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Oh yeah noticed that silly me
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f1 was just part of the fun.....

Wigs on sale... Brown one comes with a free goatee...

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Dear Ajmat,

Your KL notes transported me back to the time I spent in KL 3 years ago..Some diary keeping & writing you did,man!! Great work. Amazing times was had by all team bhpians I believe!! We look forward to amazing pics & videos by KK & the gang of the trip..

Now recover from the GP hangover & share more of the KL memories!

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Back home finally. Too pooped carrying around a body thats been abused to the limit like the F1 cars.

A proper and comprehensive report is coming up soon. Should be up and running by tonight. So please bear with us guys. The report is going to be worth the wait and the pics .....oooohhh lalalalalA


PS- The trip began with Sam's horror story and ends up with Sam's action packed story.

Thats it over and out. Good Night.
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This is not a captains log:

I guess Sam will put up one mother of a post when he finally gets down to it.
I will do my best, this I promise you.

Ajmat (my name is M. AAM.) blog is fantastic and hugely funny, if you actually know the details of the few sentences he's happily skipped over. (Like the porsche rental, lol)

Guys, this has been a fun weekend. We missed you, each and every one of you and over the next few days, I will write like a motherblogger. Try and share the moments, the joys and the absolute madness we've done in these few days.
But not now, now I'm drained. Too much of a good thing. But being the unofficial storyteller of team-BHP has it's responsiblities. One I'll try and live up to.

Captain's Log will resume in the morning. All pictures will be 800X600 or less. There will be many many stories (all real, no scripts here, believe me, none are required)
F1, is merely a major part of this story. Everyone let their hair down and there were some unexpected discoveries about people.

I'm voting this thread 5 stars now. In advance.

And guys. Thank you. I love you for letting loose with me. We were all wild in Kuala Lumpur.

Believe me Team-BHP, the few pictures you've seen, don't even scratch the surface. I hope you enjoy the tale that starts soon.
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Welcome back or should I say "SALAMAT DATANG guys. Have been following this "Almost Blog" thread closely. Am happy that Sam finally made it. Great pics and fantastic report Ajmat. Bravo!
waiting for all of you to post.
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Fantastic report ! and I absolutely loved the 'rental' thing man..had me going for sometime..
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Note from Moderator

All those BHP'ians who came to KL and were part of the fun may exceed the smiley count in order to put colour in the report. Profanity is still discouraged but adjectives beginning with bl might be tolerated if used judiciously.

BTW - will be updating the blog a bit - power went off so I had 5 min to post in a raw state
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Well I couldn't meet you guys, but i sure did have a good time at Sepang. I'll put up my pictures once I finish processing them.

I too was in C2 stand, maybe some of you saw me and I did see you guys too. Put a few pictures of you guys and maybe I could recognize some (I was on the lookout for tbhp banner or something of that sort )
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Fantastic report Ajmat. Very well put and with every detail like the Porsche rental . Good to see that you guys had a lot of fun. Waiting for pictures and more reports.
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Originally Posted by tifosikrishna View Post
... Wigs on sale... Brown one comes with a free goatee...
The wigs look almost life-like. Methinks the brown one comes with a free goatee because it looks a bit moldy & patchy & the goatee hair must have come off the crown.

Also, the mannequin looks a bit porky. And the clothes it's wearing... YUKK!!! Mealsothinks that either (or all) of the other three outfits would suit the brown-wig mannequin better & make it happy as well - seems like that's what it would prefer if it were alive. Along with bright turquoise blue leather sneakers.

But am amazed. Almost life-like.

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Great pics so far, tifosi. Cant wait for Sam's report & more pics.
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Waiting at the KL airport now. Will reach TVM by tonight.
My blog will start from then.

Guys, you won't believe what it was!

Thanks to Sam for making all this happen.
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Default Captain's Log, Stardate 6th April 2007:

With the wonderful and kind help of my girlfriend, I finally check into Malaysian Airways. Just before I enter the security hold I make my last post on this thread.
Just entering the security area I hear “Hey Sam, you made it!”, I look up and it’s GTO.
He standing there being felt up by the security guard and waving to me.

