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Anyway, here is our surprise cheap guest for the meet. Anyone recognise him?
Hey, thats Iceman right. Good to see him back. Has he come for good or going back to Australia sometime soon.

- Stock Ikon 1.6 can be as fast as fully-modded OHC Vtec.
Woah, something surely happened yesterday for you to make such a bold statement. Tell us!!!

Was it the run up the hill by any chance? Thats possible if you don't shift right on a modified Vtec (absolute lack of torque at low rpms).

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Originally Posted by vid6639 View Post
And ofcourse v1p3r's weight reduction for mileage. He chucked everything from his car, the stepney, jack, toolkit and the air filter into the truck. I was surprised he left the seats.

They are still in my "Truck".. Do you want them back or should i throw them away???
@Steer.. Finally hit the 140+ mark on the dicor.. What a feeling.. and ofcourse not to mention that bad roads and monster speed breakers that we just glided over.. JK was highly impressed...


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Originally Posted by finneyp View Post
Good show Bangy boys!
I missed all the fun, will definitly try to make it next time and give you guys some gyan on Fiat and Palio Just kidding...!
You missed the fun but we didnt...u were still be discussed in the breakfast hours.... ask theMag...

Rahul, You are distinguished TBHPian...
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Originally Posted by v1p3r View Post
You photoguys all suck. All your panoramic wide lense views, and not a single shot of my car.

Anyway, here is our surprise cheap guest for the meet. Anyone recognise him?

When did Amit come back from Australia....
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Great to see all these pics!!! We had a baby 2 weeks back and so I could not make it this time, will surely do next time!

Also thanks to have sent the PM's to all the Bangalore folks!!
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Originally Posted by v1p3r View Post
Anyway, here is our surprise cheap guest for the meet. Anyone recognise him?

Oh my god, my Baleno's mod architect, Iceman91 is back. And that too on the second birthday (APR 22) of my Baleno. Welcome back fella, is this just a visit or you are back for good?
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Old 23rd April 2007, 08:38   #52
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Hey Guys!!!!
Here are my thoughts!!!
The wheather was a little cold..with the after math of the rain in the previous night..and the roads were slushly... one of the reason..why my car looked
like it had done some off roading...
Kudos to mcLaren1885!! for organising such a wonderful team-bhp meet..........
This was my first T-BHP meet.... with my Palio which had done only 135 KMS.
I was one of the guys who joined in a little late...and thats the reason.. Vidyuth had to mention that almost all of us were on time.

Once I joined the folks after Mekri circle, we started off...
What a site and an adrenalin rush to see cars racing one after the other!!!
The Turbo Esteem, the OHCs (One of the cars I love...other than the Lancer... which I did nt get to see :-( ), The really FAST iKON (Totally stock, except
for that heavy "Rally Sport F1" sticker), the swifts... Elantra.... NHC ZX, Tata Indigo (Anup, You impress me with your driving), A Suzuki Grand Vitara (Got
to give credit for this guy, who was able to drive very well .... Uphill, downhill and straights with no power steering fluid...I am sure he should have
devloped huge biceps by now), The really cool looking monster TATA Safari DICOR (GODFATHER, really lived up to his handle name)
The new Ford IKON, the LONE BIKER (I hope you had enought fuel to make it back home bro) and many more.....
The Balenos (Rahul, Akshay ..and the 3rd I forget) The FAST and FURIOUS... I enjoyed watching them drive.....

I did nt have the heart to push the Palio and join the fast car league.....I decided to tail behind the graceful oldtimer RudraSen (Optra 1.8)
I did see sparks where did show off what it means to drive an Optra, by vanishing on and off but I managed to keep up

I completely enjoyed my drive... I was able to effortlessly take the car to 120s (Apart from the suprise speedbrakers, the roads were pretty good), I wish I had my Lancer or my Esteem where I could have showed off my skills...but its all for good!!

Our first pitstop after we started was the left turn towards NANDI hills where we had our team directing everyone to take the left (A lesson learnt after a
Bolero overshot and forgot to take the left..... We were glad he made it back on his own)
All of us had a chance to look at a modified Skoda Octy (A tuned ECU, with a modified Turbo piece - Under the hood, pretty neat stuff!!)
We regrouped for a photo shoot (2nd pitstop), where I did get some attention and love from people.. as I managed to take some pics(Had some issues with
unloading memory card... will post the pics) After some photo shoots at the foot of hills we allowed the fast V-tecs and Balenos to make the uphill climb
first (Which they finished in less than 4.30 mins- WOW!!)
After getting our entry tickets we climbed further and raided the hotel for breakfast (I am sure it was empty by the time we finished eating the Idlies and
Bread Omlette)
We lazed around ...had some conversations...more photo shoots...MAGS - POSE was the highlight of the event... And some pretty bold stunts..where a person
with no grip... maybe dancing shoes.. decided to walk to the edge of the cliff..and back .and then decided to head back...

