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View Poll Results: Which SUV would you choose?
MG Hector 26 6.47%
Hyundai Creta 11 2.74%
Kia Seltos 145 36.07%
Tata Harrier 70 17.41%
Jeep Compass 107 26.62%
Mahindra XUV500 20 4.98%
Other (please specify in your post) 23 5.72%
Voters: 402. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 8th November 2019, 23:53   #16
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Default Re: MG Hector vs the competition

Voted for Others. Hexa is the best car in this segment. Its a car that deserves to be in the fortuner & Endeavour territory with a superb ride quality and automatic transmission. But sadly the Tata Motors management is not convinced by their very own creation. Seltos for me is still an overpriced car just like the creta.
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Default Re: MG Hector vs the competition

Money no bar, it has to be the Compass for me. Voted for it too. But if I were looking at the other options and an OTR price within 20 lakhs, it's Seltos for me.

Compass has certain charm and it also exudes premiumness but the similarly premium pricing is taking a toll on such a brilliant car with the best mix of driveability, performance and comfort.

Seltos ticks all the right boxes and is loaded with features and competent engines too. But, I would value the driveability and performance more than any feature and hence its Compass all the way for me.
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Default Re: MG Hector vs the competition

I voted Seltos. Test drove both diesel and petrol, booked the top end petrol. My 20 month Hexa XTA is on sale as I write this
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Old 11th November 2019, 10:07   #19
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Default Re: MG Hector vs the competition

Voted for the Kia Seltos. Best looking car inside and out in my opinion in this price bracket. Ideally would have voted for the VW Tiguan, however is waaaay outside the price bracket of the rest of the cars listed here (dumb move VW?).
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Default Re: MG Hector vs the competition

Voted 'Other' because I would go for the Bolero. With the rumoured 4WD option coming in next year, it's the ideal SUV for me. I don't like the bells and whistles, and would like an SUV I can clean the interiors of with a water hose
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Default Re: MG Hector vs the competition

I would pick the Hyundai Creta

Reason : The best A.S.S of the lot, proven 1.6 diesel with excellent NVH, timeless design, pretty decent space for 4, nice interior quality, acceptable build quality and comparatively VFM price tag (considering current discounts and better resale when I would want to sell)

I would have loved to pick the Jeep Compass, but it is overpriced, and has a A.S.S that I somehow can't trust. Also heard spares and parts in case of damage are pretty expensive.

Harrier is also a favourite, but then it is a Tata. I guess I am getting old, I have been using Tatas for decades now and I am getting increasingly sensitive to minor niggles and issues. Tata's QC is laughable.

Kia Seltos is a glorified Creta, but with smaller front seats. Drives really well and has excellent brakes, but I can't compromise on the driver's seat comfort, because that's where I am going to be, 100% of the time.

MG Hector - not that courageous to trust a Chinese product

XUV500 - isn't it a bit too old to be even in this race? Dated exteriors and interiors and TeamBHP XUV500 niggles thread dont help either.

A safe selection if I want a new 4(5) seater - Creta
If I want a 7 seater - Pre owned Endeavour
If I want a pre-owned SUV - Duster 85PS

Why didn't I then choose others option and vote for duster upfront? It is not worth to pay 14 lakhs for a duster in my opinion. I would rather happily spend less than half of that and buy an used one. The 1.5 diesel is bullet proof, and the chassis itself is durable. I might have to live with the interior quality though. But it is among the best riding small SUVs in the market today.

PS: SUVs are overrated, unless you really use 4x4 often. Well, most of the above cars don't have 4WD too.

I own a Safari Storme V400 4x2, which I bought only because of ride quality and because my family wanted another new safari no matter what.

I don't see any segment disparity when I see this poll as a 5 seater , 4m+ SUV poll. XUV is the only odd one here.

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Default Re: MG Hector vs the competition

My Choice - XUV5OO.

Just bought one recently. Requirements were - SUV , Space, Easy to drive in city as well, decent handling and ride comfort.

