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Skoda Kushaq 106 19.13%
Hyundai Creta 45 8.12%
Kia Seltos 37 6.68%
Jeep Compass 147 26.53%
Tata Harrier 109 19.68%
MG Hector 10 1.81%
Mahindra XUV500 15 2.71%
Volkswagen T-Roc 55 9.93%
Other (please specify in your post) 30 5.42%
Voters: 554. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 14th July 2021, 12:52   #16
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Re: Skoda Kushaq vs Hyundai Creta vs Kia Seltos vs Jeep Compass vs others

With the price cap for the cars mentioned is so high (11 odd lakhs too 33+ lakhs, thats 3 times !) that decisions would need price vs requirement analysis to conclude.

1. 10-15 lakhs.
a. Petrol MT : Creta 1.5 closely pipping the Kushaq 1.0 for potentially better f.e., refinement (being 4 cyl) and absolute reliability. Seltos is as good as Creta but Hyundai's A.S.S. and spread gives the edge.

b. Diesel MT : Only Creta and Seltos fits in. Creta gets the nod for the wider network

2. 15-20 lakhs
a. Petrol MT : Kushaq 1.5 gets the nod over Seltos (no Creta 1.4 MT on offer). Again it is too early to comment on safety and drive (without driving the skoda) but Kushaq on absolute terms for fun and build quality offered. Compass 1.4 loses out on being barebones at the price point.

b. Petrol AT : Seltos 1.4 DCT GT series over Creta for having more useful features like 360deg camera and more tastefully done cabin/exterior. Will avoid Kushaq 1.5 DSG. Kushaq 1.0 AT would be a dark horse if i am staying close to 15-16 lakhs.

c. Diesel AT/MT : Again Creta vs Seltos. Lower variants of Harrier lack appeal. Hector I dont like in general.

3. 20-25 lakhs
a. Diesel MT : Compass diesel will be my choice irrespective of Jeep's A.S.S. Harrier comes close second. Hector is 3rd. Will skip the Koreans for this money.

b. Diesel AT : Harrier AT over Compass. XUV 500 is too outdated today.

c. Petrol MT/AT : Troc over Compass.

4. 25 + lakhs : Compass 4x4 gets the trophy thanks to little or no competition.

5. 30+ lakhs : Would look elsewhere honestly.

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Re: Skoda Kushaq vs Hyundai Creta vs Kia Seltos vs Jeep Compass vs others

From this list, it's gotta be the Compass. I'd even go for the MT if the AT doesn't impress. Aesthetically best looking and I'm fine seating 2 in the back.
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Re: Skoda Kushaq vs Hyundai Creta vs Kia Seltos vs Jeep Compass vs others

First and most preferred option is Jeep compass diesel MT if its purely for me

If family need takes priority, creta diesel AT, smooth and fuss free
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Re: Skoda Kushaq vs Hyundai Creta vs Kia Seltos vs Jeep Compass vs others

1st is Compass because of the styling, ride handling, safety features on offer. Damm, its too pricey. Diesel MT will be my pick. Unfortunately they don't offer 4x2 AT in Diesel.

2nd is Kushaq. I had lot of expectations from Kushaq, but this fell short in interiors and finesse that we talk about Skoda cars. Hope they will bring it in higher variants or we can expect from upcoming Taigun
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Re: Skoda Kushaq vs Hyundai Creta vs Kia Seltos vs Jeep Compass vs others

Harrier for me here. It's a looker, bigger, powerful car. New 2.0 version has most of the issues sorted out as well. It has great interiors along with some really cool features like big sun/moon roof, one can really enjoy it.
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Re: Skoda Kushaq vs Hyundai Creta vs Kia Seltos vs Jeep Compass vs others

At the moment we're using an S-Cross 1.6 at home, which has really set the bar high in terms of performance & ride & handling.

