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Mahindra XUV700 317 49.07%
Tata Safari 122 18.89%
Toyota Innova Crysta 160 24.77%
Hyundai Alcazar 10 1.55%
MG Hector Plus 22 3.41%
Other (please specify in your post) 15 2.32%
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

I voted for the Safari and already have one in my garage. The looks are definitely a factor. If they were not I would have already gotten a Hexa Varicor 400 auto a long time back. As far as features go to me the comfort(reclining, sliding second row bench, plush seats in all rows, balanced suspension) and space(flat folding 3rd, 30-40 2nd etc) ESP features etc were quite convincing. What I miss is a 4WD, ventilated seats, 360 degree camera, wireless android auto. I still feel Tata manages to kill these awesome cars due to their
- institutional apathy to customers(contrary to the ethoes of the Tata Group, we need the JRD treatment here),

- pricing(I think they need to rethink this Harrier onwards by about 2-3 lakhs and I have been saying this since before they launched the Harrier) if Mahindra can do it why cant the salt to software Tatas,

- understand that without the 4WD all other features dont give them the serious SUV cred which could improve all variant sales.

The XUV 700 was not available nor was I prepared to wait as the looks were not to my liking, the XUV 500's/Scorpio's driving experience did not feel as exciting as the DiCOR/Varicor and the Safari's exciting enough. There was also the matter of how these handle which had peaked with the Hexa but the Safari 2021 is not very far off. I still admire Mahindra for their overall package and pricing and hopefully in another iteration with better looks, comfort and handling I might convert given Tata does not seem to care enough about customers and inspires very less loyalty.

The Alcazar and Innova have always been overpriced for what they bring to the table so do not figure in my mind.

This was always the Tata's game to lose and they seem set to lose but given the chip shortage and Mahindra's backlog Tata has another chance with launching a 2022 Safari that makes up the missing features(4WD, 360 degree camera), corrects the feature/pricing mix and gets their sales/service organization corrected(we need the Taj group/Air India in the 70's service not Dada Motors like fiascos, I dont know who is right or wrong but I did not see the TATA brand respond even in a rudimentary manner much less the image of customer service and ethics the group has cultivated). As for safety to Tata all I can say is you set the benchmark with the Nexon and unless you produce the GNCAP rating for the Harrier twins nobody is betting on the safety record of the Harrier twins.

So for the nth time WAKE UP TATA MOTORS.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Voted for XUV700 for its performance, looks and features. But, I'd wait for an year to purcahse the XUV700 so that Mahindra will sort out the issues faced by the first batch customers.

Second option would be Innova Crysta. Though expensive (2.4 ZX AT priced close to 31L in Hyderabad) and might not be feature rich as XUV700, but reliable and there will be less possibilty of facing niggles and issues when compared to XUV700 and Safari.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

XUV700 is a home run for Mahindra. Given the features its offers for the price, no competition in that price-range. In my circle, I have not heard any XUV500 breaking down in the middle of the road or while driving.

Given the mechanical reliability of XUV500, I am sure XUV700 will carry the same baton.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

The Mahindra Xuv 700 is the one to go for. It's value for money quotient is unbeatable and makes all others look over priced IMO.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

After much deliberation, and with a heavy heart, I voted for the Innova Crysta.

I've owned the previous gen Innova for 4 years and a lakh plus kms. After that, owned the Hexa XTA for two years exactly. Was in the market for a larger size veh to compliment my Ignis since before Covid lockdowns. Would have bought the Harrier or Safari Automatic by now but the banks had issues with me having too many loans presently. So shelved the plans for a new ride until Early next year.

(I didn't even consider the Innova Crysta as one of the primary requirements - the only requirement of my girls was a panoramic Sunroof)

Meanwhile I've been driving my friend's '19 Harrier the past seven months. It's parked at my place. Had a couple of long trips in it. Fact is, I just couldn't get comfortable in it. Seats are too snug fitting for my torso and the seat base is too short. the clutch pedal travel is too deep and and ergonomically, it just doesn't feel right.

The Hexa was a wider vehicle but easier to manoeuvre in narrow tight spots as you sat higher up and felt confident with the dimensions. In the Harrier, one is sat a bit low, "in the vehicle" compared to "on it" as in the Hexa. And the Harrier is just a bit wide to be sitting that low.

The quality of the 2019 Harrier is a bit of a let down. I pulled the Handbrake one time a bit too hard and the two plastic part comprising the grip came apart in my hands. The Cabin roof light came apart once when I went over a bump and had to be snapped back in and the Sunglass holder rattles and pops down every now and then and I've got a bit of cloth squeezed in to hold it in place. The battery keeps getting discharged if I don't start it every fourth-fifth day (I hear this is a common problem). The AC stopped working one sunny day and had to park the veh for 10 minutes to cool down before it started working again.
Any speeds nearing the ton and the car starts wandering around aimlessly. I have to keep making adjustments in the steering and correcting it and driving in the ghats is not a good experience.

