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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

Considering you planning to do Konkan and ghats in the rains and primarily as a long distance cruiser.
1- HEXA, we had taken it to Dapoli from Pune during the recent rains - while going we went via Mahad (nonexistent road for 70-80 kms) and returned via Poladpur-Mahabaleshwar. Two couples and two kids (3-4 year old) and the hexa didn’t miss a beat on any of the roads. The ghats also were taken easily without any discomfort or motion sickness. I have also done a 600 plus km trip in 10 hours with halts (Pune- Bhiwandi- Nasik- Kopargaon). With a mix of expressways, two lane roads and farm tracks and it was amazing. In fact my mom was sleeping when I was driving the farm track roads. It is an XTA. From an engine perspective it is reliable (Varicor), the AT is a treat and you might even get good discounts if the car
Is already in stock with the dealer. Good FE too (10-11 city and 16-18 highway) - with a heavy foot. Easy to drive in the city as well.

2 - Kia Seltos is the second choice however if you planning to sell the Tiago won’t recommend as a
Second car in the garage is always a boon. (Unless
You want to sell and pick up a used small hatch later). I currently have our Nano out of commission due to an accident and the Vista is undergoing an overhaul. So I really know the trouble with just one car.

I won’t recommend the Hector purely because the reliability is still an unknown. Also it has too many electronics and the small tyres are actually a pain in rough non existent roads. Resale will also be a gamble.

Another recommendation - the Harrier (good engine, reliability is good, ride quality is better than seltos and hector).

If you would like to try a sedan - check the Octavia or Jetta.
If you like to go used - Innova is the way to go!
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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

Originally Posted by vsrivatsa View Post
From what I understand you are looking for loads of space from an infant/small baby perspective. If that is true, then forget the Seltos - the boot space is smaller than that of the Venue [Refer: Link (Measuring the actual boot capacity of your car)]. If yes, I am curious to here your thoughts on this topic of Seltos Diesel AT vs 7 DCT
Quite a lot of people in Seltos groups in Kerala are quite impressed with the diesel AT.

I took back to back test drives of the diesel and petrol, found the diesel to be a bit dull compared to the petrol DCT. Not that the petrol DCT is the spiritual successor to the 1.2 / 1.8 TSI DSG, but DCT was better than the diesel torque converter IMO. I think Diesel heads are not impressed by the petrol mode of power delivery, especially this 1.4 DCT combination. I was used to 1.3 diesel DDIS in the Dzire and the S cross for 10 years and this sudden shift to 1.4 DCT was a pleasant surprise, and I have started to enjoy the refinement and seamless gearshifts. I had booked the GT Tsi but canceled it later due to family concerns of space. The GTX Plus DCT for me is 90% of the GT Tsi with the convenience of a CUV.

The disproportionate revvs for the "thrust obtained" in layman's terms was the factor that made me decide against the 6AT. I took a long TD of the Hector DCT as well. The Hector was good when the gas pedal was caressed, but when pressed hard there was no response, all I could see was the mileage dropping and revvs climbing without any perceptible acceleration. It was very dull to drive. The diesel manual was a different story. It was punchy, but I wanted the convenience of an automatic.
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Default MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

Since you own a Hyundai already and have a budget that extends above 20-lakhs, why not look at the Hyundai Tucson? It is a segment above the Seltos and Hector, fits all your requirements, and should have some heavy discounts on it with the BS6 deadline approaching. It is obviously not as new of a launch as the Hector and Seltos, but it will still be a solid upgrade over the Verna.

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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

Why don't you consider the S-Cross? It fits your expectations. It has a very good build quality, service is brilliant with Nexa, it's damn good on space, airy wide cabin, amazing boot space if 2 occupants, with 5 occupants, 340-350L boot space (decent enough for a single family). The car also has brilliant drivability. A friend of mine has a 1.3L diesel, but Maruti has plans of getting a 1.5L Petrol on S-Cross for BS6. You might wanna check that.

Kia Seltos has been a runaway hit. But it does seem overrated.
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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

I will only push what I believe is already your choice .
I personally have seen both the vehicles in flesh and one says what you first feel is the right choice. When I saw Seltos I felt its good looking vehicle and looked good, but when I saw MG I felt that I should buy it and it looked great and had the wow feel. Both are good but my heart tug was by MG. It looks a segment above KIA in size and interiors both.
You should not worry about reliability as they are offering excellent warranty packages and seem to believe in their product.
From your post I feel you are inclined towards MG and rightly so, I too feel the same and would suggest MG.
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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

Originally Posted by shashankrt View Post
Hey All,

I am in middle of decision crisis (literally) as too many things happening and kind of forced to choose a car.
If I were you, I'd pick the Hexa for such a requirement, eyes closed.

It makes no sense to spend the same amount of money on glitzy, gizmo-loaded raised hatchbacks masquerading as SUVs, riding on poverty-spec McPherson struts when a proper BOF vehicle with premium double wishbone suspension is available for about the same money. And let's not forget that one offers a slushbox with a puny 1.5L, the other a frankly terrible Petrol DCT or a nice 2.0 mated to a clunky-ish MT. But that's just my bias towards the mechanical aspects of an automobile (as opposed to the gadget perspective). The above alone would matter to me above all else, but I wouldn't let my bias get in the way of an honest recommendation.