If we had to pick a similar segment / one segment up replacement today there are two cars on my radar:
1) Jeep Compass if it has to be a diesel.
2) Skoda Kushaq if it can be petrol : which looking at the price difference makes sense today especially in 1.5TSi Manual avatar. It's spacious for 4 passengers, has decent boot space, good engines, good ride & handling, etc.
Yes it does command a premium, but a premium I'm willing to pay for better perceived safety.

The Creta / Seltos, though tick the boxes - I'm not convinced on their safety. I'll compromise on touch, feel, and look of some plastics as in the case of the Kushaq / Compass, but not on the basic integrity of the car.

Similarly, while I am willing to take a chance on Skoda / Jeep service centers, I'm still weary of Tata's given the stories abound but I hope they are able to change this aspect as I would really like to add one of their products to the garage as the Harrier / Nexon EV are very tempting options.

The T-Roc adds little value over the Taigun / Kushaq in terms of practicality though if it were a primarily self driven car available in Manual, I would consider it strongly.
MG : I haven't warmed up to the looks & though very comfortable - it doesn't appeal to the heart nor the head.

Also, given it'll mostly be one of the last manuals / combustion engine car before we make the switch to EV/Hybrid : the 1.5 TSi & 2.0 MJD are tempting options. The 1.6 of the S-Cross has spoiled me!
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Re: Skoda Kushaq vs Hyundai Creta vs Kia Seltos vs Jeep Compass vs others

Very close call between Compass and Kushaq / TROC, but eventually voted for Compass as in this segment I would look for a diesel.
If petrol no doubt Kushaq 1.5 or TROC. But I feel you wont go wrong with any of these 3 options.

Other cars in the poll not in consideration at all
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Re: Skoda Kushaq vs Hyundai Creta vs Kia Seltos vs Jeep Compass vs others

Voted for the compass.

For me itís a tough choice between the compass and the kushaq. They both offer the perfect size for my requirements. Their styling fits my taste better than that of creta and seltos. Xuv500 has become too old to interest me. Also it is a size bigger than what I need as a daily drive. I love the interiors and looks of the T roc, but I am apprehensive of buying a CBU, and I am still an MT man. As for Harrier, I love the looks, both interior and exterior, but my perception is that it still isnít niggle free. Also, our experience with Tata hasnít been exactly niggle free either.

I had a lot of interest in the kushaq till I saw the interior pictures. Somehow I didnít like it and I feel it wonít age well. I like the interiors of the compass better even in lower trims. It is still difficult to decide because the top end kushaq will give me 6 airbags and a sunroof, which the similarly priced variant of compass wonít. I might still choose the Compass because I believe it belongs to a segment above, has some features like FSD suspension, all wheel disc brakes & availability of Diesel engine which are more important to me. Also, since I own a Punto I am quite comfortable with the FCA/mopar services and I have great trust in the reliability of the MJD.

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Re: Skoda Kushaq vs Hyundai Creta vs Kia Seltos vs Jeep Compass vs others

Voted for Xuv500. Probably the only one till now.

Rationale? My selection of cars starts with the engine gearbox combination. In this price range, diesel automatic is my only choice. As good as the 1.5 diesels of Korean twins are, when I am getting a 2.0 litre diesel for similar price, I won't think twice before choosing the latter. As Jeep is expensive and the engine gearbox pairing is lackluster and as Harrier is still niggle prone, Xuv 500 is my only choice. I know the new generation will be launched soon but that will be in a different price range. Moreover, Mahindra is offering some really good discounts on the current model. Even today I like it's looks. Engine is a gem.
Acres of space.

Mahindra is offering in house customization for it's vehicles. Without voiding warranty, the interior can be converted into a much more luxurious one. Pure Nappa leather seat covers of the choicest colour, premium music system with home theater like sound system, entertainment screens and tablet holders behind front seat headrests, mini refrigerator, beautiful wood treatment on dashboard and a lot more from OEM. I watched videos on Team car delight one each on xuv300 and Thar and I was wowed. Don't know if other OEMs are also doing this.

