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View Poll Results: Meet at Bandipur during the Oct 2nd long weekend?
Yes, Let's Go! 12 48.00%
Lets go further... @ Wayanad 2 8.00%
Cannot make it this time, would prefer a later date 11 44.00%
Would rather have a track day in Coimbatore 2 8.00%
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Old 5th October 2006, 15:01   #196
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Or was it force of habit, doc? Heading to the hospital canteen....
perhaps you are right steer,old habits die hard!!

great pics jk.wish i were there!!
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Old 5th October 2006, 15:13   #197
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That was zimply awesome!!!superb write up and pix..Missed all the fun!!
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Old 5th October 2006, 15:47   #198
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OK, Here is my part of the story...
We started off from Bangalore, it was nearly about 10:00 am. Here is the list of some baggage we had taken, A camera and a pair of Binaculars, as usual, a tripod, blankets, towels, tent an pitchin equipments, bicycle, musquitop repellent, candle, etc... all in the hope that we will be pitching a tent in the wild. Mistake was I did not have any telephone numbers except for Psycho's.
Enroute I called Psycho to find where they are and learnt that he is not in, and memo has started and be late as he had some technical problem with his car. He was kind enough to give me Memo's number.
I called memo and found they are far behind me. Stopped at Mysore for lunch and headed for Gundlupet where we were supposed to meet. Called Memo again to find out where they are and he asked me to continue as he is still leaving mysore. I thought I know the place, between 19 and 20 Hairpin bend. I reached the check post by 6:45 PM which is after 20th bend, and no sign of the the resort of any sort.

Beautiful cloud en route

Damn, I forgot the name of the resort. I enquired near by and the guys there told me all the resorts are in Bokkapuram near Masinagudi, so climbed down all the ghat to find the resort. I checked in Vikram Mathais resort Jungle hut (once in this thread there was a mention to go there) and a few others but could not find any reservation for t-bhp. Difficulty was to ask if there is a reservation and they would ask by whom. And I didnot know the real names :-(. Finally Vikram and his wife were very helpful to give me the net access to find right resort name. They also tried to find if there are any resorts who can provide us the accomodation for the night and could not find one. Finally we left again to 19 HP bend. Still not a sign of resort..
Driving up and down in darkness wet road on those ghats was in deed scary, that too with nearly worn out tyres.
Finally we decided to go to Ooty and find a room.
But in Ooty the luck was not so good either, no rooms available. Then Quick silver called me and asked where we were! Of course we were in the wrong place. He offered we could drive down again and he will send the jeep to pick us up. But it was too late for us. I still had a thought if I did not get any room in Ooty I would drive down. Finally a petrol pump guy helped us to find the numbers of some hotels, and we coulf find one in Holiday Inn Gem Park. But his petrol was not so good (will see a post in technical stuff soon).
OK now checked in to the hotel, and you should have seen the face of the bellboy who came to unload the luggage, his eyes nearly popped out seeing the blankets and tents in the boot. May be he though we will pitch the tent in the room! We had planned a jungle night out and ended up in a star facility!

A vintage Cetroin at the hotel, My kid's question was is this a rally car of old times? I was told it is a 1932 make, model unknown. It was driven from Kochi to ooty it seems.

Next morning we went to the lake for that stupid peddling boat.. there was a long que and we ditched it. By then quick silver called again to say they are in Ooty going to Dodpetta, My son had a quick ride in the dashing cars and we are off to the genuine t-bhp meet. Enroute I hear they got stuck at the tea factory and there we MET FINALLY!!

team bhp line up, New found love of my son, Tadakuttans car and ICE ,

Beautiful back side (of a bus) , You can try calling those numbers for good reason, Local call from TN STD from elsewhere.

All the way my son used to ask, looking at every car on the road "Papa, is this a t-bhp car, why it does not have a spoiler?"
Soon he was in love with Tadakuttan's Elantra, and his ICE. but Tadakuttan the name was a tonguetwister for him! He chose to stay in his car when we went to buy chocolates. We as a family thoroughly enjoyed the t-bhp company.. guys thanks for everything.

Time to head home, only disappointment to the kid was we did not pitch the tent! But then I am being pestered to buy an elantra and the touch screen ICE!

That's Tad's car racing down the Kallatti ghat

On the way back I noticed memo shot off in Gudalur road, and we deviated into the kallatti again. I could keep up with the racing boys till bend 4 (wow, thats 32 bends, and too good for an old man) and then no sign of Elantra and the v-tec.
We stopped at Bandipur and took a Safari ride, there we notice memo on the road.

A 20 days old elephant calf at Bandipur , We saw quite a few wild animals in safari..

After getting stuck in traffic in Mysore for about 45mins we were in Bangalore at 11:00.
All in all, it was a very good trip though I could mesh with the t-bhpians for only a short period of time.. Let us have it again. I promise I do not overshoot next time.
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Old 5th October 2006, 16:57   #199
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You boys had all the fun and Sujit had all the food!

Missed this one - next time I'll be there !
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Old 5th October 2006, 20:08   #200
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hey jk that was a cool discription man .word by word.felt as if i was with you guys ,and smart pictures too.
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Old 5th October 2006, 21:35   #201
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Originally Posted by binz
Yup thanks to everyone for making the meet so much fun.I know i kept my mouth shut at most times but i have reasons for that:-)Anyway Jk could you zip all the pics and upload them on rapidshare please.

Wheres the report?Im tooooooo lazy to post one
ther! I resized all to 640x480. There are 7 files. Will post one by one.

Last edited by jkdas : 5th October 2006 at 21:47.
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Old 5th October 2006, 22:15   #202
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thanks jkdas for uploadin pics.

btw whose bleno is this in the pic??the alloys are you have any closeups??
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Old 5th October 2006, 22:18   #203
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Originally Posted by hari_rama
thanks jkdas for uploadin pics.

btw whose bleno is this in the pic??the alloys are you have any closeups??
that Baleno belongs to Wildcard....
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Old 5th October 2006, 22:23   #204
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Old 5th October 2006, 23:42   #205
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Nice snaps, JKD! Now I feel even worse about not having been able to come to Masinagudi :-(
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Old 6th October 2006, 00:28   #206
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we had to stop the accent as kb was driving down the hill and using lot of brakes and hence teh pads were smokey!
A Team-bhpian who doesn't "engine-brake".

All in all,u guys had a gr8 time and thats what matters the MOST.
Keep it up, u guys!
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Old 6th October 2006, 01:02   #207
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Originally Posted by Steeroid
You boys had all the fun and Sujit had all the food!

Missed this one - next time I'll be there !
We missed you too. And your Dicor.
And there was one big loafer we all missed. His name is V1p3r!!! I'll beat the crap outta him next time I get him.

Steer, do give us prior info when you come back. We want to make the next meet more bigger.
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Old 6th October 2006, 18:58   #208
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Great meet guys!!'s to all the guys who did make it and to all the rest of us who didn't..tough luck!! .. i am still trying not to kick myself!!

JK..thanks for the great pics and the equally good narration!!

Drive on,
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