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Default Re: Am I being stupid in sticking with the outgoing XUV500 booking?

Do you need a 7 seater? I wouldn’t buy the XUV 500 as it is already a decade old and you intend to keep it for another decade. The age of this will catch you on the wrong foot a couple of years down the line.

I would wait here until the Kushaq and Taigun are launched. I am anticipating their 1.0 litre torque converters to be very good.The torque converter should be very reliable as well.

I know the discounts on the XUV are very tempting but the XUV in manual transmission is a no go in my books. If still very keen on the XUV pick the automatic as its much smoother and pretty well tuned.
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Default Re: Am I being stupid in sticking with the outgoing XUV500 booking?

Mahindra + diesel + manual transmission + large body + older model: I can't imagine myself picking this up combination over what is available in market now. Very low on refinement levels, fit-and-finish and build quality.

"Outgoing" model is never an issue w.r.t parts availability and resale. However most buyers get tempted by the attractive price of an outgoing model that puts an higher segment car within their reach - and end up buying the wrong car.

I would look at some proven international models with AT from the likes of Honda, Ford, VW, Renault, Jeep before expanding my search. They have their disadvantages for sure but they do better on safety, refinement, comfort and driving dynamics.
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Default Re: Am I being stupid in sticking with the outgoing XUV500 booking?

I am not sure if you have driven a disel manual before. My experience is with a much lighter car. Ciaz disel and I drove it from noida to Gurgaon 5 days a week. 2.5 years 65000 km. After two years I developed issue with my left knee and had to buy another automatic car for wife as she couldn't get comfortable with the clutch. I got the clutch assembly replaced by Marut in second year. I complained and they promptly replaced with a note that it will again become hard after 15k kms.
So I kept driver and imagine the expenses. 12 k emi, 10 k fuel and 18k driver. I was paying luxury car money for much smaller car. Please do not buy disel manual if you drive too many kilometres or you intend to give it to better half.
Xuv also floats a little more on road compared to seletos. XUV is a great car but not sure if matches your requirement.
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Default Re: Am I being stupid in sticking with the outgoing XUV500 booking?

@chaitanyapramod, Just yesterday Mahindra announced discounts upto Rs. 1.89 Lakhs on the XUV 5OO. I am not entirely sure about the extent of impact on the Ex-Showroom price of this discount, but I may not be wrong in deducing that the discounted price will land a nice W7 AT within the price band you are looking at (Rs. 10 to 15 Lakhs from the OP).

This may allay the issues of going for an MT with XUV 5OO, if you change the booking now. Needless to say, I'd recommend the XUV 5OO AT despite its age over the Creta and Seltos. Honestly, I am unable to comprehend any issues with the 'age' of a product if I am buying it anew and it is proven over time.
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Default Re: Am I being stupid in sticking with the outgoing XUV500 booking?

Originally Posted by museycal View Post
Honestly, I am unable to comprehend any issues with the 'age' of a product if I am buying it anew and it is proven over time.
Completely agree with this. I had a Brio which is discontinued but I still stop and look at one on the road years after letting it go. I still love the Ritz design, the old CRV etc.

If I like a car from the outside, and how it drives/is comfortable from the inside, I will gladly live without a modern dashboard and features. The biggest feature for me as compared to any old car model is AT, worth going over my budget once in 10 years (considering you intend to keep a car for a long time).

All the best in whatever you decide
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Default Thank you, and booked XUV500 W7 AT now

Originally Posted by VKumar View Post
If you like it, go for it with closed eyes, you will love the ownership experience. It's an extremely VFM offering that does very well what it's supposed to do.
Originally Posted by padmrajravi View Post
On a completely unrelated note, letting go of the AT to go for an XUV manual is a big mistake in my opinion. If moving to XUV means you have to let go of AT, you should not go for it.
Originally Posted by ruzbehxyz View Post
Since you have already booked the XUV5OO, just go for it. As rightly mentioned by VKumar, the XUV5OO is competent. The MHAWK engine is a gem of an engine. There can be some small niggles here and there, but thats not going to affect the drivability and get you stranded. Plus the front seats and middle row sests is more spacious than some of the high end cars, mainly because of monocoque chassis. For highway runs it is a confortable cruiser and you will never get tired even after 2 days of driving. All this from personal experience of owning the first generation XUV500 for 5 years.

