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Mahindra XUV700 317 49.07%
Tata Safari 122 18.89%
Toyota Innova Crysta 160 24.77%
Hyundai Alcazar 10 1.55%
MG Hector Plus 22 3.41%
Other (please specify in your post) 15 2.32%
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Voted for Innova - Toyota is the mistress you bring home and enjoy an ever increasing love for her as the time passes by.

Like already mentioned by Shreyas - it’s all about practicality. You buy a Crysta with head, no two ways about it. If it’s a 7 seat car, then it shall be able to carry 7 people with their luggage in the boot or on a roof carrier, not on the laps of passengers or on a jugaad carrier fixed over a skyroof.

In my kind of work, I frequently travel long distances and at times it’s overnight journey - mechanical reliability and peace of mind is way above the features for me. And yes, above everything else - Innova gets adjustable thigh support for the driver

Voted Innova and even plan to pick a 2.7 ZX AT in the coming months too. Heck, I didn’t even go to check any other option in the market including the 700 - typical Innova customer!

Note: At least 70% of times chauffeur driven BHPian here.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Apart from the specifications of both the price difference is extremely large.

Variant to variant the Safari is atleast 3 lakhs more expensive than the XUV700. And is not able to keep up with the kit offered on the XUV in any variant. Even the Harrier is more expensive than the XUV.

I predict TATA losing massive sales due to this factor.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

XUV 7OO for me

Solely for the livelier engine. Even the previous gen XUV 5OO was fast!
Somehow Tata Safari's 2.0 diesel isn't as exciting. At times, I find my 2.2 Varicor 400 better than that.

For driving fun, XUV 7OO. Everything else - Innova Crysta
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

XUV7OO for me, but a deep apology for Innova as I had been to ladakh for more than a year and I have seen that the only thing that keeps going there other than the chilly wind is the Innova. While I have seen other vehicles having a tough time in ladakh the Innova just keeps rolling on those roads made by shaktiman trucks. Mechanical reliability is unmatched.
But unfortunately Innova doesn't offer much above the Mechanical reliability, the interiors are like the makers want it to remain a taxi. While I am assuming average Mechanical reliability from Mahindra since XUV7OO is yet to go in the hands of customers but the features offered in it are just above the competition. The small things like the seat retracting welcome function have a positive impact on the user. The Sony immersive sound and panoramic sunroof will ensure that your family also has a good time inside and doesn't just sleep. Mahindra has worked hard for XUV7OO, in terms of a package they have tried to provide a product that has features offered in cars costing more than 40 lakhs. Found the ADAS very intriguing during test drive and it can make your life easier in traffic. All in all Mahindra has tried to be brave with XUV7OO and it should serve as an example for others.
Didn't find the other 3 vehicles any good in comparison to Innova and XUV7OO.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Voted for hector plus.

It's significantly cheaper than the desi boys and is a far more sorted product for the price. The alcazar is based on the Creta which shares the platform with the Seltos, and we all know how the Kia fared in crash tests. The Safari still has serious issues and the XUV700 already has issues before the commencing of deliveries.

Most of us know where would fandom lead this poll (desh ka loha sentiments). The Safari and XUV would have been a good buy at sub 25 lacs for top end with proper reliability. But instead of spending 29 lacs for a niggle laden product, I'd rather stretch a bit more and go for a far far superior Compass/Tucson/Tiguan Allspace. If it has to be a proper 7 seater, then the Crysta still remains the king.

I know XUV fanboys will call out this post again for blurting out the truth. They have been doing the same on a different thread for my posts on the niggles I faced during test drive. So for all those fellow members, this is what even the expert had to say:

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Anyone who is buying a 2021 XUV700 laden with complex electronics = all I can say is, "my best wishes" to you, and "thank you" for volunteering as a beta tester for the rest of us. Ditto for all the new Skoda Kushaq owners who are having nightmares of their own.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Having driven my 2017 W6AT for 140k kms, i would go for the XUV700. Mahindra has made a gem of a diesel engine and the aisin 6speed is worthy of every praise. Mahindra has improved their after sales service and touchwood till date my car has never let me down. Even i find their service quality improving every time i visit which is every 90 days. Toyota’s premium asking could be justified if it was 2017 but in todays time I find their products simply overpriced.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Voted others as there was no option to choose "None".

Actually I do not find any of these meeting the perfect 7-seater requirements.

Innova is a bit overpriced for a bulged estate car, its not a van, though I own one (previous generation)

Alcazar is strictly a no no for the looks and that de-rated engine (BS-VI effect), I loved the 1.6L diesel previously offered in the Verna, and that's the one which should have been continued post BS-VI emission norms.

I do not even like to read the name TATA, though I had to write it here, really, I have had too many bad experiences with their products.

Hector+ is strictly no-no for its Chinese link (This statement sounds a bit political but can't help it) other factors do not even exist.

