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Jeep Compass 341 49.56%
Hyundai Tucson 45 6.54%
Hyundai Creta 32 4.65%
Mahindra XUV500 65 9.45%
Tata Hexa 141 20.49%
Volkswagen Tiguan 40 5.81%
Other (please specify in your post) 24 3.49%
Voters: 688. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: Jeep Compass vs the others

My heart and mind both say the Jeep Compass. A good engine, attractive styling, most capable off-roader, comfort, lastly plenty of safety features.

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Default Re: Jeep Compass vs the others

Voted for the Compass! Itís one of those cars which you know is not perfect, but is perfect for you. We can talk of interior space, finesse or rather lack of it, but what the Compass has is tons of character and it has got that ability to bring out that man-machine connection.

I like the Tiguan albeit a bit too pricey; itís like the Jetta in the crossover space. As a commuting option the Creta is brilliant, but itís kind of devoid of emotions Ė diagonally opposite to what the Compass is
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Default Re: Jeep Compass vs the others

Originally Posted by arvind71181 View Post
I understand this comparo is for SUVs, but, at this price point, my choice would be the Octavia
That's why we included the 'other' option in the poll, and didn't mention 'SUV' anywhere in the title. The lines are blurred between segments. Please do cast your vote on the last option.

Originally Posted by Yieldway17 View Post
Provided usage is city predominantly, Creta is a good enough 5-seater.
True. As a fuss-free city commuter, it's hard to beat the Creta.

Others are all expensive for what they provide on top of Creta and Hexa IMO.
True again. That's generally applicable to all cars over 15 lakhs, where the law of diminishing returns kicks in.

Originally Posted by Mindgrinder View Post
I have been driving a Fiat vehicle for 6 years now the gearshifts for manual are not good for city and turning radius is equally bad
Agreed on the turning radius, but the Compass' gearbox is smooth & slick. Try it out.
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Default Re: Jeep Compass vs the others

I voted for "others". Basically my logic is as follows:-
For a 2wd SUV it makes sense to go in for an Ecosport petrol AT. Cost effective, 200mm ground clearance and full safety kit.

Currently there is no good cost-effective 4wd AT SUV other than the XUV500. But the XUV is too big to take on the narrow trails and roads I frequent. And it does not have a low range gearbox.
So I will continue with my Grand Vitara for quite some time.
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Default Re: Jeep Compass vs the others

If I have 25lakhs for a new car today, I would buy the Compass without thinking too much. Among the cars in this poll, although I like the Tiguan, if I had 30+lakhs, I would probably buy any car from the German Big 3 or Endeavour if it's an SUV. I think this way because, in my family/friend circle we rarely travel in big groups and if in that rare case, there are enough relatives/friends with Ertigas and XUVs
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Default Re: Jeep Compass vs the others

Jeep Compass gets my Vote. I have driven the Compass multiple times, once on a completely damaged gravel road with 5 on board. No doubts, Compass is the most appealing Crossover in the segment to me. The engine is excellent, with good refinement and punchy power delivery. On road dynamics are excellent too, with super high speed stability, nicely tuned steering and well sorted ride quality. Knowing Jeep, I am sure it will be capable off the road(minus that front bumper, which off course can be chopped).

There are a few shortcomings, mainly in the variants-
  • AWD is only available in top spec limited, what's the harm in including AWD atleast in mid spec Latitude.
  • Where is Diesel Automatic? It might not appeal to me but almost everyone I know who wants to buy the compass (3 people in close circle) wanted a Automatic AWD.
  • Why Side Airbags for AWD variant only? Safety equipment should not be treated like Luxury fittings.

But if someone requires a bigger, roomier crossover with more seats, AT + AWD combo, wider service network, my vote goes for XUV-500. I completely love this car, having owned this car for close to 5 years, and later an improved facelift was launched which mostly covered whatever I ranted about in my ownership thread(Interior color, squeaky interior panels, tall gearing, garish Design....). There are rumors of 170hp version coming.
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Default Re: Jeep Compass vs the others

If I have 30 Lacs to splurge, then Tucson diesel AT gets my Vote.

Its got a fantastic diesel engine, probably the best among the cars listed. It comes feature loaded with top notch safety kit and 3 years warranty/free servicing.

Not to forget the back up of Hyundai's A.S.S, the best among the manufacturers listed in the poll.

For what I'll buy the cars listed,

Price/After Sales Support - Creta
Looks/Style - Compass
Diesel Engine/After Sales Support - Tucson
Utility/VFM- Hexa
Utility/Style - XUV 500
Prestige/Interior quality - Tiguan

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Default Re: Jeep Compass vs the others

My personal choice would be Compass, not because i was part of the review team, which was then the case with Tiguan also.

