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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

I think many (including me) are in the same boat as to whether to go for Hector or Seltos or something else (Automatic is must have). Between the two I prefer Seltos due to the overall performance and package, however my family has outright rejected Seltos due to the size and inside space. I have not yet lost hopes and will continue to convince my family!

Hector is love at first sight, however I am apprehensive about the DCT performance, mileage and overall durability of bling features.
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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

Since you are based in Mumbai,my suggestion would be to keep using Tiago automatic for your daily runs from Mulund to Goregaon. Little car, automatic, sufficient average, good build and ride quality will keep you happy within the city. Selling it will also be a poor financial decision as Tata car will not fetch you much during resale.

For those highway runs, reliability is the main thing that should be kept in mind. I would suggest you to go for diesel fuel only. For this you have following options in various segments :

- Corolla Altos diesel - Though it isn't fun to drive but will keep you safe and happy for few 'decades'.
- Elantra diesel - Good car, but since you already had a Verna, you might not feel much difference within the same brand.
- Upcoming Honda City diesel (if you can wait for it)

Compact SUV:-
- Tata Nexon diesel - Good engine, ride quality and safety. You might save some money as well even after you opt for the topend variant.
- Ford Ecosport diesel - Though I am not sure what direction it will take after about 5 years from now as Ford has decided to leave India (Though they are not open about it, but ultimately they will).
- Seltos or Creta diesel - Default fall back option. Upcoming Creta will be expensive looking at the way Hyundai is charging premium amount and the number of gadgetry that it may come up with. So, current Creta could be a good option. Seltos already is doing well.
- Mahindra XUV300 - One of the best car coming out of Mahindra's stable. But boot space isn't much and could be an issue if you are expecting a little one travelling with you and are required to carry around all their stuff while travelling.
- Vitara Brezza diesel - One of the better built car from Maruti after Kizashi. This says a lot. It is the star of the segment. Safest option if you don't want to take chances.
- S Cross diesel - Can get a good discount on it as we are not sure what happens to it after BS6 takes effect.
Rumours of 1.6 diesel is going around.

SUV or MUV:-
- 1 or 2 years old used Innova Crysta:- If searched well, you might get a good car within your budget. Can go for it if option for buying a used car is open for you.
- MG Hector - Had a great start, but long term reliability is a question mark. Even in this short few months, we have had owners having issues. (Not singling out MG because even Seltos is having some issues.)
- Mahindra XUV500- All rounder, competes everyone but beats none. Good car, excellent engine and safety. You won't regret after buying it.
- Tata Hexa - It is the car which didn't get the dues and respect that it deserved. Best car from Tata stable. I am saying this because Tata is almost up there in quality and engineering compared to Japanese and Koreans, looking at all the launches that they had in recent years.
- Mahindra Marazzo - Good car, quiet cabin but deserves a bit powerful engine.

Since you are already owning a Tata vehicle, try negotiating with the dealer for good discounts on buying another Tata car. You will also get preferential treatments from their service centre since you will be taking 2 cars of yours for regular servicing.

All the best.

Test drive all, allow your brain to think but take final decision after consulting your heart.
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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

Personally, I would not go with a Chinese brand for 20 lakhs rupees. Compass, Tucson, Seltos - this is the preference list.

Compass: Solid build, Bullet proof engines - millions of FIAT engines in almost all the brands in India, so, nothing to worry, off road credibility, JEEP - brand value etc and many more.

Tucson- buttery smooth ride, excellent highway cruiser and a real SUV when compared to Seltos etc.

Seltos - just because you mentioned it! Otherwise, I would chose between the two above. Seltos does not have the space for 5 to sit comfortably, like Tucson for example.

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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

I know this option is totally out of the category, but as per your requirements, the vehicle i am about to suggest is going to pacify your needs in following ways:

1. LOADS of space: This is going to be a micro RV in it's own right.
2. Rugged build and compliant ride quality: There's nothing more rugged than it's body on frame construction. Nothing more compliant than it's multi link suspension's ride quality.
3. Some times car will be having 2 occupants and mostly 4 in some trips: You can take 7 in this vehicle with ease. And if you carry 5 people, the luggage capacity is enormous.
4. This will be replacement for Verna Fluidic and hence has to have same or more space: Check, check and checkmate!
5. Budget is upto 20 lakhs plus or minus couple of lakhs: 21.3 Lacs onroad Mumbai.
6. Need to have atleast 6 airbags and full array of safety features: This is the only chink in the armor. If you can live with 3 airbags in an otherwise very safe and structurally sound vehicle, then this is going to be gem of a choice.

