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Skoda Kodiaq 125 25.05%
Toyota Fortuner 101 20.24%
Ford Endeavour 212 42.48%
Volkswagen Tiguan 28 5.61%
Hyundai Tucson 26 5.21%
Other (please specify in your post) 7 1.40%
Voters: 499. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 5th January 2018, 19:18   #16
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Default Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others

Voted for Fortuner. I currently own a 4x4 Safari DiCOR 2.2. Have done multiple trips with family from Jaisalmer to Kanyakumari in it. I am spoilt by its road presence, manual 4x4, gliding over potholes and overall comfort. Fortuner is a natural upgrade for me (I love manuals and butch SUVs).


PS: I have not driven personally any of the SUVs here. It is based on my impression (vicarious) and liking.

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Default Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others

My vote goes to the butch Endeavour. We own a 2.2 endeavour at the moment and are thinking of buying another one (3.2 this time). I test drove the kodiaq and it didn't feel rugged enough for my to abuse it over the rough roads and bad potholes. It is a well built cabin and the quality is a step ahead when compared to the ford but IMHO at some place Endeavour felt better when it comes to the cabin feel. Endeavour has a fake leather dash whereas the kodiaq misses out on that. Another thing is that, I found the cabin layout of the 2 cars to be pretty similar(attaching the pics for the same). The ac vents, the grey plastic in front of the passenger, the colour combination of the cabin.

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Default Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others

Q3 for me. It's a brilliant car at a comparative price and not too big to be a hassle in small space and I personally love the TDI.

By the way I thought I saw a nice new color q3 only to realise it was Kodiak. Says a lot about design
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Default Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others

For *MY* kind of usage, I will have to pick a 4X4 Toyota Fortuner in MT. While I haven't driven the new one [nor like its looks much] I have driven the 3.2 Endeavor a lot and I don't really appreciate its AT [a faster AT would have been better] but I will still pick a MT.

Why I will pick a MT and a body on frame SUV and a 4X4?

I have access to free roads and I don't really drive in crawling traffic, plus my usage is varied, from very good roads to bad roads to night driving to going to uncharted territories where phone signals are either weak or not present.

Because of over 80% of usage is on highways, road blocks are a common phenomenon and so, I have to go off the beaten track where I need ample GC and just may require 4L.

I appreciate the good looks and features of other SUV's but will prefer Fortuner's ability over features and because I prefer a MT, haven't much choice in the Ford. Other choices can be the Mitsubishi Pajero [present or upcoming] and if the MU-X comes in MT, than it will be in final consideration.
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Default Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others

We have a previous gen Fortuner and I love it to bits for its road presence. New fortuner although a thorough improvement in every area, loses out on the looks and for me a SUV should be imposing.
My vote is for the Endeavor. With its butch and brawny stance, it is almost everything I would want in an SUV. I only wish it had a manual transmission option for the 3.2 and a slightly more accessible and comfortable third row.

Kodiaq, while a very very smart car, I would buy it only if I wanted to be chauffeured. For driving I prefer the big Fortuner and Endy with the Endy winning my vote for its appearance.
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Default Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others

Voted for the Endeavour as it is suited to the roads i travel on for work as well as pleasure. The roads in Assam are not really that good except for some bits and the lesser i talk about neighbouring states the better. So this woolly mammoth is in my final list; the 3.2 auto box is perfect for me and the off road hardware is the icing on the cake!
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Default Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others

The ideal combination would be all the Ford Endevour's features in the Toyota Fortuner at the VW Tiguan's price. Would kill the entire segment.

I voted for the Ford Endeavour. Drove one and loved every bit of it. Also drove the Kodiaq which was nothing extra ordinary. I was expecting alot more from the Kodiaq's engine, and the premium pricing over the others makes it quite disappointing.

The Fortuner if nothing more should atleast consider the front parking sensors, memory seats with lumbar adjustment and increase service interval to 10,000kms.

