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View Poll Results: Which compact SUV would you pick?
Mahindra XUV300 139 22.86%
Maruti Vitara Brezza 20 3.29%
Tata Nexon 186 30.59%
Ford EcoSport 227 37.34%
Honda WR-V 8 1.32%
Other (please specify in your post) 28 4.61%
Voters: 608. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

EDIT: The Ford Ecosport is leading even after the car was launched 6 years ago. Speaks volume of the product and also the brand for updating the car regularly.

My pick is the Ecosport. Love the TDCi and the EcoBoost. Haven't driven the 1.5 dragon, but going by reviews- it is a more than competent if not an excellent engine. With the improvements Tata has made in engineering, the Nexon is a second as it doesn't have an AT.

While the Mahindra XUV 300 is a very impressive car, it can never be my primary car because of the small boot. It is too expensive to be my secondary car and doesn't have an AT for city-only duty. Note: Please don't quote me on this as it is my personal view and I don't speak for all of humanity.

The Brezza is now too unimpressive. It can be saved by the DDiS 225 and 1.0 Boosterjet. The WR-V diesel (not the petrol) is impressive on paper, but it is not a C-SUV designed from ground-up. It is merely a modified hatchback.

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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Though an owner of S-Cross 1.6, voted for ES for the following reasons...
- High GC
- Low cost of ownership
- Adequate power

During our car hunting days, Ecosport was one of the car in top of the list. When we drove back to back ES vs S-Cross, it was a hard decision to make between both of them. The only 2 reasons for us to stick with S-Cross were...
1. Maruti ASC
2. Cruise (ES didn't have cruise in 2017)

Ofcourse boot space or car size wasn't a factor for us
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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Voted for the Ford EcoSport because of its looks, fun to drive nature, fuel efficient and very affordable to maintain. I had been on a cross country drive with my EcoSport recently and it did not disappoint me at all.

XUV 300 has loads of features, however I feel that it is not worth 15L and dangerously close to Creta/XUV500 W5 price. Most of the times, the initial batches of M&M cars tend to have some quality issues which will take at least a year or two to get it sorted.

Nexon looks promising but Tata needs to work more on the infotainment and a single exterior/interior colour would be pleasing to the eye. Even the gear ratios need to worked upon.

I'm not considering S-Cross and WRV since they look more like a hatchback and not SUV.
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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Voted for Ford EcoSport. It was my first love back in 2013 and finally bought the facelift in 2018 as my first car. I love the tailgate mounted spare wheel and the overall design looks smart and has and will definitely age well. My first and foremost requirement was an AT, and the EcoSport's new 1.5L Dragon petrol engine + 6 speed torque converter stands out like a jewel among the sea of AMTs. Taking into account the build quality, safety features and other comfort features/gadgetry available, its not really overpriced, but yes its premium priced.

The Brezza is the perfect example of a mass market car that gets most things just right but doesn't excel in anything. Doesn't offend anyone but neither tugs the heart strings. No wonder that it sells like hot cakes but has such a low score in this poll.

I find the Nexon's styling too quirky for my tastes. The front looks big and imposing but as soon as one moves to the sides and the rear, it quickly loses that imposing stance. Also the overall design looks to me like an inflated Bolt. Considering the missing features compared to its rivals, I feel the Nexon is correctly priced and I find the VFM tag an exaggeration.

Out of this lot, the WRV is truly a "raised hatchback" derived from the Jazz.

Originally Posted by The King View Post
All the vehicles in the poll are just Pseudo-SUVs.
Well, the title of the thread says it all, doesn't it? The XUV300 and its direct competitors are all just that, pseudo SUV/compact UV/raised hatchback/hatchback on stilts etc etc

Originally Posted by gigatech2006 View Post
Can someone throw some light on why these are called compact SUVs? Compact, I agree. But SUV? When hatchbacks get jacked-up , they become SUVs? I see them as CJCs - compact jacked up cars.
Its just a marketing gimmick. "Compact jacked up car" doesn't have the same ring as "Compact SUV"! The USP of these vehicles are SUV-ish look and higher ground clearance. Even if all these cars came with 4WD/AWD, people will still complain about the lack of space! Maybe that's why Ford hasn't launched the 4x4 EcoSport here that's available in international markets and Suzuki has shied away from launching the Jimny in India.
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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Even though I own an Ecosport TDCI for more than 5 years I ended up voting for the Nexon. It was a tough choice and very close between the Ecosport and NExon.

The XUV300 was the other choice but the small boot is a major negative imo as a practical crossover.

The Ecosport is really good but rear seat space, not great front seats, average rear legroom pull the Ford down. Plus it's getting pricey. I would take one only for the Petrol AT since it's a proper 6 speed torque converter. Diesel is good but 5 speed is not the best for cruising on highways.

The Nexon is kind of the perfect balance as the diesel and petrol engines both are good, 6 speed diesel is punchy and it rides and handles pretty well. Rear space is better than the Ford and front seats are larger and comfortable for longer drives. The icing on the cake is the pricing which for a sub 4m compact SUV is priced honestly unlike the Ford and Mahindra which cross 15 lakhs for higher variants. To top it off the NExon is safe and has the best ICE in the segment.
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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

It was a easy pick for me , voted for ford ecosport . In my opinion non of the other compact suvs match the driving dynamics of ford . Even the equipment list on ford makes it a smarted choice and not to forget the safety 6 airbags , heavy doors , ABS+EBD etc. Even the drive-trains available on Ford are excellent especially 1.5 diesel and 1 litre ecoboost .

