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Default Which one to go for - Toyota Fortuner or the New Ford Endeavour

I am sure, like me, most of our members will be at crossroads on this issue. I have booked a fortuner like many others have done as we were all expecting this vehicle for a bit too long.

But after test driving the vehicle, I was not fully impressed. Hence decided to seek the expert advice from our gurus.

I would like our tech experts to do a comprehensive comparison between these two vehicles. For the moment I am restricting the comparison only to two of these vehicles as I am of the sincere opinioin that perhaps the others do not fall in the same category either in terms of pricing or other features albeit that closely. Correct me if i am wrong on this count.

Honestly i am going to decide between these two purely based on our experts opinions and comments. Pl help me out.
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Is this vehicle going to be used primarily as a predominantly city + occasional highway cruiser or is it going to be used as a regular highway cruiser + adventure off roader?

My take is that for both the usage patterns as mentioned above, the Fortuner would be better because it has everything you generally need including full time all wheel drive.

Endy is highly capable especially in the new Auto 4WD with 3 litre engine avatar. But its rear leaf springs give it a hard rear seat ride.
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Change the tyres on the Fortuner and just ride on, My vote for Toyota Fortuner in all the senses (Comfort, perrformance and maintainence).

Just Enjoy
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Vensum, you haven't told us much about your usage pattern. If you don't intend taking the vehicle off-road very frequently, look no further than the Captiva LTZ (Auto with AWD but no 4L). There's been a big price cut recently which makes this an excellent VFM.

You can check out member 1Testosterone's ownership thread for more details..........

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Between the Fortuner and the Endy, I would say go for the former. Its a great package overall with Japanese reliability and Toyota service. Brakes however leave alot to be desired in the Fortuner. What is your daily driving going to be like?

Adding a third car to the equation as suman said, the Captiva also makes a lot of sense. It is also a diesel just like the other two plus the LTZ has AT and AWD. A good choice if youre going to be driving on the road most of the time than off it.
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This is a very interesting comparison. Would love to hear from others. However if I were in your shoes I would go for the Toyota Fortuner.
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I'm not a technical guru but from my simple point of view, Toyota is ahead in performance/maintenance and resale value.

Adding Captiva to this discussion/comparison could be interesting !

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Having driven and compared the two mentioned by OP - Fortuner. See some of the posts in Outback thread. Endy is big and useful only if you are going to be more than four people in the car.
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Fortuner all the way ... well worth the marginal higer price compared to a 3 liter endy.
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All reviews favor the Fortuner. Besides, its a Toyota!
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Having owned three Endeavours(two first editions and one current gen) I would advice against it purely due to the suspension, rest all areas the car is very good. The reason why we got the Endys in the first place is due to lack of choices. Now that the Fortuner is here, I'm leaning towards it for better rear seat comfort.
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The fight should be between the Fortuner & Captiva.
Choose the former for its longtime reliability, can server for decades, hazel free.
Later for its features & VFM is only meant for highway travel.
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I guess you have the answer from the horse's, sorry Sahil's mouth.

The Endy is a typical American SUV, a pickup truck mounted with a body and seats, whereas the Fortuner is a true blue SUV which is not only more comfortable but also feels a like a premium car to drive and travel in.
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Default My objective take on this.

If the vehicle is to be used with less load then the one with rear coil springs is better. If its going to be always loaded to the hilt then leaf springs will not be such a negative.

If the vehicle is used far away from service centers then the Japanese are a better proposition.

Preferably choose the bigger engine of your choices with serious torque at lower rpm and torque that is not peaky which rules out the Captiva with its 2 liter engine.

I have not driven either of the vehicles mentioned and probably never will but am trying to be as objective as possible.

When buying an SUV in India BHP does not matter that much as does high but flatter torque curve.
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Fortuner has better suspension but loses out on premium feel. On the other hand Endy has quality cabin but loses out due to ride and high floor. Both cars have very good engines. Endeavour has never been heavy on the maintenance expect the same from Toyota.

Its your take, Pls atleast drive both the SUVs before making any decision.

If you need an automatic gearbox, endy is the only option. Check out my review on the new Endeavour here-

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