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Default Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others

I voted for the VW because it meets all my requirements. My family isn't big enough to require 7 seats. Driving in the city would certainly be more convenient in a smaller crossover like the VW. It comes packed with features and is well built too. Hopefully the gearbox won't die. I've had a Vento TSI for 3.5 years now and I have 0 complains. It's a beautiful car and the drive is way better than any Japanese or American car can offer. Yes, its a little more expensive than I'd like but I would still pay that premium for the superior product that it is. If I need 7 seats then it is the Kodiaq hands down. The mind says the Endeavour is a better deal but I've stopped listening to the mind when it comes to things I love.
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Default Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others

I have voted for the Toyota Fortuner, for the simple reason that it comes with a very capable 4x4 package, MT, very good service and extremely high reliability. All the other vehicles in the list, though very capable in their own right, do not have the reputation for reliability nor service. Also, they do not have an option for MT, which I feel is a downer!Manufacturers should give an MT option to enthusiasts.

I would also wait for the newer version of the Pajero sport. If it comes with an MT option, it will be the icing on the cake! It will be a very capable contender in this list for sure!
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Default Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others

Ford Endeavour has my vote.

Had to make up my mind over the Skoda Kodiaq. The street presence and the overloaded features tipped the scales in favour of the Endeavour. Sighted a Kodiaq in Chennai streets last week. It surely stands out. But a more powerful engine tune should have made it a worthy package.

The new Fortuner does look more butch and looks cool. However Endeavour will share it hands down.
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Default Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others

I voted for the Fortuner.

I recently test drove Fortuner, Innova, Pajero Sport, Endeavour, Hexa and XUV for my friend.

We liked the the Endeavour and it's gadgets but the last seat access was very poor and middle seat somehow felt comfortable for two only so cancelled it. In comparison the Toyota siblings were spacious and comfortable inside but lacked sunroof (the kids wanted it badly). Pajero again seemed to seat only two comfortably in the middle row so striked through it. I had high hopes from the Hexa but the much appreciated ride quality was not there or maybe it was one off problem and the plastic quality was a notch below the competition, so it was cancelled too.

We finally zeroed in on "Brown XUV5OO AWD Manual W10" due to the sunroof and the gizmos were additional benefit in the price range. The ride, handling, braking and the engine, everything is cool. Everybody went home happily
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Default Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others

I voted for Kodiaq!

It came down between new Ford Endeavor and Skoda Kodiaq. I did not drive both yet. I currently drive a Safari Storme EX 4x2. In my next vehicle(99.99% SUV) I would be looking for automatic, premium dash, luxury and sunroof. I am convinced that Kodiaq can well suit for urban and towns touring for sure.

Long ownership wise - I think Endeavor has an advantage. Talking of street presence, Ford Endeavor surely wins. By now most of us have seen how the Ford Endy owners put up those BIG custom front grill shouting "FORD". I initially liked it, later on you feel bored. Lately, I 've seen a Ford Ecosport sporting such grill - it was funny to watch.

In action - the Kodiaq is a treat to watch among the others in this price segment. It is a kind of design, which makes a man want to be committed.
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Default Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others

The Endeavor and Kodiaq both get my votes! However, since only one vote is allowed, its the Endeavor.

The Kodiaq mainly because of the styling and 'Skoda' like features. The Endeavor, because its a complete SUV in its class.

If I had space contraints, then Kodiaq would've gotten the vote.
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Default Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others

Voted for the big Ford - I see some of them sporting the Raptor grill and they just look fantastic. Plus I think the Toyota, for all its merits, is sitting back and enjoying the equity the Toyota badge brings to the table. As a value conscious consumer, I am happy to see competent alternatives get into the ring!
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Default Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others

The most rounded package, I feel is the Kodiaq, Skoda's repo notwithstanding. I just saw a Tiguan this morning in white, it's 'Plain Jane' looks make it a total disaster. Hyundai Tucson has too soft a look for a butch looking segment and it's similarity to the Creta and it's 30L OTR are a big turn off. Fortuner and Endy don't appeal to me that much.
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