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View Poll Results: Would you buy the Maruti XL6 over the Ertiga?
Yes 134 34.99%
No 221 57.70%
Other (please specify in your post) 28 7.31%
Voters: 383. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 22nd October 2019, 12:35   #16
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Default Re: Would you buy the Maruti XL6 over the Ertiga?

I would buy the XL6 over Ertiga purely due to the way it looks. Though It would surely needs Rims and Tyre upgrade to reach desired level of asthetic appeal.
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Default Re: Would you buy the Maruti XL6 over the Ertiga?

Voted No.
If I was looking at either vehicle, I would opt for the bench row in the middle. Allows a person to sleep while the other drives during long trips or after lunch when touring.
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Default Re: Would you buy the Maruti XL6 over the Ertiga?

First of all, I'd anyday prefer to stretch and get a Marazzo than the Ertiga twins which feel like a compromise.

Coming back to the point, I'd have the Ertiga anyday. The ability to have an extra person onboard and better looks easily trumps the XL6 which is essentially a whole lot more expensive for basically plastic on the outside and a couple more gizmos.

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Default Re: Would you buy the Maruti XL6 over the Ertiga?

I drove my cousin's new XL6, but I did not find the engine to my liking, felt a little underpowered. If I was travelling with full occupancy and luggage, I'm not sure how pleasurable the drive would be, especially on the hills.

However one thing that I loved was the 3rd row seating, the seat position is quite high as compared to Innova etc. Thus even adults can use for short-medium trips.

Still the biggest challenge with all current MPVs is the lack of luggage space, we really need an MPV that can seat 7-8 members and accommodate luggage as well.
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Default Re: Would you buy the Maruti XL6 over the Ertiga?

Voted Other.
Depends on whether I'm willing to compromise the ability of having a 5 seater with a big boot.
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Default Re: Would you buy the Maruti XL6 over the Ertiga?

Voted for the XL6. I am a sucker for Captain seats so don't really care for it not offering bench seats in the middle.
Actually I dont allow more than 3 people (+ me as driver) in my cars anyways even on the Duster or Civic unless it's a kid. I dont want the car to take so much stress. If there are more, please get your car as well or take an Uber. I will pay for it. Got a few raised eyebrows for this but thats how I am. Deal with it. Thank god these situations are rare.

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Default Re: Would you buy the Maruti XL6 over the Ertiga?

Originally Posted by paragsachania View Post
Cruise Control is a big miss in the Ertiga as a people mover and I had mentioned that when I wrote a short review. The XL6 has it and let us admit that Cruise Control is damn useful even in our country on many roads!!
Absolutely more than agreed; only a long distance travelers will understand the importance of this (who mainly prefer Diesel to Petrol). I still get a feel most of the car buyers drive mostly within city & the rest of the long drivers, no offense, drive (or even ride) from Bangalore to Nandi hills

Very few are like us, who knows the value of CC. Since this category is very less, this is highly under rated factor. Even when I was in for SCro, I was told CC is for people who go for long drives & it didn't matter. When asked why, the sales people said, its more of use only out of India, in here, the traffic does not permit to cruise. I asked them if they've ever traveled beyond Vellore or Chitradurge or Salem or Trichy by car. Their (different sales people) answers were NO. I then had to impart some knowledge of highway development in the country.

Originally Posted by paragsachania View Post
Black interiors definitely look good than the beige...(I won't mind keeping it clean but black is back)
Absolutely well said. On long run, a faded black color plastic can be restored to pristine than beige. Not sure if the same can hold good with beige.

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Default Re: Would you buy the Maruti XL6 over the Ertiga?

Voted No - I was in the market for a car and was really tempted by the claims Maruti made around XL6. I spent an hour with the car in Jayabheri Nexa Hyderabad and was disappointed with what I saw in the car. I absolutely love Captain seats, and they were a letdown in the XL6. The seats where thin, lacked both lumbar and under-thigh support, and was not what I was expecting from the vehicle. The overall fit and finish are average, and it's definitely not premium as touted by Maruti. I took a 30-minute test drive and could feel that the engine will struggle for breath when you load the car fully. It's a smart move from Maruti and has some stuff with other people may love, but it's just not the car for me.
I drove to Mahindra, test drove the Marazzo, the XUV 500, and finally, the XUV 300 AT and bought the XUV 300 W6 AT after spending a couple of hours with the car on the road. I will post a separate review of that purchase soon.
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Default Re: Would you buy the Maruti XL6 over the Ertiga?

