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Old 11th June 2007, 08:14   #31
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Full list of those that turned up:


1. Quicksilver

2. Charan

3. Mohit

4. harrie

5. harrie's brother

6. kb100

+ 12 mattresses, pillows and sheets and 2 buckets full of BBQ chicken


7. Speedzak

8. Steeroid

9. AHA!

10. mansidea

11. nikkibike

12. hydrashok

13. Artofzen


14. C3PO

15. R2D2 (Mcl)

16. Condor

17. Tadukuttan

18. jkdas

21 confirmations, 18 turned up. Not bad, but where are the rest that confirmed?

Here's the list of those that CONFIRMED, though. I've never seen some of them, and some arent even from the region!!!

1100D, A S H V I N, abhilashvk, AHA!, artofzen, BaCkSeAtDrIVeR, da MotorHead, DieselFan, jkdas, kb100, mclaren1885, nevertouchme, nitrous, quicksilver, rdkarthik, rlather, speedzak, Steeroid, tadukuttan, totaloverdoze, Vikrocks

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Looks like you guys had real fun,, good write-up and pics from hydrashok...
I shall try to join bangy team next time..
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Steeroid, seems like the drive through silent valley was real fun indeed. Is it worth doing it again when we are around next week?

Regarding the pics, Condor said he will scan them and put them up by the weekend, will get the pics from tadu today and put them up.

1. Never set penalties for late arrival, because then NOBODY arrives on time. Including the chap who set the penalty!!!!
Harrie was right. He did mention that inspite of leaving at 8:30 from bangalore we would be there on time .

Most TBHPians dont like BBQ. Even fewer like fried beef.
I loved the meat, if just I had more time to hog than.... And thanks zak ans steer for that wonderful BBQ and beef fry.

Some TBHPians dont know the difference between Elephant and Cattle.
My mistake. In the glare of all the headlights I spotted a few gleaming eyes (and some call me blind?). And our cheap guest vehemently shouting saying he is smelling elephant dung in the car only got me to think so. Though those minutes of tension were sure fun.

And, by the looks of it I still have maintained by 100% attendance record for all the meets the bangy boys have been invited to . So, when and where are we meeting next week?
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14. C3PO

15. R2D2 (Mcl)
Now how did I miss this one ! Steer, good one.

Originally Posted by mclaren1885
What about the baby sitters?
Originally Posted by v1p3r
You don't have to thank family.

tsk, tsk v1p3r, sorry - C3PO, you should be thanking a lot of people who were there, and one of them should have been saying what you are saying ..
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I am not back in cbe yet.
will post a detailed report soon. highlights of the meet

1. fun with v1p3r in the sumo and tadu's elantra - going round n round cbe

2. the blast to the perimeter fencing in the dicor

3. don't leave me here i'll drown

4. the walk back to the car

5. on my stomach

6. polybag mayhem

had to mention 3,4,5,6

7. the campfire, kebabs and then the elephant scare

8. bed bugs!!!

9. the 4 feet long cobra?? quicksilver me & sanjay were the only ones that saw it.

As for me, long after the others had left, my tyrst with the wildlife continued. ran into a jumbo and a baby jumbo at muthanga pretty well behaved I must say.

all in all a great meet. thanx sriram, zak & charen and steer, kb, tadu, akshay, rahul, anup, nash, nikki, aha, jk and others whom I missed out for making the meet so much fun.

p.s - we'll have our next tri-state meet in thalavady?

had to include
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Well done!! Awesome meet, great report with lovely pictures. Wish I was there!!!
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Default Bangy report - Part I

Well being one of the first few to confirm for this meet I was sad that I wouldn't make it. Damn exams. But, then things happened and I got detained from writing them. Didn't know what to do. Harrie, zak, tadu said just get out and get your mind off the exams. They seemed right.

And thus I called condor and said I would be hitching a ride with him. Along with blue boy. But then I gave a call to tadu and insisted he came, he is a nice chap that one. And always kind hearted, takes us kids on long drives every saturday, shows a lot of concern and is a lot of fun to hang around with (a hint other bangy members must take lol). He said he would let me know by 10 pm and he did. He was in. While all this had been confirmed my mom called me and said there was an appointment with a certain astrologer at some 6am next day at hosur and I had to be there. I hate those guys (last time I visited someone like that, I lost a chance of picking up my brand new R6 by 2hrs) . So i asked tadu to meet me at hosur at 6:30am while condor and v1p3r would leave at 4:30 as per the first schedule.

v1p3r dropped home at about 1am to pick up my 14'' tires as he didn't want to risk the neova's on coimby and surrounding roads. More so because he was to carry them home and fit them on his car. Maybe turn them into slicks so that I would get tremendous grip at next year's speedrun . Such is our friendship. We all help each other in times of need, and mostly at times when there isn't a need too.

We called up psycho to find out where they were partying, but they were on their way back home. For some reason we see him partying too much these days without the suzi fan club as we are referred to on the forum. Its 3:30am and I had to be dropped off at padmanabhanagar by 4:30. Instead our blue boy went way out of hand and offered to help me get a drop till forum. First kind gesture since I had not kept up my promise of finding something to keep him away from his manly miseries. While he left I waited with baggage till 4:40 for my parents to arrive.