Grinning, I too take my turn IN being felt up and walk into the waiting area. GTO and Nikhil are on this flight as well. Also with us on the flight are 3 gentlemen from Autocar India, on their way to make a nice race report. We laugh and joke and they promise to try and get us into the Red Bull party over the weekend. Kind of them, but we couldn’t get in touch with them again after that, but we didn’t need to really.

On the flight, I am sitting in the front row and right there, practically next to me is the ravishing and delectable Priyanka Chopra. Also on the flight are the rather hot looking Raima Sen. My girlfriend keeps asking me if I want a seat next to her. I know this is a test and I say things like “Bah, for what? She not so great looking. You’re much nicer” Live and learn boys, live and learn from the ex-master of booboos.
Also the classy and quite nice looking Simone Singh is there too. I do not think they’re going for the F1, probably some shooting there. Nikhil makes a joke about how they’ll be shooting around Raikonnens Ferrari. There were some famous men too, but who cares?
Uneventful flight, I sleep in fits, relieved that I’m finally on my way. We land into KUL early in the morning. Get into the skytrain that will take us to passport control and luggage belts. While GTO, Nikhil and I are on this dabba, we peer across and suddenly I see a bunch of smiling faces in the dabba behind. It’s the boys that flew in from Chennai! Ajmat, I recognize immediately. With him are tifosikrishna (KK) and KPZen (KP), Neel (Neel) and Mangesh (Mangesh). We grin at each other, through the compartments smiling like little boys. There’s a certain thrill about meeting someone you know in another country.

Finish passport control, get all our bags, everything’s in, thank goodness. We’re laughing and trying to figure out what poor N_C’s been upto for 24 hours.
Step out and sure enough there’s a car waiting for GTO and Nikhil. (I’m not expected, remember?)
It’s a Mercedes W124 with 500,000 kms on the clock. Why do I know this? Because GTO and Nikhil couldn’t stop raving about the car. Happily chatting and checking out cars (Man, that GTO really loves cars), we reach the hotel. Beautiful and friendly staff, all dressed in Formula one colours. There is a lot of Petronas everywhere in the city, some staff in Ferrari caps and team shirts. Everyone in some formula one uniform, right from the doorman, to the bellhop to the rather pretty receptionists.
“What team you support” seems to be the question of the day.
As Ajmat pointed out, there was a small delay with the other boys pickup, but in an hour or so, they too reach the hotel.

It’s still early in the morning and GTO wants to pull the jump on our unsuspecting and probably asleep N_C, so after we check in, we all go to my room. Try to open it with my key card, but it doesn’t open. Hmm. We then knock on the door, then bang it hard with GTO yelling Gautam vociferously. We give up, I guess N-C is knocked out or shacked up lol.
They retire to their room to grab some shut-eye and I visit the reception downstairs. “This key doesn’t work” says I. “It doesn’t open room 1014”. “That’s because your room is 1004” says the reception desk. Turns out we have been banging at the wrong door lol. Thankfully there was no one inside. Hopefully.
I try now to open 1004 but before I can even turn the handle, a beaming, disheveled N-C opens the door. Upon seeing me, he proceeds to dance around the room in his pyjamas, singing Shakalakaboomboom at the top of his voice. His dangler is dangling in a eyebrow raising manner. But then he is crazy. Normally.

We have a great room, it is a great hotel and it has a beautiful view.
by day

by night

We are greeted with a goodie bag. The goodie bags contents are planned in advance and they are
1 Formula 1 timetable
2 Tickets
3 Ear Plugs
4 Mini Fan (No batteries needed)
5 Visit Malaysia rubber. (Sticker!! Sticker!!!!)
6 Emergency raincoat (Brilliant, fits in one’s back pocket)
7 Bus Pass with pick up timings etc
8 Sepang Circuit official cap.