Choice was between Hexa, Harrier and XUV5OO. Compass was too small and too costly, though I absolutely loved it from a drivers perspective.

Hexa and Harrier has major ergonomic issues for me, and the driver's space was cramped, with no space for manspreading. If I can't enjoy the drive, then its not worth it. The ride quality of the TATAs are unmatched though.

The XUV5OO has acres of space, good useful features right from W7, comfortable drivers seat, decent ride if a bit carefully driven, brilliant engine-gearbox combo & butch looks. Its so easy to drive in the city and highway as well. If I had the money, I would have chosen the W11 AWD and that remains my only regret.
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Default Re: MG Hector vs the competition

Car Looks + Drive feel have always been important for me. Honestly, All MG cars look Chinese to me, and Hector is no different. (do not mean to offend anyone).

I'll go away with Harrier for its looks alone! Reviews have shown that it's a good driver's car too.

I feel it's the best looking car under 25L and if TATA can offer the Black edition + auto box, they have one customer ready already
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Default Re: MG Hector vs the competition

Voted Others. My Choice.

1. Tata Hexa. Practical and has 4X4
2. Isuzu D-Max V Cross: Most rugged and comfortable 4X4
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Default Re: MG Hector vs the competition

I'll go with "Others" too assuming we are comparing top end models. The Hexa and Innova are actually more vfm than the cars in the list above. With the Seltos and Hector it's all about the bling. I test drove the Seltos and while it felt nice during the ride, I forgot about the gadgetry when I came out of the showroom. What stayed with me was the average suspension and ride. Not a fan of the Hector with its lack of physical buttons and emphasis on internet connectivity. Harrier is great but has niggles that need sorting. The compass is way too bland for the price. I would rather save money and go for the TUV300 with it's impressive road presence, old school looks and robust build, the Venue with it's modern tech or stretch and go for the top end Hexa or Innova. I can seat more folks and get a better ride quality.

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Default Re: MG Hector vs the competition

Voted for others. Reason - I don't see any of the listed here as candidate for buying for my need.

If I am constrained by this list only, then it will probably be Hector due to its VFM proposition.
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Default Re: MG Hector vs the competition

I'd go with the Seltos, since I just took delivery of a 1.4 GTX+ MT. It's a good choice considering Creta is too expensive for what it offers. It now feels past it's prime too, like the XUV500. Harrier is a good product, just needs a little more finesse on some key fronts. The Compass is a great option for the enthusiast, but now it's a bit too expensive considering the newer options, though I would've definitely bought one if one of the higher variants was in my budget. I can't stand it design of the Hector's rear, and the poor dynamics is quite disappointing. Hopefully MG will rectify these problems with a facelift, because otherwise it's an amazing car.
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Default Re: MG Hector vs the competition

Voted for Harrier
Reasons: Harrier is my daily ride these days. In two months’ ownership, I have no reason to hate it or feel unhappy about my buy in terms of ride quality, high speed stability, passenger comfort, or mileage. Most niggles are addressed, except the entertainment unit, which they have promised to replace/upgrade.
Seltos is a smaller car in terms size and engine capacity. Also, note that Seltos is segment below Harrier, though sold at similar price range.
I didn’t like the looks of Hector (purely personal). I don’t really care about it being 'Chinese' because you get both good quality products and cheap, sub-standard imitation, branded as Chinese. Don't forget how Redmi phones captured the mobile phones market.
I like Compass, but it is way outside my budget. I like Hexa too, but it's size and TATA's confusion of where to place it are concerns.
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Default Re: MG Hector vs the competition

Voted for the Seltos, as it seemed like the only realistic option available to upgrade to from a 5 year old GT TSI, without straddling multiple segments.

It is very contemporary (2020 even) in its design, technology, drivetrain and features and that is difficult to ignore
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Default Re: MG Hector vs the competition

How sad that once a leader and trendsetter in this segment: Duster, is now not even worth comparing with!
I'm disappointed in Renault for what they have done to Duster/Captur.
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