Niggles are there even in the most expensive Maruti, but it is still the highest selling car in the Indian market.
The XUV5OO is a gem of a vehicle and a much better and proven product than the Kia. The Kia cars are relatively new in India and long term reliability is still a question mark. The Kia cars may be doing well abroad, but what we get in India is not the same, so quality is still in question. Besides the Kia cannot match the space and comfort of a XUV5OO.
Originally Posted by Kosfactor View Post
Still my favorite 3 row crossover, simply because it is still a driver's delight, the engine , the gearbox, the steering, seating position , all spot on for some fun when needed.
Originally Posted by TrackDay View Post
If possible do go for the automatic gearbox as that will be useful for both of you. A manual XUV 500 may not be exactly comfortable for a beginner level driver in Bangalore.
Definitely a value for money proposition when compared to the seltos.
Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Secondly, for your kind of usage and your wife's preferences, you are buying the wrong transmission. I'd go for an AT. The XUV500 has a smooth well-tuned AT and a clunky MT.
Originally Posted by viXit View Post
The later you buy a mahindra car, the better.

This is the last VFM crossover car you can get.
I will not even say anything about the engine. I will let the XUV owners talk about that. It's a gem and more than that. You will have lots of fun with it.

Wait till this is discontinued and you'll never find such value for money in any other segment ever. Inflation is real.
But please get the AT. Even if the wife won't drive it, she won't blame you for picking the wrong transmission.

Originally Posted by VKumar View Post
Just look at that 2.2l motor, it defies all the logic of power to weight, torque to weight, gear ratios etc - it simply knows one thing, when the foot goes down, the SUV needs to go, and it goes.

What the XUV5OO offers as a package is unbeatable by any of these pseudo SUVs, hence they play their 'features' and 'contemporary' card.
And we are damn happy with both the purchases, happy to have the last ones of a breed that will hardly be seen again, proper VFM cars built to deliver smiles for miles on the roads. Same applies to the outgoing 5OO, once it's gone out of dealership floors, we will be left only with the 20 lac cars with 1.5l diesel motors!
Thank you all for your opinion and wisdom. This has been immensely helpful in coming to a decision.

Like some said, I don't really need this large a car right now. However, because I plan to keep the car for long, I want to be comfortable in both the driver's seat and rear seat. Additionally, XUV500 was the only car (within budget) where three adults (mostly soon to retire parents, in-laws) can be comfortably seated in the rear (the lack of hump in the middle of floor is amazing). it always looked good to me and I kept eyeing it on the road for a long time.

As many of you echoed here, I find XUV500 very much VFM car. It's the most "car" I can get for the budget I had in mind.

I'm okay with driving a dated and out-of-production car, as long the ownership experience isn't marred with parts unavailability issues. Compared to the other cars I otherwise drive (Father-in-law's Nexon XM Diesel or Dad's Brezza Diesel which I understand are not cutting edge), I find XUV500 fairly well equipped even by today's standards. All the mechanicals (engine, transmission) work fairly well even today.

I'm purchasing the car through my employer, so pre-worshipped vehicles weren't considered.

I hear you all with regards to preferring AT. As I considered the shared opinion, I realize I'm getting too old for working the gears in city traffic or even highway traffic. I expect the AT experience will also keep the car fresh for me for the upcoming years, in addition to getting wife very very comfortable with driving this beast of a vehicle. This factor also avoids the expense of second car just so she could drive comfortably. Taking all this into consideration, I've changed the booking to XUV W7 AT.

Making the decision would have been nerve-wracking, if not for all the perspectives I got in this forum. Thank you all!
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Default Re: Am I being stupid in sticking with the outgoing XUV500 booking?


Great decision on changing the booking to an AT.
That gearbox is no slouch like most other gearboxes South of 20L

You'll have loads of fun with this car. Guaranteed.
Use all that space to the fullest! And even if you don't want to, you'll end up holding on to this car for really long. Because you've got yourself a car that's extremely hard to upgrade from. Everything else is a compromise.

Happy ownership
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