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Originally Posted by Sam Kapasi View Post
I will buy a fresh ticket on any airline, get that ECNR and go. I'm gonna go.
V-16, I'm gonna call you if I have trouble man.Thanks. First step ticket, next step ECNR.
DO that In fact ill call the guy first thing in the morning and try to get the stage set. Just carry all the papers i asked you to. Ill probably have the name of the guy to meet by 11.00 am (thats the time the jokers come to work on a 10.00 am shift..or is it 9.00 am?)
All the best mate think positive!! Im sure ull make it!! and your ticket will work out too!!
Im surprised, u said u went to thailand a week the hell did they let you go to the country if you did'nt have this stamp. the funny thing is its not required for European, American countries and nor for Canada, They want it for south east asia and the UAE...??/!!
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Sam..sorry to hear about this, I'm sure you'll make it.

I was just checking the passport office website and found this, maybe it is helpful...

In case, the person concerned is leaving the country for non-employment purposes, he can obtain suspension from emigration clearance for the specified country and for the specified period from the Protector of Emigrants

Their office is Mumbai is at the following address:
Building "E" Khira Nagar,
S.V. Road,
Santacruz (West)
Mumbai-400 054
Tel No. 022-2614 7393

Good Luck!!!
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Oh man, what the hell!
Never expected something of this sort happening to you Sam.
But, please don't despair.
Now, my passport doesn't have this ECNR thingy. So, I'll have to burn some hours tomorrow for that.

Anyway, see you at KL Sam.
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My gaad , just to think when I was talking to you, you were in the process of packing boric acid for application on n_c.

Get here at all costs, at least you did not have to pay for the original tickets (only the taxes!!!) so cut your losses and get here
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Default Hope?

Captain's Log, Stardate 5th April 2007 0843:

Have not slept a wink. After trying a lot, have found out that ticket is not dead, can be made alive by paying certain fines. Another option is to book a fresh ticket.
I will know what to do at 10am, when the Air India Office Opens.

Malaysian Airways from Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur is completely sold out for tonight, at any price. Only business class seats available, makes no sense.
However Malaysian Airways has a flight tomorrow, I believe GTO/nikhil are on this flight. Have made a booking on this flight, but this is plan B. As this is 24 hours later.

Air India has no flight out of Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur tonight. Not from Mumbai or Delhi. However, they DO have a flight from Chennai to KL, tonight (tehnically tomorrow morning) at 0230. This flight arrives into KL at 0830 on Friday morning 6th.
Am now ready to leave for the Air India office. If all goes according to plan this is what I intend to do now.

0945 - Arrive at Air India office, cancel current ticket and book from Chennai to KL, one way.
1030 - Go to Santacruz Police station for my ECNR and somehow get it done by the afternoon/early evening.

(Enroute, book a flight to chennai, from Bombay)

evening, catch a flight to Chennai. Land then go to international terminal and catch the 0230 flight to KL.

If any of this plan fails, then tomorrow, I will join with GTO and Nikhil on malaysian airways and arrive into KL saturday morning instead of tomorrow morning.

This is the plan. I'm leaving now. If it works out for tonight, I may need a little help from the Chennai boys. Will post in a few hours from now. Have faith.

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You are most welcome sam. Just gimme a buzz. will try to help you out in the airport also. Dont worry about the time. I think i can do that for you. My phone number is in your Inbox.
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Old 5th April 2007, 09:33   #22
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Hi Sam,

Just got the news. Pl buzz me if you need any help. Am trying to get in touch with a friend who knows the Immigration officer personally so no issues if I get hold of him. Will call you once I do.

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Hey Sam,
ECNR is half a day's work, get there early and the job is done...better to avoid agents at this last hour...
Things should be fine...see you in KL..

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He will be there, no two sides to that. Maybe a day late but yet in time for the qualifying.

Am sure everyone else will keep the whiskeys warm in the meanwhile.
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SAd thing Sam but I'm sure you'll make it. Got a call last night from NC and he told me about your flight. i know how frustrating it is.. It happened to me in 2002 when i was all set to go and then I found I was on the waiting list. I eventually didnt go and boy was I depressed. Lady luck favoured me two years later in 2004 though.

At this time Gautam is wondering what he is going to do alone in KL for a whole day or maybe more till you guys arrive
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Just read the post Sam, hang in there ..wish u all the best with the flight plan and the ECNR thingy ..We want a complete report from u from KL bro ..Good luck and god speed
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Just got off the blower,

He is aiming for the MAS flight either tonight or tomorrow. It is a case of "when' not "if"
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yes. The agent told him to try his luck on tonights flight as, and I quote, "there are usually some jokers who forget to get their ECNR done and get offloaded".
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Just Bumped into this thread!!I am sorry to hear the Horror Story,Sam.

I Wish you all the best for getting the Tickets and reaching KL.
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We'd like to hear that you finally got everything settled Sam - you deserve it.
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