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Re: Skoda Kushaq vs Hyundai Creta vs Kia Seltos vs Jeep Compass vs others

I am little confused here. The dimensions of the Kushaq are not quite correct. The forum itself states the car is a narrow one. In the width dimensions, you show it is 1822 mm while the brochure shows it as 1760 mm. It is mentioned as a strict 4 seater rather than 5. I think the nos. need to be rechecked. Or am I missing something obvious?
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Re: Skoda Kushaq vs Hyundai Creta vs Kia Seltos vs Jeep Compass vs others

For me it would be XUV 500. Tried and tested model. Mahindra branding. Great road presence. Many of my friends who have bought it have sworn by the performance and maintenance.

I am surprised as to how Kushaq is becoming a favourite coz its still isnt on the roads. Plus Skoda tag and one can fret hearing and reading the horror stories of Skoda on the forum too. Plus doesnt have a diesel.
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Re: Skoda Kushaq vs Hyundai Creta vs Kia Seltos vs Jeep Compass vs others

Voted for the Harrier as if i was buying today it would be my pick. It looks like an SUV and is also the best-looking one at that. I would have bought it instead of Kodiaq had v2 auto launched a couple months earlier in Dec '19.

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Re: Skoda Kushaq vs Hyundai Creta vs Kia Seltos vs Jeep Compass vs others

Voted for the Jeep Compass. Never in it's automatic avatar, but only the manual diesel. Seems to have the looks, character and road presence. The car feels nice to drive and a good place to be in. If automatic I would go for the Seltos. I would have voted for the automatic Harrier, but the horror stories keep me away from the model. Else it is a really good looking bad-ass SUV.
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Re: Skoda Kushaq vs Hyundai Creta vs Kia Seltos vs Jeep Compass vs others

I am unable to take a conclusive pick right now but I’m am clear on what my shortlist would be from the above list. Highly unlikely, I would choose any option outside the list below.

Within that shortlist I would weigh the decision very carefully only when I would actually be in the market. It’s too hard to decide in the abstract without an immediate decision.

In no particular order:

1. Kushaq 1.5 TSI A/T [or equivalent Taigun]
2. Creta / Seltos top of line DCT
3. Creta / Seltos top of line Diesel A/T

Note: While it’s understandably not on the list since its still a pipeline product, a 5 door Thar A/T would also be in the above shortlist if I were shopping in the ~20 L (+/-) on-road price range and it were on sale.

Some considerations:

- I should be able to drive the Skoda 1.5 TSI first to be convinced. Secondly, I would really like them to offer 6 airbags in the top variant before choosing this.
- I want to experience the Korean diesel A/T and the DCT in back to back drives to understand just HOW MUCH driving pleasure difference is there. If the diesel A/T is “sufficiently” fun to drive, I may choose it purely for the combination of Torque Converter “peace of mind” and the “predictable fuel efficiency”.
- Absence of paddle shifters would be an automatic deal breaker when choosing between the Koreans (I’m not sure if the Seltos has started offering this, although I think it does now. I know the Sonet now offers this).
- Pano sunroof and ride / handling characteristics combined with interior feel would be some considerations if choosing between the Koreans. It will be a bit of a give and take amongst these aspects.
- Price within an acceptable range will not be a clincher when finally pulling the trigger. If all other aspects line up acceptably on any one final option, then price difference would not alter than conclusion. I am assuming that the pricing will be broadly in the range where it is today without any dramatic difference.
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Re: Skoda Kushaq vs Hyundai Creta vs Kia Seltos vs Jeep Compass vs others

Not really a fair comparison. The Compass is a segment or two above the other options. It is definitely the first choice.

Option 2 would be Others: Maruti SCross. Value for money all-round which would get the job done comfortably and reliably without any fuss. Not the enthusiasts choice but a mor practical option.

For me Hyundai/Kia (safety and overpriced) and Skoda (ASS) just do not offer enough peace of mind to own.
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