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View Poll Results: Which SUV would you choose?
Kia Seltos 227 49.24%
Hyundai Creta 28 6.07%
MG Hector 21 4.56%
Tata Harrier 128 27.77%
Mahindra XUV500 30 6.51%
Other (please specify in your post) 27 5.86%
Voters: 461. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 8th January 2020, 11:32   #16
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs the competition

I am impressed with the Seltos GT Line. Slightly soft brakes, otherwise power, suspension and handling felt nice. Gizmos are catchy and every less than 20 Lakh car owner should be proud of them.

Still voted for Harrier (have not driven yet) ... but its an awesome feeling when I see one on the road. Superb design and I am eagerly waiting for the 170 BHP to be launched.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs the competition

In terms of features - kia seltos
In terms of design - tata harrier
In terms of reliability - hyundai creta
In terms of practicality - xuv500
In terms of pleasure of driving - jeep compass (though it is a bit expensive than the rest.
Mg hector is not worth spending 18 lakhs on. It is completely chinese and the build quality is strictly average.
That is why i voted for the kia seltos.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs the competition

Voted for others. Though I find the compass pricey compared to the cars mentioned in the list, it is definitely the most fun and satisfying to drive.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs the competition

Voted for other.
Although it has not set the sales charts by fire, I love the Tata Hexa (specifically, the XTA one with the updated infotainment system) for what it offers at the price point. I feel it is a good design both inside and outside. The quality of materials especially inside were truly a surprise for me. The engine is beautifully mated to the automatic gearbox. The ride quality is one of the best I have ever seen in a car. The infotainment system (older one) had very good sound quality, which I hope remains in the updated one too. Overall, it does not have any major deal-breakers for me. The minor ones (manual dimming IRVM, no 4X4 with AT, lack of some safety features, Tata service in my vicinty, etc.) are something I think I can live with.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs the competition

Voted for Seltos. As everyone knows, it's really got all the bells and whistles along with a good variant line up to choose from. Diesel AT would be my pick. Besides that my vote went in for Seltos because of their commitment to our market. Well thought out and well executed strategy and many more to come.

Creta - couldn't connect with this car right from the beginning for some weird reason and Hyundai's poor showroom experiences and overpricing does not make it a consideration even now for a next purchase.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos : Official Review

Originally Posted by TREKKER WOODS View Post
I am looking forward to buy a new bs6 car, my budget is around 25 lakhs. I am looking for an mpv or an suv and it should be a diesel due to my high usage. I currently own a 2010 Innova 2.5g and it has done 225,000kms without any hassle. And i am looking for a worthy upgrade. The options i consider are
1. Toyota innova crysta 2.4zx diesel automatic
2. Xuv500 w11 diesel automatic awd
3. Kia seltos gtx+ diesel automatic
4. Mg hector sharp diesel manual
5. Hyundai Creta sx(o)crdi executive diesel manual
6. Jeep Compass limited plus diesel manual or the automatic when it comes.
Please do suggest the best option of all listed here.

Not sure if this is the correct thread to post your query.

Having experienced the supremely comfortable ride, bullet-proof reliability and hassle free ownership of an Innova, and given the budget you have, I think you should go ahead with Crysta. Or depending on your needs (SUV or sedan, 7 or 5-seater) you could look at Jeep Compass/Octavia or wait for Skoda Karoq or VW T-Roc.

Disclaimer: I haven't driven Seltos or Hector yet.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs the competition

Have voted for others. Will go for the Jeep Compass Limited Plus 4x4 among the 20 L bracket if I have to although the Jeep is not listed in the poll.

However, if it comes down to selecting among the options listed, then I would like to go for the XUV500 in awd form. The extra space the XUV has to offer is always welcome.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs the competition

Voted for the Harrier - had booked the seltos diesel HTK+ AT in November, but cancelled it for Harrier XT after back to back test drives over similar roads. Price difference was not too much considering the hefty discounts on Harrier in December 2019.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs the competition

I have driven all the cars in the list. And voted for Harrier.

If Tata improves the power figure to 170 ps with better NVH, am immediately booking one the next day! Even after an year of launch, my heart still skips a beat whenever I see one on the road, especially the Black Edition! Yes, there are a few flaws in the car I agree; but no car is 100% Perfect.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs the competition

Voted for harrier. Whenever I see it in office/apartment parking, I just go weak on my knees. Absolutely gorgeous design.