But it just looks so damn Good!

Me being a proper Tata Fanboy after my Hexa, I keep assuring myself that the '21 Harrier/Safaris are better built and I'm in love with the exterior design. But am getting more dismayed by every fresh negative ownership experience I read online and every drive I have on the Harrier.

Last week I went for a test drive of the XUV700. Couldn't manage it as it was too crowded and just for the heck of it, went to the Toyota showroom for a test drive of the facelift Crysta.

It felt like I had arrived home. Everything felt perfect. The submarine like tube of a vehicle shrank around me and I was immediately confident to push it hard. The clutch feel, the gears, the steering feel felt sublime. The seat and the under thigh support felt just right for my obese frame. The cabin quality felt leagues ahead of the Tata and the Crysta felt just right. I bullied the sales guy accompanying me to let me drive it for longer and went for a thoroughly enjoyable hour long test drive.

The MG Hector and the Hyundai were never in my radar and I'm not too keen on the XUV too. Will go for a test drive, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to buy a Mahindra product in the first year of it's launch. At least not one with so many electronic gadgets.

Oh and one more pet peeve. What's with the "zip, zap, zoom?" Don't they want their prospective customers to take their product seriously? Who are they targeting? Semi educated 21 year olds? It's almost as cringeworthy as the "Internet inside" thingee and the tall claim of "two African elephants" doing their thing on the roof.

But leave aside all my emotional ramblings. Two factors that make the Toyota stand head and shoulders above the rest of thr contenders here. ( As far as real world ability in the hills are required) -

Body on Frame. And. Rear Wheel drive!

To the big city folks in the plains with their nice wide roads, these things won't matter. But to those of us who live in the distant hills with steep, rough roads and gravelly rocky paths the norm, these two factors make or break a ride.

I have been enchanted by the gorgeous looks of the Tata twins, the various cameras, the cooled seats and fantastic sounding music systems of the new wave of "SUV"s, but looks like I'm finally coming back to my senses.

The kids will be so disappointed :-)
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Originally Posted by Shreyas Agarwal View Post
Voted for the Toyota Innova Crysta.

It was a pretty tough choice between the XUV700 and the Innova.

XUV700 offers much more features, a more powerful engine and a more refined experience overall at a much cheaper price tag in comparison. It's very easy to see why it's coming out far ahead in this poll.
That beautifully sums it all. I would pick a Toyota Innova too over the rest. If practicality, reliability, peace of mind is high on the list, it is tough to look past Innova. Sure, it may lack all the bells and whistles and may be priced at a premium, but it clearly deserves all the hype around it.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Setting aside the 50k folks who utilized their valuable time playing "fastest finger first" with Mahindra and tolerated dealer shenanigans with the booking process, I don't see anyone else getting the XUV700 until a year from now which is a stretch in itself. So in reality, the 700 is not even in the running since I can't get one home this month. By the time the frenzy dies down and I can go get one without wasting a year of my life waiting for it, the Safari and others will have moved on with facelifts/powertrain upgrades etc and the equations will have changed too.

From my perspective the only two in the running are the Innova and the Safari. The Alcazar and the Hector are just meh. If I had to bring home an SUV this year, it would be the Safari since the Innova doesn't evoke any emotions other than a taxi when I look at it.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Voted for the Innova.

Yes yes, i have been against the Innova because Toyota priced it way higher than what it is worth. Let me list why i voted for it:

1. Reliable? Yes. The others? 2 are brand new so cannot comment and the other seems seems to be too early to tell. Alcazar is just a long Creta so i have nothing to say (positive or negative).

2. Comfort? I have no clue about the vicks action 700 but have traveled in the Safari (old as well as new) and the Innova over a variety of roads in Assam and i will prefer the Innova now. Tried my hand at driving a friend's Hector and found it to be loaded and nice but did not like driving it much. However, with family on board (car sick aunt, mewling puking infant, etc) you tend to drive sedately and then driving dynamics does not matter.

3. Gizmos? Not much into these things. Uncle's Innova is the top spec so it has the safety features and a lot of electronic malarkey. So far it has held up. His usage is very low (9,000km in 4 years, usual trip is 4km office and back) though. The Safari has lovely seats. The Hector is also very nice and keeps the ADHD crowd busy with the screens and all.

Will i buy the Hector? No.
Will i buy the Alcazar? No. I have a gen 1 Creta.
Will i buy the Safari? Not for the next 2 years.
Will i buy the vicks action 700? See above.
Will i buy the Innova? Yes but No since there is already one at home.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Voted for Safari.

