.2 diesel might not be as refined as the Honda petrol, with loads of torque I don't think maneuvering in the city will be a big problem. You'll feel at home with the 2.2 diesel once you get used to the engine behavior.

Reliability: BR-V has the edge here. Hexa is still not bad either considering you get 1,00,000 kms warranty and also Tata is clearly focusing on improving the service levels with Hexa getting top priority.

Features: I think Hexa is the better option here as well though the variant you chose might miss some features like automatic climate control. Hexa still has most of the essential features and I believe these features are just nice to have and not really a deal breaker unless its related to the safety.

Looks: While looks are subjective most will agree Hexa looks much better than BR-V. Hexa's road presence is also immense.

Hexa definitely scores above BR-V in most of the areas. Your running cost might also be lower with the diesel though it won't be much considering you'll be covering only 12 to 15k kms per year.
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Default Re: Automatic: Honda BR-V v/s Tata Hexa

I drive a Hexa XTA and I will try to make it real simple for you. Leave aside the technicalities for a moment. What is your intended usage? How much % of time will the vehicle spend in city and how much out on highways or for touring?

If the usage is primarily urban, you'll be better off with the BRV. It is a lot smaller and much more agile and easy to drive. All controls are lighter and turning circle is smaller. Its third row will also make do for one-off occasional use for an hour or so. Crucially, parking the BRV will be much more easier. Ladies will definitely prefer this to drive. Point is, there is no need to lug around all the extra weight if it can be avoided.

Hexa though is the no brainer choice if usage is highway based. There is absolutely no other car under 30L or even 50L which can seat 6 or 7 fully grown adults in genuine comfort for hours together. Ride quality and the seats themselves are phenomenal. Its driving dynamics are perfect for cruising at 3 digit speeds all day. Cabin quality as well as build quality are much better. The ladder chassis makes it a lot more abuse friendly. The automatic gearbox is a class apart. It is very as refined as well(a petrol vs diesel comparison). No doubt, it can manage the daily city grind. But lets face it, the sheer size and the big turning circle do make it kind of cumbersome on narrow city streets.

Basically, it is a bit of a compromise both ways. BRV is better for urban use and can manage the occasional highway run. Hexa has better quality and is tailor made for touring with your entire family in A+ comfort. But its size can pose a bit of a challenge otherwise. Your call.

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