We reached hosur, got lost (and for once it wasn't my fault) finally managed to find the astrologers house. And we were told since this was our first visit only the head of the family would see him. I was jumping with joy, called up tadu and told him to leave home. He reached hosur, just by then somehow my mom's friend had gotten to convince the astrologer to see me too. Tadu was waiting, and so were 50 others waiting to see the astrologer. How long would he see me in? 10 mins ? 30 mins ? 2 hrs ? I told dad I couldn't wait. Besides I was too scared if he said I had to quit driving or maybe studying and do business. You know them. Dad said, fine you leave. Against the wish of my mom and her friends. He is the the sweetest man I have known till date. Don't know if I should be lucky to be born as his son or feel sad for having troubled him over the years.

He requested tadu not to hurry up as we were already running behind schedule. And off we went. Breakfast at A1 plaza and before we knew we were at Avinashi. Where Harrie was to join us with the T-shirts. We met up with the sumo boys who had just reached tirupur 20 mins before us. And I heard they left bangy at some 5:30. Time is about 1pm.
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Good morning everybody! It was an awesome meet. Thanks all. Words can't do justice to all the fun and excitement we had in the last few days.

Wait!! What the heall?
This is the 14th page or so! That means, some words have been spoken already about the meet. Wait, let me check!
Holy sinful souls!! Even pictures and a report too!
Now, let me unload my Qualis before I think anything.
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hey common we guys at trivandrum want to meet up as well! we cant let you guys have all the fun
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Looks like you guys had a great time!!!! Wish I could be there!!

Originally Posted by mclaren1885 View Post
Except for this time the bored member has promised us that he won't be needing baby sitting this time. That crown infact might soon be Ishaan's.
I think you're mistaken here Rahul, I don't babysit anybody especially not when there is some drinking happening!!!!
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I forgot. Jk is also sleeping all the way to glory too. He was supposed to be at home by now. Let me wake him up too.

Thanks all for making it to the meet. We will soon have all the pictures up and posted.

@Xinome. Losers! Guys from far places like Bangalore made it for this meet. Shame on you! Why didn't you come too. We should've put your BLACK machine to a lot of good use!
Hope your Trivandrum meet is not exclusive to TVM boys alone. Or is it? The title and some initial posts makes me think so. Please clarify there. :
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Originally Posted by mclaren1885 View Post
We reached hosur, got lost (and for once it wasn't my fault) finally managed to find the astrologers house. .
You forgot you had a friendly helpline no in Hosur.. MY NO.
Could've come to my Room and waited.. My room is on the GQ.
Itz in a mess though.

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Where are the Pics?????

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Whatte birthday bash! Rode to Salem,got drunk at Salem (16quarts of romanov, damn Shilpa) 14-18 guys, tandoori and at 12 a damn big choco cake, a song by bros friends and on phone my gf and all her PG mates! damn it! I was overwhelmed !

Condor, thanx for picking me up. You blueboy..wait till I reach home and post pix.

Know what?

1) Blueboy missed the fun.
2) He was OUT for 6-8hours...who ? blueboy
3) He holds the record for sitting on da Throne! 2.30hrs!

from KB100's logs:

1)MCL to v1p3r; dude can you get me piston rings ?
2)Few got lucky to see his old tattered laced shoe pix

Condor logs:

Condor to v1p3r; do you know that you crossed 100kmph on 3rd gear? Mine was 60kmph max!

and then v1p3r jumps a pothole and looks at Condor pathetically and says 'Sorry!'

v1p3r ( ie, before he went kaput) logs:

To Condor "Can I overtake from left? Safari can do this easily and once you are in TN thats the way to drive. (and again he says) Safari can do this and so should Sumo."

After few drinks:

zzz...ZZZZZZZZ..zzzzz....ZZZZZZZZZZ :(

Vip3r, let me take this oppurtunity to apologize ( me and Rahul actually). There was no snake or elephants. We just shouted so that you would wake up after leave the throne after sitting there for 2.30hr.

Hydra, about the TN border...Quicksilver paid them 150Rs to let us cross. Shame on the Forest guys from TN side. Really. I have the clsoe up pic of the damn guy who asked us money.

AND those who left early! The Silent Valley drive was superb! Wait for Steer to post pix.

sniff sniff, I am still at Whyte Fort. Someone wanna take me out for a drive? I dnt want lunch just a drive!

zakky; the guy who has the card reader in on hol or so.

Oh and that great thali meal we had last afternoon at Annapoorna! Superb

I think I was the only guy who drank beer of teh 14 that was brought.

rest of the thamasha later.
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It really was a great trip Zakko . Thanks harrie, quicksilver, charan & all others who made it a rememberable one.

V1P3R - You need to reduce your weight.

Some pics from me too...
Monsoon mayhem....

Artofzen, Zak, Nikkibike,Aha & Hydra

A plymoth spotted in front of the Race course CCD, in coimby.

thats quicksilver,artofzen,me,nikkibike,hydra,aha & Zak

What? .....Toilet?

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