Next would be the compass for me. My next car is definitely going to be one among these if we don't get any other substantial competition in next 3-4 years. Solid build, sorted mechanicals & a reliable AT box is all I need in my cars. Too many electronics was never my thing, nor will be

Looking at the comments looks like harrier is liked by a lot of bhpians. Hope Tata gets its act right and equip this wonderful car with all sorts of goodies possible.

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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs the competition

Had driven all the cars and voted with my Wallet for the XUV5OO in Oct 2019.

For me, the XUV5OO is

- VFM. Lots of features right from W7, which is around 17lakhs on road in Bangalore. Can't get much for that money from others cars in this segment.
- Acres of space in 1st 2 rows. Just so comfortable and relaxed to be in for 1000 kms a day.
- Tiltable second row backrest. Family is so happy about it. My daughter can sleep in her child seat and tilt it to make it more comfortable.
- 3rd is always folded, so huge boot space.
- Brilliant engine and gearbox ratios. At ease in city and splendid on the highways.
- Good handling for such a big car.
- High Visibility. Very few blind spots.
- Ride quality is acceptable. Have to drive carefully at low speeds. At high speeds, it handles the bad roads well, though big potholes upset it.
- Refinement. The cabin is so quiet at highway cruising speeds. Reduces fatigue on long journeys.

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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs the competition

Voted for Seltos.

For me looks is important. If I am spending so much on a car, I feel I should fall in love with its looks. And I like Seltos even more than the Creta.

For the rest, XUV500 looks overdone to me. I like the front of the Harrier but I feel its a tad overdone in the back. For Hector, I don't dislike its looks but I don't particularly like it either. Of course these are my personal views.

That said, I like the Compass the best. It looks almost perfect to me and I think after 5-7 years, it will still look good. But as pointed by GTO and others, it's quite expensive compared to the options here.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs the competition

I have voted for the XUV500.

The primary reasons being:
- Ability to seat 7 passengers
- Reasonable off-roading ability (with 4WD), good clearance, and decent under body protection
- The 2.2 Diesel is a beast.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs the competition

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the SUVs Section. Thanks for sharing!

Voted for the Kia Seltos. Currently the best all-round package in the segment. I love its styling, cabin & driving experience. Equally, I don't like its ride quality.
Hey GTO, I remember reading a thread about on turbo diesels and how to get maximum life out of them, one of the suggestions was a 1 minute running in session when it is started (on idle) and similarly in closing.

This was written in the late 2000's and was wondering if it still holds for modern engines like my Kia.

Back on topic though, I agree with you, I was so tempted by the XUV 300, a well made, well powered machine, it was only the pricing that threw me off. They priced it a tad too high imo, a lakh or two lower and I would have preferred it over the Seltos.

Was in South Africa 3 weeks ago and XUV 300 ads are all over their TV channels, strange that we haven't seen this degree of promotion in India for this car.

I personally voted for the Seltos...of course I own that car, so it is a no brainer,

The Harrier - I found the 2 TD's I took (with 2 different dealers) to be very rough, the clutch was hard in both and that side mirror was just too oddly positioned (am 5'6) and was creating a massive blind spot for me, the gearing also seemed odd. I did love the Highway drive I did though albeit a short 5km ride, but my life is 80% city (crawling traffic) and 20% highways so rejected the Harrier

The Compass - Had the budget for it, but honestly it seemed just too overpriced, and yes it was fun to drive but then in city traffic, I am barely going to use any of the horses available to me (my avg speed to office is 30 kmph and back is 28 kmph!) and didn't justify the premium. If only it was priced a bit lower, it would be a more attractive proposition

Harrier? Hated the back, loved the front, the engine was a beaut but I sat in the back in the highway and instantly the body roll hit me, it last him on a 2nd gen Scorpio when we went to Bangalore in it and 30 mins in the back seat and I had to throw up and switch to the front seat....the ride quality was like I was on a boat or something....rejected.

Creta? Seriously considered it, but Hyundai refused to budge on discounts beyond the token discounts they were offering and the extra 15 odd BHP it offers really didn't seem so attractive over what the Seltos did.

I also considered an XUV 300, loved all aspects of the vehicle but the pricing of the top end diesel variant...what was Mahindra thinking pricing it so high?

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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs the competition

Jeep Compass anyday over the above mentioned options and hence, chose "Others". I would rather spend more for a mechanically sorted, fun to drive, well built and safe Europian/American SUV, even if it means sacrificing a few features. Of course, among the listed options, the obvious choice is the Seltos, which in itself is a great value proposition and the best all-rounder but I guess as enthusiasts, sometimes we would rather pick a more focused vehicle than an all-rounder!
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