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Default Old Scorpio Mhawk>>> New Scorpio Mhawk

Hi All

Had some questions in mind, what better than to put them on T-BHP ?

Woud be greatfull If you could answer these, was a bit confused.

Well I have a Nov 2008 Scorpio Mhawk Vlx done about 19 K.

I love my truck, but this last weekend I went to my local Mahindra Dealership and checked out the New Scorpio. Loved it too. Seems way more comfy than my Scorpio in terms of the seating ergonomics and the new gear shift design. Plus the gear shift seems to be more smooth than mine. Plus loved the Internally Adjusted ORVM's.

Well after taking a test drive for both the Manual as well as Automatic I am in a Dilema. I travel about 80% times in the Delhi City Traffic which at times becomes a pain. Cheking out the new Scorpio A/T with the new seats and everything found it good.

- Do you think It will be a good decision to Sell my present Scorpio and settle for a new A/T one ?
- Or you think I should just get the seats changed on my present Scorpio ?

If the first one, how is the new Scorpio A/T in terms of drivability and FE ?

Many Thanks in advance for all your help.

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OT: Do you work in Noida Rishin?
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I had the same feeling, when the new mHawk launched, but the reality is it not worth, you can do the cosmetic changes like seat and mirror on the old one, the dimension have not changes, so can be fitted, I already inquired about the mirror but they were not available[wiring need to be done], same goes with seat. I suggest wait and you will get over that feeling in days, at least thats what happened with me, now I just want that internal electrical mirror, and that too if they are available at reasonable price!!

AT is a good option but still not to sell your 1yr old Scorpio, let it run for 2 more year and then go for the NEW one, if its available else for new SUV from mahindra

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@extreme_torque : You seem to know me do you ? Yes I do work in Noida.

@pramods : Thanks for your reply. Did you enquire about the prices of the seats and the mirrors ? In a way I think you a right, I was thinking about the same, as I find the looks of my truck better than the new one.
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Nope, I don't think its worth it at all. You will lose too much money on selling a 8 month old Scorpio. Hire a chauffeur : it'll work out much cheaper.

Manson recently replaced his Scorpio with a new one : Linky. However, in his case, previous Scorpio was well used (over a lakh kms).
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i would suggest you wait for some time. the changes in the new scorpio is not drastic which will justify selling your 1 year old mHawk. in some time, mahindra may launch the 'all new scorpio' or probably an altogether new model. that will be worth the effort.
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Yup, as other BHPians have shared, just wait for 2 days you will start liking your car again. Its just too new to be sold.

Meanwhile to keep yourself updated check thread of Mohnish who has bought Scorpio AT.
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Its hardly eight months old. The Refresh other than a few cosmetic changes does not have that kinda difference vis a vis the old Scorpio. Its the mHawk engine that matters. You already have it. Thats much lighter than the older one and has improved the dynamics and handling a lot.Its peppier (120 bhp as compared to the older 115bhp) and economical too.
So till there are major and drastic changes or your SUV has been with you for at least two to three years a change is not advisable.
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I agree with the general view. Frankly I hate the new exteriors. The chrome parts look plain weird.
You have a good vehicle... Why throw it away for something not all that much better than it.
Try getting them done from outside. If you do manage, please do post the experience here. I am very interested in changing a few things in my Scorpio.
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thanks for your advice guys, I infact have changed my mind and have put in a request at my nearest A.S.S for the side view mirrors and seats, will post the prices as soon as I have them.

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