XUV-700 is something I might consider 2 years down the line, as GTO always mentions, "give time to get the niggles to be sorted out"
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Voted for Innova Crysta, after spending that big money the last thing I want is niggles and unreliable service. Especially when I am looking at loaded ones, Innova it is hands down. That frugal engine, and quality service by Toyota nails the decision on the wall. Another cherry on the cake is the resale value, no matter what, the others will never hold resale value as the Innova.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Voted for the Safari.

The Innova with all its virtues is simply too overpriced in my opinion.

The XUV 700 again is a tempting proposition, but going by personal experience, I would much rather wait for a year after launch before I buy a Mahindra.

The Hector does not appeal to me due to its looks and the shoddy road manners.

I have no real prejudice against Hyundai but they do not catch my fancy with products offering oodles of creature comforts yet minimal active or passive safety features.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Currently own a Jazz (MT P) and an Etios (MT D). Both extremely reliable and unique cars that are no longer made in India (the Jazz is the VX variant with Magic Seats; and Jazz without these seats is just not the same car).

Given the sheer reliability of the Japanese, it's the Crysta for me. I know, neither Honda nor Toyota are the benchmarks in VFM and gadgets. But for old school folks like me, reliability is priceless.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

I voted for (and have booked) the XUV 700.

For me, it is a no-brainer among the options given here.

I did consider a couple of other options which are technically in the same segment (D1): The Jeep Compass and the Hyundai Tucson.

I dispute the classification of the Jeep Compass. It is closer in size to the Creta (and the volvo XC40) than it is to the safari or the XUV. I would call it a premium compact SUV - as opposed to the Creta which is a normal compact SUV and the XC40 which is a luxury compacy SUV. The smaller size of this otherwise excellent car is a deal-breaker for me.

The Tucson is a fantastic car. However, the current generation of the Tucson costs 20% more than the XUV while being smaller and having way fewer features. Yes, it will be niggle free from day 1 and have slightly better after sales service, but IMO, that is not enough to justify the premium.
If the new feature loaded Tucson with the longer wheel base were to be brought to India and sold at the same price as the old Tucson, then I would probably be willing to pay the 20% premium and go for it, but as things stand: no.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Voted for the Innova Crysta.

Hyundai Alcazar- never been a fan of korean cars. Just overrated bling with 0 mechanical robustness. Alcazar is a clear no.

MG Hector- A funny looking Chinese car hiding its origin under a British name. Everything aside the hector looks terrible- like a typical jugaad. The suspension is super soft. Anyway no MG for me.

XUV700- Going by the reviews, it's an extremely good product. This was the same case in 2012 when the 5OO was launched. Obviously things must have had changed but I don't trust Mahindra in their initial batches. I have never been a fan of the 5OO either. A heavy Monocoque? Never understood the benefit in the 5OO either. The suspension was far from comfortable and apart from the engine everything felt like a compromise. The 700 needs to prove itself. Full marks for providing an AWD.

Tata Safari- I drove the Safari for 60kms and apart from the AT, nothing impressed me. Again why a heavy Monocoque? The hexa was miles ahead of the safari/harrier. Tata hasn't sent the Safari for crash testing either. Niggles in both the products are clearly visible. Basically the Nexon and Tiago seem well engineered but the Safari or Harrier don't. For heaven's sake, an adventure edition on a Safari has FWD. Ultimate facepalm. No AWD either.

Toyota Innova- is it overpriced? Yes. But you don't buy a BOF toyota for 4 years. These are keepers. My only grouse is not getting the 8-seater version in the Z trim or the V trim with an AT. To be honest, the GX is more than sufficient for me. It has the basic safety covered with cruise control for the AT. But for most folks the bling is required and not everyone likes the captain seats. Atleast I don't in a personal car.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Originally Posted by Hayek View Post
Voted for the XUV700.

Why? The Innova Crysta is a fantastic taxi - but terrible as a personal car. The Alcazar is clearly a segment lower in terms of space and size, while the Hector has a lousy engine and gearbox combination for the Petrol DCT.

So it boils down to a fight between the two Indian challengers. In terms of looks, brand cachet et al, I would have picked the Safari. But it has only a diesel, and for me, diesel cars are an absolute no-no. So thanks to a fantastic Petrol automatic combination, space, and a great feature set, I pick the XUV700
Why is Innova a terrible personal car?
Curious, as we're considering purchase of a SUV.

Is it to do with the interiors or any other reason?
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Of this lot, XUV700 seems most promising. Noting that real world feedback, specially about niggles etc is yet to come back. Still considering the looks(subjective), power train and features on offer, this definitely trumps the competition.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Safari it is for me . The royalness and interiors are no match for the competition, it's simply above them .The abuse friendly platform of Land Rover adds another big plus to it . I have seen them in Ladakh stroling like a Boss on roads , what an impressive sight that was.
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