We laugh at the fan and pass off the earplugs as a word that describes the female sexual apparatus, but means cowardly. We are strong and we can listen to car engines for pete's sake. We push out our chests slightly while discussing this matter. Slightly.

We’re all pleased as punch. However due to some confusion, not everyone has a goodie bag. That gets sorted later in the day/night. That is another story.

Time for an excellent breakfast and the day has begun. We meet again with everyone in the lobby, for breakfast and come to a common decision. We’re not going for the practice sessions. Time to discover KL.
So far there are 9 of us.
Sam, NC, Ajmat, KP, KK, Neel, Mangesh, GTO, Nikhil. The rest are yet to arrive.
We lose track of Neel and Mangesh and my guess is they either rest, or check out KL on their ownsome.
Ajmat has to go visit some relatives and he quickly goes off to complete his duty, while NC, KK, KP and I check out the surrounding area. GTO and Nikhil feel the need to retire for a bit to complete their quote of sleep.

KP is a discovery by himself, complete Madrasi gone wrong. He’s a Chennai boy, madrasi name and everything, till he opens his mouth. “Oy Maaain toh Freedabad ka hoon jee” says he, while NC and I collapse on the floor laughing. He’s wonderfully good natured and NC and I giggle the whole tour at his expense.
kpzen taking photos of chinatown.

We were rotten, NC and I. Poked fun and made insanely rude comments at everyone and laughed like two mad jackasses. Everyone was good natured and took the jokes well in excellent spirit. Just the kind of spirit you like to see on holiday.

KK turns out to be Rudra on steroids. (The kind one takes to make you strong, please don’t imagine our Rudra mounting our Steeroid or anything rude like that, this is a family oriented forum)
He saw KL, through a viewfinder, that boy. And I must say, his equipment was wonderful and he kept it close to his backside at all times. Great pictures boy and it was great to have you as our official photographer.

We go everywhere and KK was like paparazzi, just clicking with his various lenses. All the malays think we are famous celebrities or something. One malaysian lady takes her top off and asks me to autograph her chest. (OK I made that up, just checking if you’re still reading, but I'll bet I've got your full interest now.) All the best pictures of this trip are taken by KK. Thanks man.

Have a great half day, shopping (a bit) and generally taking in the vibrant city of KL, seeing the sights, eating the food. I pick up a local pre paid mobile card and we visit Chinatown, Petaling Street, right next to our hotel.

We buy some rumbutan. This is a fruit that looks like a lychee met monsters inc. I love it and have eaten it often before, the boys try it, first on the street, then in the lobby.

The food, is awe inspiring and everywhere. NC and I make a pact to eat only local malay food. It is amazing, however the vegetarians suffered a bit, due to lack of availability and selections.
Am already in chill overdrive mode and have started talking more crap and laughing for no reason, a sickness that is slowly spreading. NC is slowing down, the Don has never been cooler.

We first go to Bukit Bintang, at BB plaza and then go to Lot 10. We kept asking for lot-tay (said nasally) because that's what we were guided to. Lot taaayy. Turns out to be Lot 10. Below is a large hawker centre which grants us an inspiring lunch, doused in Tiger beer. NC has his first sampling of the local cuisine. I order a Laksa for him, but he prefers my claypot chicken with rice noodles. The weather is super hot and sunny. We laugh at Dippy for suggesting that it would rain. This helps us greatly with our digestion.

The following pictures were purposely taken by the boys to show you the babes in the background, but I'm not supposed to tell you that as it is against our forum principles, so please don't tell anyone, that I told you that ok?

We love and support tiger beer. By the time we leave for Mumbai, NC has tiger beer coming out of every aperture in his body.

Over lunch we realise that we're just terribly excited about this F1 business.
Soon Ajmat calls, he is done with the various theories of relativity. Shortly GTO messages me too, they are up, quota completed. We will soon join them, at a new and exciting place

End of Captains Log. The time now is 3pm on the 6th of April 2007.

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All of that and you only completed half of the first day!! Man, I am getting my popcorn and beer for the next round. Hilariously well-written
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