We then decided to head back....
Our plan was to meet at the place where the entry tickets were issued and take snaps of people with their cars and also to take an Eagle eye that everyone's presence could be recorded.... I am sure the photographers did a splendid job ...Thank you guys!!!

Fun started as we started the downward climb.... I was behind the Suzuki Grand Vitara (V6) ..given the fact that there is no power steering I thought I could easily tail him..but I was wrong...the dude vanished ... I could only see him at the base camp..... Another highlight.... I was peacefully doing 60s when I saw Anup's Indigo...race past me....

At the base camp, we manged to see some straights done by Rahul and Akshay with some off roading snippets by Godfather and the person on Suzuki Grand Vitara....

Totally charged, we decided to head our way back ..v-tecs started by charging they way ahead...followed by the SWIFT (MAGs new found sponsored ride!!) and the Balenos...took off ... with the Turbo Esteem....

What a charm to hear those engine notes!!

Inspired ... I took off...with the REd Swift and a NHC ZX..following closely....We were doing pretty well(Crusing along..and having fun..dodging pot holes) only to be interrupted by Akshay (v1p3r).... I managed to miss a left and was heading towards to the other end of Nandi Hills..Had he not comeby.... I am sure we would have gone for the Hyderabad meet for sure!!!!!! Thanks for bringing us back dude
Now, it was my time to follow....where I was tailing behind a brisk Honda ZX..

I decided not to join the lunch as my HEARTBEAT (My wife was waiting for me!!!), I am sure you guys would have had a great time over there..which apparently I missed....

In closing, I would like to say... I am happy I made the decision to have made to to the meet... I made some acquatainces ...but I am sure I will make more friends....

We can go on and on by cars but its the drivers that bring the car to life...You guys are fabulous drivers and I am happy to be here!!!

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Looks like you guys had a whale of a time

Great pics, and great report!

Nice work on setting up the meet, McLaren1885!

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Sounds like a beautiful morning drive. I'd have loved to join on my Avenger - anyhow next time.

Originally Posted by raajks View Post
After some photo shoots at the foot of hills we allowed the fast V-tecs and Balenos to make the uphill climb
first (Which they finished in less than 4.30 mins- WOW!!)
Hmmm, public road, lotsa curves. Narrow, two way traffic. Max visibility a couple of hundred metres. Thank your stars it all went well. Or maybe I'm just too old/cautious...
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Well My 2 cents.... Don't Offer to ride shotgun with a nut driving a Petefied Elantra... that too in the climb.... My stomach Still feels like Hit by a shotgun...
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hey feels good to be back..was pleasantly surprised to the tbhp meets six\ze yesterday..i could not make it earlier thanks to saturday night's rain...but did enjoy the lunch...
hey come you dint make it? we should get together once like the old days ..tgif times...but please not coffee day
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welcome back iceman.. how long are you in town dude
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My turn now...
Was a great meet... about 25 cars and so many chaps... we had spectators literally wondering what on earth could make so many people wake early on a Sunday morning, that despite the rain and head out for a meet. We had eye***** rolling everywhere we halted, specially the guy who was running the hotel atop the hill where we had breakfast.
I am sure those who couldnt make it would be ruing the wonderful time the rest of us had.

I would be posting the pics in stages, as i am supposed to be at work now.

Assembling point after the Hebbal flyover.

Line up of cars .. they extend way ahead of where i was standing taking this pic, and also deep into the horizon as seen in this snap. Thanx to Hellstar who came by... although i didnt get to meet him personally, i recognized his ride.

Jomz and Raghu pose for a snap

Waiting for the rest of the pac k to join, after some of them overshot the left turn from the highway.

P.S. : Stay tuned to this space... More interesting snaps coming up, also an exclusive theMAG session on the art of photography !!

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Originally Posted by iceman91 View Post
hey come you dint make it? we should get together once like the old days ..tgif times...but please not coffee day
Hey Amit, you are really out of touch, I left Bangalore for good exactly a year back, didn't you know? Look at my location on the left side.
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hey welcome back amit!!! looks like you guys had a blast!!
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