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Default What to choose safari petrol or Safari diesel 2.2L

Hi friends,

I need some suggestion from you ... They is a safari petrol for sale which is a 2003 model 4 x 2 vxi & has covered 58000 kms. its for 4,50000 which is negotiable. Its loaded with a 12cd changer screen on head rest rear view camera etc. or should I wait for dicor 2.2 which is highly fuel effficient but basic model will come around 8 lakhs on road.

Now safari petrol efficiency would be around 8 to 9 kmpl if I convert it to LPG it would be around 7 in turn running cost would be Rs 3.80. Now dicor 2.2 L average would be around 12 to 13 running cost would be Rs 3.15 but maintainence cost would be on higher side as traditionally diesel maintainence is higher than petrol. But for petrol safari avaliblity of spares can be a great concern also reselling this vehicle can bring tears in my eyes.

I am totally confused so please help & suggest.
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Safari petrol would not give you more than 6 KMPL. Also Safari petrol should be at least 0.75 L Cheaper as compared to Diesel and Safari LX costs 7.25L on road. Hence the price quoted by the seller seems to be high. New safari 2.2L is the way to go. It would be expensive as compared to a used Safari but will last you much longer and take you much farther than a used one.

Diesel maitenance costs now-a-days have reduced due to imporovements done in Diesel technology in the recent past.
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Default I wouldnt choose a petrol safari!

Stay away from the petrol Safari unless you have a gas station(s?), lol its too thirsty... period.
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TATA's are known for their diesel engines although they are trying to get into the petrol market, although for a vehicle so big and heavy like safari, diesel is the way to go.

As far as the 2.2L is concerned, if you can wait till end september...wait. If its not launched till then, go for 3.0L and be happy with a tried and tested vehicle.

No point waiting for 2.2l after september, you never know the launch might get delayed to 2008, there are people awaiting its launch from beginning this year, poor guys!!!. Go for the tested 3.0.
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go for the 2.2. it will give you better fe and be quicker and as silent(or loud) as the petrol.
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2.2 diesel. Wait for it. Gonna be lighter on the wallet too in the long run.
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Don't go for the petrol Safari. I heard that it hardly gives a mileage o 6-7kmpl.
Go for the diesel 3L Dicor /TCIC(it's ur choice as price is less) if you are in a hurry
else wait for 2.2L safari ( 140 bhp :-) )
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there is no point buying a petrol Safari if and only if your dad owns a gas station if not then forget about it.

also the availability of Spares for Petrol Safari is very pool and you are buying an old tata car so be prepared to be stalled for spares

but the trusted 3.0 Safari or any maintained TCIC(though it lacks power) otherwise wait 3 to 4 weeks for 2.2 Safari
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PM ram2004 who owns a petrol Safari EXi and is quite happy with it. He would be able to provide you genuine feedback unlike the rest of us.
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Petrol car from TATA . Do not ever think about it......They are known for Diesel vehicles since ages. My suggestion would be to wait for 2.2L. You will not regret your decision. Cars cannot be bought every now and then. If you invest in your car, it should give you complete satisfaction in driving and ***.
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Go for the petrol Safari only if a new oil field is discovered in a land you own.
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If you want a petrol, then prefer Innova. It doesnt look well, but is pretty good.
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Old 30th August 2007, 00:07   #13
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Safari Petrol - Go for it if you own any of the near by banks. Converting to LPG would be a viable option but be lucid about what you want, performance, FE or die hard looks which the Safari posses anyways.
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I'm posting this from the house of a family friend that owns a Petrol Safari. Just dropped him off at the airport this morning and I really enjoyed the drive.

He says it gives him 6-7kmpl and he's quite happy with it because he doesnt drive great distances in the city. He got a damn good deal on it so he is quite happy with it overall.
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I want to share my colleague's experiance on TATA Safari Petrol.
He picked up a 2003 model 16V, 4X4 Safari - Petrol with close to 40K on Odo from a known person at INR180,000. The ex-owner is a high profile Real estate broker in Bangalore, has a BMW 5 series and a merc E class. So the Safari was not used much, mostly resting in the garage. In fact before my colleague bought the car, it was left unused for 7 months. The car was a fullyloaded with Stanley leather, 6 CD changer, airbags etc. He spend close to 30 to 40K on service and rectifying other electrical issues just to go back to garage within a week for repairs. After repairs, a week after we were out for a team lunch, on return we heard a light explosion under the hood and something related to AC blew and was back to garage. This routine was repeating every 7 to 10 days and finally he sold it to someone at INR150,000 who was planning to plonk a diesel matador engine in it(dont ask me how !).The car used to return 7 to 8 Kms in bangalore traffic.
This bad experiance might be specific to that car, however my recommedation is to go for a brand new Safari.
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