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Go for the Fortuner..I own a Ford endeavour..Not that the endy is bad or anythin..but If Fortuner was available during my purchase i would have definitely gone for it..mainly because it's got a powerful and reliable engine and its got better road presence as an SUV.
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Well I read a review in last months ACI on both the Endeavour / Everest and also the Fortuner.

I actually quite like the Endeavour specially now that it's got better interiors. The 4X4 capabilities of the SUV is amazing.

Fortuner of course has the Toyota backing and makes a better package.

By the way I heard today that its got a 60 day waiting list.
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Note from Team-BHP Support : Team-BHP has a STRICT stand against plagiarism. Please do NOT cut-copy-paste blindly from other websites, and leave out referencing them.

Toyota Fortuner has the following advantages over other SUVs in the market:

* Fortuner looks better and more beautiful
* Has a better overall design
* Better and more comfortable seating
* Overall structure is far superior thanks to its base in Toyota Hilux
* Fortuner has more seatings, at least 2 more
* A/C is cooler and available and adjustable at the seat level
* Foldable leather seats for better advantages, suitable for all kind of travels with SUV comfort
* You can choose from 2WD to 4WD. Since prices of fuel keep rising, 2WD is a more economical choice with its greater fuel efficiency. Fortuner also comes in both Petrol (Gasoline) and Diesel. With Petrol you can convert the engine to use natural gas and thus save money on fuel
* Beauty & the Beast: It has stylish design and luxurious feel of Lexus and is not just a pickup with canopy but power of a Vigo and luxury of Lexus married stylishly. Wide seats, Good A/C, Foldable seats make for a comfortable ride no matter how long the travel while the Beast lurks within allowing one to navigate the worst of roads thanks to the offroad capability of the Vigo
* It has better technology: Cruise Control, VSC, TRC, EBD, BA as well as Navigator
* Braking has been an issue with 4x4 vehicles since they take longer to brake than a sedan and when users switch from sedans to 4x4 vehicles they have trouble braking. The high end Fortuner models now come with bigger brake plates so drivers weaned on sedan vehicle don’t need to change their braking behaviour when they switch between their sedan and Fortuner. They can drive confidently because of EBD BA system and VSC with TRC which give a great braking experience suitable for all conditions

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@Maximum Torque: Please check the information you post for accuracy.
Many of the points mentioned ARE NOT true.
- The Endeavor can seat as many people as the fortuner
- The Fortuner is full time AWD. It is not 2WD at any point.
- The Fortuner isn't available in petrol
- Braking on the Fortuner isn't the best
- There is no Navigator, and feature for feature, the Endeavor has it matched if not beaten
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When you blindly copied the content from a Thailand website (2009 Toyota Fortuner and 2009 Toyota Hilux Vigo at Thailand's top 4x4 exporter importer Soni Group :: Thailand's Largest Vehicle, Parts and Accessories Exporter :: Toyota Vigo, Mitsubishi L200 Triton and Toyota Fortuner), you could have at least checked whether it is accurate or whether it applies to the Indian Fortuner.

The 4x4 vehicles having issues with brakes is really hilarious. I too have a fulltime 4x4 vehicle, which has amazing braking. How do you explain it? Anyway, I don't think you can explain it considering you just copied the content without mentioning the source or reading it.
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Originally Posted by n.devdath View Post
I guess you have the answer from the horse's, sorry Sahil's mouth.

The Endy is a typical American SUV, a pickup truck mounted with a body and seats, whereas the Fortuner is a true blue SUV which is not only more comfortable but also feels a like a premium car to drive and travel in.
@ n.devdath - Fortuner is also pickup based SUV (Toyota Hilux) and its not a premium SUV. Premium SUV's from Toyota are Land Cruiser > Sequoia > Prado
Among these, Sequoia is based on Tundra pickup
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I would say Fortuner, but only because i think that the Fortuner is better built and is less likely face any challenges in the quality front. Its also a little newer and more in the limelight.

Frankly the endy is not bad, but some interior parts are poor quality, the driver seat is not that comfortable for tall people and its kinda crazy at high speed turns (it feels like a roller coaster that can be barely maneuvered) ! I know alot cause my close friend owns one.
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Default Re: Which one to go for - Toyota Fortuner or the New Ford Endeavour

It's 2019. I'm bumping up this super old thread since the debate is still not decisively settled in my opinion.

I'm looking for comparison b/w the top end AT variants of these two SUVs only on these points:

1. Start stop pickup and turbo lag
2. Cabin noise/engine noise
3. Long term reliability and the need to go to unscheduled service
4. Long distance comfort for driver and back seat passengers
5. City driving ease/unease

I'd be grateful for any first hand feedback.
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Default Re: Which one to go for - Toyota Fortuner or the New Ford Endeavour

Originally Posted by rovingeye View Post
I'm looking for comparison b/w the top end AT variants of these two SUVs
I hope you have gone through following thread too - (Ford Endeavour vs the competition)
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