Purely for the emotional value that I have for it. Heart rules over the head. Nothing else catches the eye.
Still MADLY love the 2.2VTT and its looks.
Though with some near hits and misses with Service center; More than satisfied with the services Tata cars (Safari, Aria and Tigor) in our Garage have provided us till date.

To buy it - will wait for a year or year and a half then go ahead with Safari.

No doubt Crysta is an excellent car - but for some reasons - i cannot take the taxi badge out of it. I may be shortsighted & no offences to other owners (personal). This will be a second choice.

Don't like others.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Voted for the XUV7OO. However, one basic question - is it a transverse engine FWD or a longitudinal engine with RWD? I dont seem to have found that detail anywhere.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Horses for courses:

1. Innova Crysta: For longevity, reliability, for someone looking for 10-15 years of ownership period and whose usage is extensive (30k+ km per annum) and in remote areas where reliability is the most important factor.

2. XUV700: For someone whose usage is not very high and who prefers features like a premium car and doesnt mind changing vehicles every 3-5 years. Because, even though the car is very desirable in terms of features, i personally dont expect all the electronics in this car to serve RELIABLY after 5-7 years of ownership.

3. Safari: I believe Safari must be having a superior ride/handling over the options above but it lacks AWD which i see as a must have (or atleast a RWD) in a 3 row seating family car.

4. Compass: Great four seater which is the best all rounder but misses out on VFM factor in S version compared to the other options.

Personally, i have voted for XUV700 AWD as it can serve my requirements and i will prefer to enjoy all the great features it comes with for five years and then sell it for whatever it can fetch at that time. But, if i was buying a car for company use, i will certainly buy Innova Crysta and use it for 10+ years.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Innova: too overpriced for what it offers. Sure, reliability and all, but I wouldn't pay so much unless I'm getting bang for the buck.

XUV700 - I have an XUV500 and it has had its fair share of niggles (very few in the initial month of ownership, nothing after that). But Mahindra with so much electronics would definitely have bugs, issues, etc. So that's out of consideration.

Safari - Love the looks of Safari and the comfort, it's like riding on a sofa! Unfortunately, I feel it's too bouncy at high speeds and reading the stories about Tata's after sales service doesn't inspire any confidence.

Alcazar - reminds me of a bigger Venue. Styling is subjective and it has all the bells and whistles but build quality may be a gamble given the safety rating that Seltos got.

Voted for MG Hector because of the features it offers - nice big screen, ventilated seats (absolutely must have in this heat!), great build quality (saw some videos of a Hector crashing at 120kmph and all 4 occupants survived).
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

Originally Posted by krishsreedharan View Post
Voted for the XUV7OO. However, one basic question - is it a transverse engine FWD or a longitudinal engine with RWD? I dont seem to have found that detail anywhere.
As with most crossovers - Transverse. Drive through Front wheels with capability to send some of that power to the rear through AWD system.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

I would choose Innova out of the list.

Benefits include the following:

1) Powerful engine & Spacious for all
2) Comfortable ride quality
3) Reliable & low-cost of services (+ Toyota's way of handling issues strategically)
4) Good resale value
5) Minimum electronics which helps in reliability

XUV 700: I won't consider this even after 2 years of niggles getting sorted. It's because of all that complex electronics & Mahindra's way of handling it by looking at their past records - still seeing the XUV 500 niggles thread.

Safari: Good car with not-so-much electronics. But I simply don't trust Tata's way of QC and handling of issues in case any problem arises in their vehicle.

Just my honest opinion.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs others

It is the XUV700 definitely for me. It's a fantastic package, no other contender in the class can even come close in the segment. Love the road presence and the looks (subjective). Moreover now with the new rigid chassis and the great handling and dynamics.
I'm not even counting in extra bells and whistles like ADAS features et all, which i consider as bonus compared to the competition.

I can also emotionally connect, as I have been driving the XUV500 now for almost 9 years now with about a Lakh KM on the ODO.
I have had no major issues (touchwood) in my ownership experience. I agree the quality of the interior could be much more premium and the dynamics are not the best in business, but remember this was a revolutionary product a decade ago itself.
Overall service and reliability has been great too. Sometimes its funny for me that many people rant on the issues and niggles etc even without owning one ever

Tata Safari would be my next choice, with its handsome looks which appeals to majority of the crowd. The presence is awesome too.
I absolutely love the ride quality and how it rides over the not so good roads of ours.
The downside i felt is steering is bit too heavy for city usage.
Some things are not done well on the interiors and some quirky bits in the cabin. The infotainment system screen is a major disappointment in today's age.

Maybe if I'm chauffeur driven I would have chosen the Innova Crysta out of the lot.
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