The vehicle in question is Toyota Innova Crysta GX 2.8 Automatic.

It has all the power and then some. It has all the comfort you require, and then some. It has all the luggage capacity and space, and then some. Reliability is Toyota's synonym. On the top of it, it's a proven vehicle. Unlike Hector and to a lesser extent Seltos, this won't feel old after 5-7 years and you could use it easily till 10 years.
And considering the recent downsizing trend that's been going on, i think this 21.3lacs is one of the last opportunities for us in India to get a 2.8litre diesel powerhouse.
And if you're absolutely adamant on the 6 airbag part, then you'd have to spend 27lacs and get the "Z" variant. And since you're going the finance route, it might very well work out.

Things to consider before buying the Crysta:
1. It's HUGE. Although it's very well behaved in driving, the sheer size might make the fairer sex a bit conscious to drive it.
2. Fuel efficiency: While Seltos(diesel+automatic) can be expected to return 13kmpl(city) and 19kmpl(highway) and Hector around the same too, the Crysta would return 9-10kmpl(city) and 13kmpl(highway).

Do test drive the automatic Crysta along with the missus to make an informed decision. Sometimes the hype around new vehicles is so much that we forget to actually consider genuinely good alternatives available.

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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

I’d say keep the Verna for a few more years. If you’re keen on upgrading, Seltos/Corolla/Elantra is the way to go. I’d suugest sticking to ATs only.
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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

Originally Posted by BZ25 View Post
Hexa is a great car, but will be discontinued with the implementation of BS6 since Tata won't be upgrading the 2.2 diesel engine.
No, it'll be coming in second half 2020. (Tata Hexa : Official Review) (Tata Hexa : Official Review)
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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

between the Seltos and Hector I would prefer the Seltos anyday as more refined tried and tested product. Elantra Automatic petrol is butter as drive the same . a Smaller version of A4 you can say. Tucson is Wonderful and recommended anyday though .
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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

If you are open for used cars, check out Toyota Camrys as they are available for around 16-17 lacs for 2016-17 models and fullfill all your requirements along with bulletproof toyota reliability.

I once had a 5 hour/ 280 km ride in Camry (2015 hybrid model) and I was spoiled by its ride quality and NVH levels (along with space).

According to your location, there should be plenty of them available with genuine odo reading and service history.
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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

One point, which is not being mentioned, is the price difference between the Seltos & Hector.
The Seltos Diesel can had for as low as 12.xx lakhs On road.
Whereas, the Hector Diesel starts from around 17 Lakhs On road.

Is the additional space & size worth Rs 5 lakhs more?
That's the question the buyer should ask himself/herself.
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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

Originally Posted by shashankrt View Post

1. Need to be an SUV with loads of space
2. Rugged build and compliant ride quality.
3. Some times car will be having 2 occupants and mostly 4 in some trips.
4. This will be replacement for Verna Fluidic and hence has to have same or more space.
5. Budget is upto 20 lakhs plus
6. Need to have atleast 6 airbags and full array of safety features.
Options considered:
From what I understand you are looking for loads of space from an infant/small baby perspective. If that is true, then forget the Seltos - the boot space is smaller than that of the Venue [Refer: Link (Measuring the actual boot capacity of your car)]. The moment you put a stroller the boot will be more than gone. From this perspective I would recommend the Hector for sure.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
I LOVED the Kia's Diesel AT
I asked this before and at that time you had not driven the Petrol DCT. Are you saying this after having driven the Petrol DCT as well that you love the Diesel AT More than the Petrol DCT? If yes, I am curious to here your thoughts on this topic of Seltos Diesel AT vs 7 DCT

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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos


Probably all the same conditions like you. I am 36 yrs old who had 2012 fluidic Verna diesel manual SX(o) which served well and we did almost 1,60,000 kms and retired it last month. Like you, I was in the same dilemma sometime back, Hector vs Seltos. Even we do regular trips to Kankavli, little further than your destination and considering our roads, I wanted to protect myself from a sudden bad patch that we get at 80 kmph- 100 kmph. Soft suspension are comfortable at low speed but when the speed is above 60 mph, you start loosing cars composure, like Verna used to, probably the only real fly in the ointment. (Though, I will miss that 1.6 engine, Gem!!!)