Compass felt tight in handling and amazing dynamics in the 4x4 spec. Build was one of the best i have seen in recent past and bang at the current price (pre cess). Yes it is a 4 seater and does misses some convenience features, but once you belt up and drive you will forget all that. A remap would make it HOT!
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Default Re: Jeep Compass vs the others

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Agreed on the turning radius, but the Compass' gearbox is smooth & slick. Try it out.
I agree the manual gearbox is pretty good in Jeep may be an auto DCT would be even better but will wait for reliability reviews. The problem with Fiat engine is a short 1st gear trust me its a pain in traffic, most of the time I just pull my Linea in 2nd gear when stuck in traffic as 1st gear has the shortest possible range to even crawl.
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Default Re: Jeep Compass vs the others

I voted for the Jeep Compass. It's good looking, good to drive, nicely built and has a Jeep badge. It's also compact enough to punt around in the city. It's the only car I have driven this year that has got me thinking of a purchase in the coming years.

If I wanted a 7-seater on a budget, I'd have the Tata Hexa and if I had more than Rs. 30 lakhs to spend, I'd get myself a Toyota Fortuner.

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Default Re: Jeep Compass vs the others

One of the few who have voted for the Tiguan I think.

I did not even consider the other 3 except the Tucson and the Compass.
What I liked in the Tiguan above the Compass and Tucson:

-Better interiors, in every way, more space than the Jeep, and much better quality. (Though the other 3 germans are much better in interior quality.)

-Better build quality (The tucson is good too, but just did not find the Jeep up to the mark for a 25lakh rupee car.) Even our reviewer here found so many misses from the QC department.

-Diesel Auto with paddle shifters.

-Lovely Panaromic Sun Roof.

We only need an SUV to do touring and I feel it will be better suited in the Tiguan than the Compass.

I just feel the Jeep needs to get the TrailHawk out with sunroof, some more features and a 4-Low. Until then, its the Tiguan for me tough it might seem overpriced, I feel it justifies by superior features and quality.
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Default Re: Jeep Compass vs the others

Of the listed options.

If its a 5 seater (or should I mention 4 seater) - It would be the Compass.

If its a 7 seater - It would be the Hexa.

Both of these come are somewhat similar in characteristics like build, design, features, etc. Both have good features and surely miss out on some fancy ones.

If budget is about 35 lakhs, it would be a Ford Endeavor 3.2 Auto any day.

For now the vote goes to the Compass.
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Default Re: Jeep Compass vs the others

At the current prices, at around 20 Lakhs, Hexa XTA is the best crossover providing best VFM and hence gets my vote.

But, if the budget is Rs 30 Lakhs and crossover is not needed, i will buy the latest Octavia RS.

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Default Re: Jeep Compass vs the others

To me this has to be one of the complex/weirdest polls. Just look at the range:
1. Price range from 11lacs to 40lacs.
2. Body style ranging from C-SUV/Crossover to full size MUV.
3. Brands-Indian/European/Korean/American
4. Engine capacity: 1.4L-2.2L
5. Seating capacity: 4-8

While the compass is a great car but I don't think It has the potential to eat into full size SUV/MUV space. Tuscon/Tiguan, D segment sedans and Creta to certain extent are its real competition.
The biggest advantage with Compass is its price range. For a person who is looking for an compact SUV in 18-25L space, Compass is the only option. This is bang on D segment sedan territory as well.
Given that there is Hexa/XUV, any reason why Innova is missed out?I know there are others, but it is the closest to Compass in-terms of pricing. Time to introduce a new category called "INNOVA"? just like SUV/MUV/Sedan etc.

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Default Re: Jeep Compass vs the others

Like all polls, I voted for a car which I would vote with my wallet as well. I have been swept over by the appeal of Compass, no doubt. If this was five years ago, I would have voted the compass. Seems the years have taken a toll and changed me a bit. I have not voted for a car that appealed to my heart rather I voted for a car that my brain told me to!! Oh the years!!

For me if I am buying a new car, it needs to have 2 things above all else. 6 airbags and space. While I can live with the space that Compass offers, I cannot afford to buy the AWD and the lower versions give me only 2 airbags. Similarly the Tuscon and Tiguan are out of my reach.
Of the remaining three options, only the Hexa appeals to me. The XTA sits neatly in my proposed budget for an upgrade. What more? It has oodles of space, decent quality, class leading ride quality and tonnes of character too. It may not be too engaging to drive, but my red Punto stays with me for those fun filled drives. Hexa will be for touring long in top rate comfort. The MUV shape be damned I would vote for Hexa with my wallet as well if I were to buy a car now. But since the purchase will be towards the end of 2018, I would be waiting for the two upcoming SUVs from Tata.

For the time being, I will just swoon over every compass on the road dreaming of the Jeep that I could not get to my parking lot.
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