I voted for XL6 over the Ertiga for the following reasons.
  • Looks: Though the difference is not vast, the XL6 looks better in my opinion. The frontal look especially is good. The fact that it is an MPV cannot be hidden but the SUVish looks are better as compared to the van type looks of the Ertiga.

  • Captain Seats: Considering my usage (maximum of 4 adults and no kids), these make more sense as compared to the bench type seat of the Ertiga. They offer far better comfort. Rarely would an occasion arise when 5 people need to travel for a long distance. For shorter distances, the last row of seats would suffice for the additional passengers.

  • Perceived Premium Factor: Being named differently and sold through Nexa outlets would be a factor which matters to some. The volumes of the XL6 will be lower as compared to the Ertiga which would not make it a 'common' car. Since it's petrol only, it will not be seen as a tourist vehicle. This factor does matter to many.

Lack of a diesel option is a disadvantage. For majority of urban commuters with low usage, this should not act as a deterrent.
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Default Re: Would you buy the Maruti XL6 over the Ertiga?

Voted other. There are so many posts right in this thread which show preference to a bench seat. That itself should prompt Maruti to bring that out as an option.

I am hoping it is simple to source the Ertiga's bench seat and retrofit that into a XL6. If that is possible, I may go for one. That will let me take 6 with some weekend luggage as well.
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Default Re: Would you buy the Maruti XL6 over the Ertiga?

Voted No.

1. Only the petrol engine option. People mover still demands diesel.

2. The 5th person be it adult or be it a kid will have to compulsory sit on the 3rd row. While on the Ertiga 3 can sit on the bench seat with stretched legs.
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Default Re: Would you buy the Maruti XL6 over the Ertiga?

My vote for No. My next car would be an automatic. A 4-speed petrol automatic for 15 lacs isn't really exciting. But Maruti usually doesn't develop anything exclusively for one product. Their engines, transmissions are all made for the whole portfolio. So not even hoping they would improvise the XL-6 based on market feedback.
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Default Re: Would you buy the Maruti XL6 over the Ertiga?

I have voted for the XL6 for the following reasons

1. It looks a lot better than the Ertiga IMO. Just swap those comical looking wheels and tyres for a bigger and better looking combo and you can completely transform the look of the car.

2. Captain seats are only available on the XL6 which give superior comfort compared to the bench seats and also they recline which is an added bonus.

3. The XL6 is sold through the Nexa channel which is more premium that Arena showrooms.

4. Added features such as Cruise control,Smartplay Studio system and LED headlights.

5. Though the interior plastic quality is the same as the Ertiga, the all black theme gives it a more premium look. Plus roof liner is of a better quality.

The only point going against the XL6 is the lack of that wonderful 1.5 Diesel engine but that should be sorted out post BS6 if Maruti has already begun work on it.
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Default Re: Would you buy the Maruti XL6 over the Ertiga?

I was in the market for a new car, a year back. Number of passengers were 4 to occasionally 5 and had to be diesel (for the crazy miles I put).

Even if I were in the market today. I'd like a XL6 with 1.5 diesel engine. So my vote was Other.

Biggest misses of Ertiga at that time and now is cruise, besides I never needed to carry 6 or 7 people. XL6 misses out on diesel engine option.
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Default Re: Would you buy the Maruti XL6 over the Ertiga?

I voted NO

On seeing the pictures of the XL6, I thought this would be the perfect upgrade to my 3 year old, 44,000 kms done Dzire AGS Diesel. With the price of Petrol and Diesel nearly at par, add to that the BS6 norms coming into picture, I would have been more than happy to be a proud owner of the Petrol XL6 Automatic. But the grandfather aged 4 speed slush box has put me off completely. Come on MUL, times have changed, if you do not change with times, time shall wipe you out. I need an MPV, I need it to have AMT / Automatic transmission, petrol or diesel could be considered depending on the test drive.
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