Three things that went against MG Hector for me:

1. Soft suspension (I am ready to compromise a little in city this time but need better highway dynamics with kid and old aged people on board)

2. No diesel Auto (tired of driving manual in city)

3. Chinese reliability vs Korean reliability (Tried and tested for me)

One Thing MG Hector scored above Kia Seltos:

1. Space

Things where Kia Seltos surprised me:

1. Diesel AT Gearbox: despite not being a dual-clutch like the turbo petrol one, it certainly does not feel like some of the other torque converters.

2. Features, features and features..: One can go on with it. Specially the model that I have booked, GTX+. Yes, you spend almost 4-5 lakhs up and above HTK+, which, according to me is a value for money proposition for people looking for a diesel- auto combo but I was keen to have 6 air bags and other safety features, especially keeping in mind our Konkan roads. Feature wise, one can feel really pampered in GTX+

Considering these things I went ahead with Kia Seltos GTX+ diesel auto. Got registration number today from RTO, handed it to Shreenath Motors, Juhu Lane Andheri West and now the wait begins...
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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

I’d say you need to go for either XUV W11, Harrier or Hexa with your budget. The others like Conpass, Tucson are beyond 26 lac if you consider the full array of safety features. Compass has only 2 airbags on all variants except Limited Plus/ 4x4 / Trailhawk models. Of the Xuv , Harrier, Hexa , I would go for the Harrier or Gravitas( price willing) , as it has the latest platform , great powerplant, has full safety features ( & more) and great ride/ handling.
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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

The SUV space is set to open up from next year onwards and you can expect plenty of options coming your way at competitive prices.

The Seltos is nothing to write about - sub par design and limited space. The Hector ticks a lot of boxes but reliability is a big question mark considering the Infotainment unit controls a lot of the car's function, but you cannot just go wrong with the Fiat engine though, you will be safe there.

Seltos appears favorable to many because of the Hyundai backing, the car would have gone the Kicks way otherwise. I still wonder why even the Creta sells so much.

Since you have also mentioned about your age and the related stuffs, I would suggest to wait and go for a car with a good pedigree or a car with a great design and performance.

Just missed it. Please check the Tiguan if you can get hold of one with great discounts.

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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

Originally Posted by shashankrt View Post
Rugged build and compliant ride quality. ... will be used primarily for long road trips (example Mumbai - Alibag, Mumbai Ratnagiri / Ganpatipule, Mumbai Goa).
For folks who may be unaware, these are probably the worst roads anywhere in the country. There has been always been some kind of work going on these highways for the past decade or so without an iota of difference. Think crawling speeds on gravel with heavy vehicles including ST buses on both sides blinding you and coming onto your lane from the opposite side because their lanes are closed. There's no lighting, no proper signage and literally nowhere good to stay the night if you are stranded with family. Further, as you cross Alibaug and go into the Diveagar Konkan belt the red sand is loose. In the monsoon it is as good as any off roading track out there. Oh and did I mention the ghats? The Parashuram ghat makes Lonavla's ghats look like a joyride. The short of it is these roads make the Mumbai Nashik road look like a phoren waala rasta and the Mumbai Pune expressway could be a gift from alien overlords in comparison.
@shashankrt If not the Hexa Auto, do not think of anything less than an Innova. You have the budget, the usage, and god knows you'll need the ride quality if you're regularly going to do this stretch.
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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

I am in a similar decision making process as you with an additional requirement for an automatic. Had booked the Hector, later cancelled it. Did not like the Seltos space/features to price ratio.

Almost booked a Tucson petrol GLO with heavy discount(about 4L) but wife rejected it at the last moment.

Loved the Hexa for its space, but the steering is too heavy and interiors too bland for my taste.

Now waiting for Harrier Auto or Gravitas, hope Tata is able to add some good features (powered seats/ big sunroof) by Feb to these cars.
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