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Volkswagen Tiguan 68 21.86%
Hyundai Tucson 16 5.14%
Toyota Fortuner 47 15.11%
Ford Endeavour 150 48.23%
Other (please specify in your post) 30 9.65%
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Default Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others-tig-comp.png

Volkswagen Tiguan

What you'll like:

• A well-built European SUV with classy styling
• Spacious, high-quality cabin. Big 615-liter boot too
• Smooth 7-speed DSG automatic. Lightning quick upshifts
• Impressive highway stability & handling for a Crossover
• AWD is standard. Good for touring & tackling rough terrain
• Loaded with features & technology (including a beautiful panoramic sunroof)
• 5-star NCAP rating & top-notch safety kit

What you won't:

• Overpriced by a couple of lakhs! Heavy premium over the Hyundai Tucson
• Many will find the design too bland & understated. Lacks street cred
• Engine feels adequate, but isn't exciting. You'd expect more power at this price
• Stiff ride quality, especially on the back seat (our test car had the 18" rims)
• Despite this being a new wet clutch DSG, we have our finger's crossed on its reliability
• No cheaper MT or FWD variants
• VW's sub-par dealership & service experiences

Link to Official Review

Hyundai Tucson

What you'll like:

• Contemporary styling that is universally appealing
• Punchy 2.0L diesel engine mated to a smooth automatic transmission
• Comfortable ride quality & car-like dynamics
• Cool features such as the hands-free tailgate, LED headlamps, electric parking brake, ECO / Sport driving modes & more
• Top-notch safety kit: 6 airbags, ESC, VSM, all-wheel disc brakes, hill-start assist etc.
• Hyundai's reliability, competent after-sales, 3 year unlimited km warranty & 3 years of free servicing!

What you won't:

• No w-o-w factor on the inside. Interior simply doesn't feel special enough for a Rs. 30 lakh car
• Expensive, especially the top trim. Full-size 7-seater SUVs are priced in the same ballpark
• Some features are conspicuous by their absence (sunroof, auto-wipers, ventilated seats)
• Manual transmission gets step-motherly treatment; poverty-spec base variant only
• 2.0L petrol motor is strictly average. Doesn't impress like the diesel. No fully loaded petrol either
• No AWD on offer! All competitors offer that capability

Link to Official Review

Toyota Fortuner

What you'll like:

• Contemporary styling & imposing street presence
• Tough build. Toyota body-on-frame UVs are known to have very long lives
• Powerful diesel and smooth petrol, with user-selectable driving modes too
• Interiors are much improved. Cabin is practical & user-friendly
• Loaded with features like Bi-beam LED headlamps, powered tailgate, paddle shifters & more
• Impressive offroad capability (by big SUV standards)
• Top-notch safety kit. 7 airbags, ABS, ESP, TC, hill assist, ISOFIX & 3-point seatbelts for all
• Toyota's excellent after-sales quality, fuss-free ownership experiences, low service costs & up to 7 years of extended warranty coverage

What you won't:

• Pricey! More expensive than the better-equipped & equally-competitive Ford Endeavour
• Missing sunroof, auto-dimming IRVM, lumbar adjustment, front parking sensors, auto-wipers etc.
• Ride quality – although improved – is still far from plush. You’ll feel the bumps
• Cost-cutting in a couple of areas; some interior plastics, ICE audio quality, camera display…
• Diesel’s short service interval of merely 5,000 km! Inconvenient for those with high usage
• Petrol variant is a guzzler. We saw merely 6 – 7 kmpl on the AT
• No longer a full-time 4x4. Also, 4x4 carries a Rs. 2.5 lakh premium on the MT (3 lakhs on the road)
• No cheaper / smaller diesel variant like the Endeavour 2.2 & ol’ Fortuner 2.5 for the mass market

Link to Official Review

Ford Endeavour

What you'll like:
• A big all-rounded SUV with no real deal breaker. Fantastic pricing as well
• Macho styling packs appeal. Solid build quality matches the butch presence
• Cabin is a nice place to be in. Likeable design, comfy seats & lots of storage
• Competent range of diesel engines. The 3.2L, especially, is very impressive
• Great balance between ride & handling for a body-on-frame SUV. Sweet steering too
• Offroad ready - Terrain Management System, rear diff lock, 225 mm GC & 800 mm of water wading
• 5 star safety: all wheel disc brakes, ESP & TC, 7 airbags, roll stability control, hill launch assist etc.
• Loaded to the gill with features! Panoramic sunroof, 8" touchscreen ICE + 10 speakers, parallel park assist, powered tailgate, xenon headlamps, triple-zone climate control & more

What you won't:
• Fortuner's cabin is roomier, offering more headroom & space at the back
• Missing essentials such as steering reach adjustment, satellite navigation, passive keyless entry & go, tumbling middle row seat & third row seat recline
• 2.2L engine feels lethargic over 120 kph. Not a fast highway express
• Mediocre fuel economy due to the fat 2,200+ kilo weight, AT & big diesel (3.2L)
• Ingress is difficult for the elderly / short folk. 3rd row access is terrible!
• Waiting periods are already a couple of months long
• No manual gearbox available. Fortuner 2.8L is available with an MT

Link to Official Review

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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the SUVs Section. Thanks for sharing!

The pick for me is the gangster SUV that's a size bigger (i.e. Endeavour 3.2L 4x4) - this is my first choice. Second choice would be the Jeep Compass that's a full segment down; strange as it may sound, I'd pick the much cheaper Compass over the pricey Tiguan.

Both my choices have a solid build, deadly looks, superb engines, excellent road manners, competent offroad ability (for their respective segments) and most of all - character. They are also relatively fun to drive .