If I had to vote for 2 cars TATA nexon would be my next choice . 5 star safety ratings , excellent driveability from 1.5 litre diesel , class leading features and an excellent ICE .

Though I feel if either of these make with a capable automatic transmission say a good torque converter with diesel will set the sales chart on fire . I am not fond of ever improving AMT's which are available with Vitara Brezza , Tata Nexon etc.

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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Originally Posted by reach_gm View Post
TaMo's After Sales is improving, I recently visited a newly opened service station in Delhi & they were very professional. I also own a Hyundai but did'nt find any comparison with Tata's service this time. Hope they maintain & even improve this standard.

Hyundai Venue is yet to be launched but yes looks promising and has potential to disrupt this segment.
Appreciate that they are improving in service area. They have some wonderful products and it is high time they do so.
TaMo also needs to increase their footprint in Tier 3 cities and rural areas.
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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

My vote goes to Nexon. From my use case standpoint none of the sub 4 meter SUVs can make for 1st car as they are too small for my family. They would be ideal as a 2nd car and I cannot digest spending 14-15 lacs on a Ecosport of XUV300 for the same. I am a value for money guy at all levels and got my top end W8 XUV 4 yrs back for less than 17 lacs. Agree all prices have gone up.

Among the remaining Nexon is the best new entrant, funky design, good engine options, high on safety, good ICE and space. Brezza felt too basic and economy grade in construction and WRV as a design never appealed to me.
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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Voted for the Ecosport! I remember the criticism when it was launched for being non-Ford-like with a Hyundai- esque steering, harsh ride etc. But with way Ford has improved the Ecosport (especially with the facelift), it still stands as the compelling option in its segment. And it still manage to look smart when compared to the rivals.
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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Requesting mods to start a similar poll including the Hyundai Venue and any other C-SUVs ( if missed ) in due time. Since it's launch is not far away & has huge potential to be a big player in this segment, it would be more helpful for future buyers if it were compared to the others in this list.

I understand that it will take time for us to completely assess the new Venue, but then a lot of these votes are based more on our understanding of each vehicle - their looks, specifications & reviews rather than having driven & personally experienced each & every one of them. In short, I'm just hoping for the team-bhp review of the Venue to come as early as possible.

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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Voted for the Ecosport

It isn't perfect, but it appeals to the heart more than the others and i'd rather deal with its shortcomings (rear space, pricey) than those of the others (ASS, long term reliability, build quality). What I get is the auto+paddle shifts, the full set of airbags and better build quality.

The poll doesn't reflect market sentiment - with the breeza clearly ruling.

Wonder if the peace of mind associated with the maruti would swing some of the potential buyers when the rubber really hits the road.

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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

My vote goes for the EcoSport. I own one, and I love it! The 1.5l dragon engine is very good and responsive. It does make the car fun to drive. I have read that the Diesel is better but I haven't driven that model so can't comment on it. The EcoSport still feels fresh and nice even after so many years, so it gets my vote.
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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

For me the Choice was Easy.
I own it and I Drive it - Vitara Brezza all the way.
- Whether it is the real world cars or cricket match, All-Rounders win you matches. Whether it be Kapil in 1983 or Yuvraj in 2011.

For me the Vitara Brezza is a More than capable All-Rounder. Enough Space, Good Engine, Road Presence, Excellent Mileage, Economical to maintain and service, Practical, has most creature comforts, Fantastic Ride and Handling, Good Ground Clearance. Means, I can go on.

What more do I say, look at the sales figures for last month-
Nexon ~ 5.5K
Ecosport ~ 4K
XUV3oo ~ 4.4 K
WRV ~ 2.5 K
Vitara Brezza ~14K which is ~ 1K short of the above 4 put together.

I appreciate other cars in this bracket, and acknowledge the fact that there are choices, hence we have an option to vote in a poll.

IMO - Hyundai Venue should be added to this poll only after it is available to drive. Probably we should not count chickens before they are hatched. :-)

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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Was a no brainer for me. Voted for the EcoSport. Having owned the 1.0L since ~3years myself, I absolutely love the car. Has the best driving dynamics, feature execution and overall comfort. Even after 6 years post launch, EcoSport is leading the poll.

If I had to choose something else other than the EcoSport, it would be the Nexon for the way it looks, drives and ofcourse, safety.

Agree with Agnijit. Would be good to add the Venue and re-do this poll after a month to see where others stand; would be interesting.
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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Originally Posted by Agnijit View Post
For me the Vitara Brezza is a More than capable All-Rounder. Enough Space, Good Engine, Road Presence, Excellent Mileage, Economical to maintain and service, Practical, has most creature comforts, Fantastic Ride and Handling, Good Ground Clearance. Means, I can go on.

Don't want to spoil your party, but would love to see if one is able to associate safety as a feature with Maruti cars.

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