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Bolero has the cheapest spare-part pricing, as per autocar india.

Bolero cant take more then 7 people. But sumo can squeeze 10 into it.

Also victa's body decorations are now given to the spacio, and the rate for AC/PS/keyless entry/mp3 CD 9-seater is aroung 5.8L onroad. Bolero SLX with all above features is for 6.3L on-road.

If you take a test drive, bolero impresses you well. Spacio will give a LCV feel in test drive. Sumo victa turbo/ non turbo is ultra smooth(Vs.bolero/spacio).

Mileage is around 14 for bolero, 15 for the turbo spacio and 11 for turbo victa and 12-13 for non-turbo victa.
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You may get a good deal with Spacio Gold Plus, Tata website has replaced Spacio section with Sumo Victa Turbo Di, so maybe they are going to phase out Spacio. In either case, Spacio gold plus/new Victa Turbo DI, uses the same 407 turbo 3.0 Ltr engine so spares should be cheap, and readily available, remember there are lots of turbo 407/809 hauling loads on roads. Interiors, of the spacio gold plus are good, victa dash better. So visit showroom, check out Spacio/Victa/Bolero, and decide.

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Default Bad image?

Dude! If you're in a medium sized town in MH, the roads will probably be bad half the year. It makes perfect sense to buy what you're thinking. I thought of the Victa myself. But I'm in Hyderabad and commute two hours or more everyday. The gear stick and clutch didn't look too easy to handle, and that went against my decision. The bolero sounds underpowered at 63 and 68 bhp for diesel and petrol respectively
Originally Posted by Victa_OR_Bolero View Post
Hi guys,

Thanks for the comments, keep them coming..... your thoughts are great help..

I will be using the car in a medium sized town in Maharashtra as a family car...ferrying kids from school, going to work, market, the weekend outing, occasional vacation..etc.. typical family car duties.

I have been given friendly warnings that I should go in for a sedan / mid sized car and never for an MUV .. especially if Victa or Bolero... as it would seem to be a public not suit image of a single family car.. I disagree...

About the updated Sumo .. to be out this Diwali... can you guide me to any website / link..?

Thanks again for the comments...
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Default Thanks to everyone...

I thank each and everyone of you for posting your thoughts...although I am nowhere near a decision, I am finding the process of making a decision much more interesting and worth my while because of this forum... please keep on writing...I now am thinking of waiting for the Sumo Phoenix which I have heard will be priced between the Sumo Victa and the Safari... anyone knows what the Mahindra Ingenio/Ingenuino is?

Thanks again..
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Originally Posted by Victa_OR_Bolero View Post
anyone knows what the Mahindra Ingenio/Ingenuino is?
there is quite a bit of news in this front, floating on the net. the ingenio supposedly, will be priced lower than the scorpio, will stare right into the eyes of the innova , and would possibly be launched with capabilities of running on alternative fuel too, which might turn out to be its biggest ISP's. anyone, please correct me if i'm wrong
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A bit off topic, but yes i also heard the same. But do'nt you think is is expecting a bit too much, from ingenio??
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TATA SUMO has two variants - VICTA & SPACIO and their further variants according to features. The difference between the two are mainly that VICTA is more urban focussed & SPACIO for rugged usage. Whereas VICTA came with nice interiors (good dashboard, small steering wheel, bucket seats, etc) compared to SPACIO (bare dashboard, steering wheel like those of lorries, bench seats, etc), the engine performance was poor compared to that of SPACIO, which was all about TORQUE! Now that they have launched the VICTA with the same engine in SPACIO, i can't see any point in NOT discontinuing SPACIO.

Now that there's a good engine to compliment the already comfortable interiors, driving comfort, steering effort (go for P/S version) - turning radius of 4.9M, i think your choice have been made!

IMO, BOLERO used to look better than SUMO VICTA, not anymore after the facelift!
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Default Sorry to dig up this old thread again, but....

I know that this is an old thread, but with the launch of the new Victa DI and the 4x4 version, I felt that it was worth opening up again. The question is the same. Which one is more fun to drive? The Sumo Victa DI (turbo, 73bhp) or the Bolero DI Turbo? If anyone owns/has driven one of these (Victa DI) it would be great if they could share info and caveats. Specifically, I'd like to know about reliability, tyre life, ride and fuel efficiency.

I've heard bad things about the old Sumos, but the DI engine from the 407 is a gem from what I hear, while the Bolero DI is kind of anemic. Are the suspension issues sorted now, and is the FE any better? The car(?) would be used mainly by my dad, on the highway, driven at less than 80 kmph, with the occasional long drive to the homestead. I'm more worried about someone crashing into him than him crashing it. Hence a solid SUV. The brakes need to be good. Handling is not an issue, but ride should be better than the Maruti 800 that we have now.

Any thoughts, guys?
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If you look for long term reliability and ruggedness, go straight for the Bolero.Offcourse, the 3.0 ltr Di on the Sumo Spacio is a torquey and time tested( used in Tata 407 trucks, in Sumo a detuned version) engine, but MDI 3200Turbo on the Bolero is simply "Bulletproof" and far more refined than the Spacio engine.And you are likely to visit your mechanic less if you go for the Bolero!
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