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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

Voted for the Fortuner.

Primary reason are excellent Off Road Prowess, Supreme Road Presence and Near-Absolute Reliability.
It's the Hilux's cousin. And we have to admit it, even Clarkson could not destroy one.
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

I've voted for the Endeavour. It's a perfect blend of features, drivability, performance and few other things.

Anyday, if I'm in this segment to buy a car it's rather the Endeavour or the Fortuner which would get my second vote. The Tucson is like all show and no go and the Tiguan is overpriced for what it has to offer.

Secondly, considering that the endeavour is a body-on-frame SUV, the road manners are well-sorted and the 3.2 ltr 5-cylinder diesel engine is a hoot to drive and the fun-to-drive factor remains while driving this beast on and off the road.
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

Voted the last option - Others! The Compass may have missed a few features, but the car has oodles of character, road presence, and more importantly - extremely good to drive. Tiguan does have the finesse but it somehow doesn't hit the right note for me like the way the Compass do.

And for the price of the Tiguan I can get the 4x4 Compass and probably an Ecopsort or Figo S for city runabouts

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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

Voted - Others. I think the Compass will be a much better option and I can save a cool 8-10 L. I'd stick to the Compass petrol. However, if I'm willing to plonk 34-35 big ones then I might just wait for the Kodiaq's price announcement.
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

Ford Endeavour 3.2L 4x4 for me! For those butch looks, awesome engine, drivability and road manners. Toyota Fortuner as a very close second.
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

Voted "Others" : Jeep Compass - although I would wait for the Diesel AT and a Sunroof.
The Trailhawk version would be enticing too. But I guess that would bring prices Northward.

The Fortuner and Endeavour are in a different class, although in a similar price bracket.
If I needed a 7 seater, then the Endeavour would be my choice.

Tiguan: Actually a wonderful car that ticks all the boxes except 2; price and engine.
They should have brought in the 177 bhp TDI version, or the 1.8 TSI to justify the price.
This is an excellent option for those who wished for the Skoda Yeti with an autobox. Albeit, at a large premium.

Tucson: Premium looks. Some people mistake it for the larger Santa Fe seeing the headlights and grill.
No four wheel drive though.
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

Voted for the Ford Endeavour.

For the price one pays, it has features that are class leading and if i remember, it was pitted against the Toyota LC Prado in the Australian market. This shows its pedigree. Ford's improving service standards and cheaper servicing are another factor.

Second choice for me would be the Tucson. The rumored Tucson AWD if it comes with sunroof, has ventilated seats and keeps most of the features of the current Tucson GLS should be an attractive package as long as Hyundai does not get greedy with pricing and features.
Tucson may not be a best seller in our market but it has its quirks which I love.
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

Voted for Others.

Fortuner, Endeavour are too large to be used as daily drives in smaller cities like the one I reside in. Fortuner's ride quality isn't exactly as plush as it should be for a car at that price point while Endeavour's last row lacks space even for adults with not so large frame. The 3.2 in Endeavour is outstanding, no doubt, but I find my preference to be a more balanced choice. Could be that I dont need that huge presence offered by these two behemoths. I dont exactly need a 7-seater to snake through day in day out of ever chaotic urban confines.
Tucson while being good still doesn't strike chord with me. Dont know why. May be its my apprehension towards that brand (OT:I am impressed by new Verna) or the lack of AWD that cements Tucson's limited appeal.
Tiguan is outstanding in isolation, that design with simple lines and build simply make it more desirable. But, pricing is way too over-optimistic for what is an excellent, comfortable mile munching machine.

Leaves me with Compass. It covers all grounds well: dynamics, engine, build and that too in a practically sized package. It has an appeal without imposing size. Kudos to FCA here.
Higher FTD factor than other cars mentioned here seals the deal for me.

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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

I would say wrong comparison. Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour do not fall into VW Tiguan's segment. The nearest competitor for VW Tiguan from Toyota family is RAV4 & from Ford is Escape.

In the international market, VW Tiguan competes with Ford Escape, Honda CRV, Kia Sportage, Mazda CX-5, Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Tucson, Jeep Compass etc.

The option missing in the list is Jeep Compass.

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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

Fortuner, fortuner and fortuner. Simply because inspite of being most expensive of the lot, it still ticks all the boxes on the right note. It's got street presence, is comfortable, much better resale value and cheap to maintain.
Always brings a smile on my face when I drive.

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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

I voted for others. My pick would definitely be the Compass. It is difficult to explain why but I guess it boils down to the all round package that SUV is. The same holds true for the Endeavour too, but unless I want to seat 7 or 8 people and travel off road, I always avoid body-on-frame vehicles.
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

I feel the Tiguan is an absolutely spectacular product notwithstanding the slight mis-price.

BUT (there's always a but) - to me the added USP of this segment is the adventure holidays and getaways that a product like this can allow. And I'd feel a lot more at ease doing that in a Ford Endy or a Jeep Compass rather than a VAG product with their reputation for reliability issues. The last thing one wants is to be stranded on a long drive to a slightly remote destination.

I would either go for a Compass 4x4 A/T or one of the bigger Endy 3.2 4x4 A/T options. If I had to go soft roader, I'd probably settle for the next gen CR-V A/T.
I certainly wouldn't buy the Tucson. It simply lacks the character that both the Compass and the Endy have in spades
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Default Re: Volkswagen Tiguan vs the others

My vote is for the Jeep compass which is cost effective compared to Tiguan which is priced dangerously close to X1 territory. The design of the Jeep compass if fresh, priced sensibly and add to that, a new brand which Indian customers haven’t experienced before.

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