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Default Used SUV under 2 lakhs possible?

Hi fellas,
I'm wondering if a used SUV-ish car under 2 lakhs is possible. My criteria are good ground clearance for bad roads (preferably coil springs but that might be a tall order), a/c, comfy seats and power steering. What should I be looking at? It will be used mostly on muddy, slushy, rocky and gravelly roads. Reliability is also of paramount importance.

One car I can think of immediately is the Sierra but considering its age, would it be a good idea to go in for one?

I guess even a sedan with high enough ground clearance would do, but I can't think of any that fits the bill.

Thank you for your time.

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The only thing you might get is a Sierra
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you might get a safari TCIC also, BS-2
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Yes only a sierra or a sumo.
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The options that come to my mind are
1) Armada grand
2) Sumo
3) TCIC safari
4) Sierra

Option 3 and 4 won't do any of the rough stuff you want. They'll just sit in the garage and drain your wallet. If you can extend your budget a little more, you may get a bolero, which would be a good option
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Mahindras...MMs or CJs in good condition should serve the purpose if you are willing to sacrifice a few features!!!

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I'm a little skeptical about Tata vehicles that have aged too much. Having said that there are a few Sierras done very well even today. A guy in our office comes in sierra daily with nice mods and huge mag wheels. I have to say it really is not the aging but the maintenance that will decide how much juice is left in a SUV/car.
So if you can get a well maintained SUV go for it.
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I think you might be able to get a Scorpio or a Qualis for that price..
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There's a saying - pay peanuts, get monkeys. You have already headed down that path.

2L will get you a thoroughly abused/aged vehicle only or a very old Sumo. I had asked around for a similar requirement in Delhi (much cheaper than south in resale) but got no go!!

Given that you will want reliability on those tracks - you are better off with a refurbished jeep but you'll have to forego AC.
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get a good jeep like the mm550
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Team-BHP Support
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Originally Posted by f450 View Post
I think you might be able to get a Scorpio or a Qualis for that price..
There's just no way you'll get either of these vehicles for 2 lakhs.
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The vehicle will be so abused that you wont be able to use it much in the first place. If utility is your main requirement from this vehicle, get a used jeep like lot of people have suggested.
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I have seen some good condition safaris for 2.1 -2.2 lacs.

Now you will mainly drive on bad roads / off roading.

So, as everybody is saying , I also doubt how this abused vehicle will handle the routine off roading.
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Look for a 4X4 TCIC Safari ( May be initial 98 Model ).
Get the compression test done and mechanicals tested in TATA A.S.S before buying.

For your kind of requirement and budget this is best possible option.

A TCIC Safari of this forum has completed 4 Lakh KM and another one 2.5 L KM , This is same engine which is doing duty in countless Sumos.

One of the forum member 'The Arun' purchased an ld TCIC safari for a similar budget and is fine.
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Default Petrol Safari

If fuel bill is a lesser issue, you may look at a petrol safari. Plenty of them quote around 1.5-2 Lacs in decent condition. I myself checked out one which has done only 23000KM and quoted at 1.8 lacs negotiable.

However, mileage may not be more than 6-7 kmpl, maybe lesser on the kind of roads you specified.
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