Don't get me wrong - for the bonafide requirement of city heavy drivers (requiring a lighter steering/small footprint etc) and/or janta concerned with large touchscreens, kewl factor et. al., both the Seltos and Hector are very well priced, very good cars. Which would be the right recommendation for a lot of people. Heck, they're perfectly fine on the highway too. But why would I settle for bling-y fine when I could have sensible great for my requirements for about the same money?

For you, they don't make sense. Second car. For highway trips. Mostly 4 people with requirement for space for a child seat soon. It just screams Hexa XTA 6 Seater. The 4 adults can enjoy captain seats with the child seat and other stuff in the third row - away from the dangerous curtain airbags. (That said, I'd still pick the 7 seater personally having driven and ridden in both configurations - I suggest you check that out personally. IMO the bench seat is both more comfortable and practical than the captain seats. Please check for body styles/preferences before choosing between the 2 variants, if at all the Hexa becomes your first choice).

Only downsides are relatively heavier steering (relatively being the keyword) + potential Tata ASC issues (you know the local scene best since you already own a Tiago and have seen a good ASC close down).

Other than that you get a fine slushbox with a decently sized engine, great ride quality, solid build and all round quality, 2 extra seats, 6 airbags (happy to hear that it's a non-negotiable requirement for you ), good music system that actually sounds good rather than just having a fancy name slapped on to it etc. etc.
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Comfortable family cruiser = MG Hector
Self-driven & driving pleasure = Kia Seltos
Thanks for the detailed reply..
In case if I choose Hector, it will be top end diesel as petrol DCT will be too expensive considering heavy usage. Also I am not sure if I will get allotment by Jan as I have not yet processed my loan. Planning to start loan processing soon as the plans went on back burner due to family emergency.

Seltos I have not yet test driven, but will test drive soon along with Hexa.

Considering that plans for new car purchase may shift to Jan or Feb or even March, would your above analysis change.. because of BS6 and any new launches?

Originally Posted by 2000rpm View Post
I would suggest you drive the Hexa. The car would beat both Hector and Seltos in most factors you have mentioned above.

The Automatic will be the one I would recommend.
Yes. Planning to test drive HEXA this week. However I am concerned about its xtra large size.

Originally Posted by nikhilthegunner View Post
Since you mentioned being open to a sedan, another would be checking out the civic auto. It would deliver on the reliability front since it's a Japanese car and is somewhat within budget if you aren't looking at top end.
Yes Hexa test drive will be done soon. I also think it may confuse me more as it will sit in between both Hector and Seltos in terms on my requirements.

Not sure about CIVIC though considering its ground clearance..

Originally Posted by AYP View Post
If you are willing to wait for 1 more year, then we have the next gen XUV 500(and perhaps its Ford derivative) coming up. Also, MG will be launching the 6/7 seater Hector as well.

Since, you are open to sedans, why don't you test drive the Octavia?
Well.. not sure. If I am unable to buy by this year end then can wait for 1 more year. And then things will change and I am not sure if the cars I have mentioned will even be in my budget (All car manufacturers will increase prices in Jan)

XUV 500 was in my list but top end next gen will probably will be 25 lakhs OTR Mumbai and out of my budget.. so not sure.

Yes. MG will be launching 6/7 seater. However I am not sure if 3rd row will be that spacious. However for next year there would be many more launches including new CRETA.

Originally Posted by Sasanka_Sanga View Post
Did you get a chance to try the Marazzo which ticks most of your requirements. It’s a solid build vehicle with an NCAP rating of 4.
Did not consider Marazzo...however will check out Marazzo also

Note from Support :

While responding to multiple posts, please use the multi-quote option.

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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

I'm a hexa owner. Driven it 1.3 lac km till now. I can vouch for it. I should do a long term ownership thread. Best things about hexa ownership are:

1. 20k service interval. My first timing belt is due after 1.5 lac km.
2. Best ride quality.
3. Lots of space.
4. You should get a huge discount since it might be phased out.

Automatic is real AMT DCT stuff. Although I have not driven a DCT.
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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

Originally Posted by shashankrt View Post
Thanks for the detailed reply..
I moved from a Honda Civic sedan to the MG Hector in December. Imagine my reliability concern!

The Civic was my workhorse for almost 13 years. Almost 2,30,000 Kms later, I still took it for a road trip from Delhi to Munsiyari, which is in the upper reaches of the Himalayas. That's the kind of faith I had in that car. And it never disappointed.

After the Seltos vs Hector debate, I decided for the latter as in it's Diesel Avatar, it is a great family cruiser, had a lot of features, oodles of space. Sheer value for money.

I've driven the Hector for around 2k kms now, no issues whatsoever. The first service experience was excellent as well. I'm pretty impressed.
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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

I would recommend option 3 if both the tiago and verna are satisfying your day to day needs and are in good serviceable conditions. As for long drives, you can always rent a car of your choice especially in a place like Mumbai. In a year we would have better models lined up.
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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

We are already passing one month of 2020 and I would suggest going for a BS6 mill (Seltos?) Buying a BS4 at this time would be a stupidity
1. Soon all fuel stations would be selling BS6 fuel and the BS4 mills may not be efficient and or economical in the long run
2. You may not find a buyer for BS4 vehicle
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Default Re: MG Hector vs Kia Seltos

Since you already own a Verna and are happy with it, why haven't you considered the top of the line creta automatic diesel. The car is extremely reliable and would tick most boxes with ease.
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