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Originally Posted by elf
2. My being slow.
OK - Serious stuff.
I happen to have responsibilities that I'm aware of - quite a few people depend on me for quite a bit of stuff, & I don't think that would be served well by me either crashing myself, my car, or killing/maiming innocents.
Remember, it's not how good you are as a driver, but how bad the circumstances are that will finally get you. You want to speed without abandon on public roads, do so, by all means, but count me out. I used to be a lot crazier than I am now, & I guess I don't have the cojones anymore. No regrets whatsoever, & nothing to prove to anyone.
I absolutely agree here mate ! Spot on.

Another thing is my eyesight. I have a problem with that, so distances are sometimes an issue. This was explained to some of you during the meet.
Better take corrective action fast on this before it starts to get worse.

3. Nana.

@ Nitroxx: Also stop yelling at chicks through open car windows. Buy them a drink instead - it usually works wonders.
yeah Nitroxx kind of specialises in that - ask females around the Hilton.

@ FordRocam, NormallyCrazy, Shrivz & 6 others who I haven't mentioned, we should do this again soon - how bout a racetrack / carting the next time?
Sure - how about a karting meet next time ?

And yes - great report . And yeah - Viper your cam was already packed with family pictures that left no space for the scenery pics.
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If you deleted other pics to take pics of the Scenary.. *** happened to them then.. Atleast one pic for us mere mortals who had to leave early becoz of prior appointments... Damn.. Missed the beer as well as the Ba.... Now thats what i call bad luck...

Elf... Dude u rock man.. Luved the report.. Mods how about making Elf the official reporter for Tbhp.. If you gonna get more women than me.. Please feel free to pass some of em... Coz u just might not be able to handle so many of em at one go so i dont mind volunteering...

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