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Default Thank you, TBHP Bangalore!

This post is a bit overdue, but then I've been on the road ever since I drafted it and AirTel's GPRS service sucks big time - it doesnt allow me to upload.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Team BHP members at TGIF Bangalore last Sunday. This is the first time that I have actually met up with members of any virtual forum that I have been a participant in, and it was an occassion to remember. I met up with Rudra, left my car at his place and he drove me to TGIF in the "Bling Thing". He also gave me a shot of the 'pimping sound' on his bling thing on the drive back, on request...those blaupunkt subwoofers in his boot sure looked huge (gas cylinder sized) but the base wasnt booming - it was JUST right.

Met up with Samurai, Jaggu, a friend of Jaggu's, Iceman, Psycho and Ajmat. Thank you for the occassion, guys - it was amazing to meet with an entirely new set of people and feel at ease almost immediately.

Hope you guys stayed to watch F1, because I couldnt get a glimpse of it. Was stuck in Bangalore's notorious roads almost throughout the day, wrestling with potholes, autos that refuse to move off the fast lanes, trucks that are busy racing each other on the ring road and BTS buses that stop in the middle of the road to pick up passengers....more on that, and the B'lore-Mysore road later.

Took my car to Trident Hyundai the next day because the right tie-rod looked suspect during a water service after the drive on the highway to hell (Bangalore Mysore Road), having smashed my suspension on two unmarked speedbreakers at over 100 kmph amongst other things on that road...thankfully Trident confirms no damage has been done. Must place on record my thanks to the chaps at Trident Hyundai who agreed to inspect and if necessary do the repairs on the same day despite being overloaded - they didnt even have a spare service bay when I landed up, but cleared one out for the inspection. In contrast, Advaith Hyundai agreed to inspect on the same day, but said any work will HAVE to wait for tomorrow.

Anyway, we drove back to Cochin on Tuesday and there were no issues with the car. The big crib here is about the Rs.23 toll on the L&T 'expressway' outside Coimbatore - you pay just Rs.25 for the terrific 4 lane road from Hosur to Krishnagiri and here you end up paying nearly the same amount for a two-lane highway (without any median) that is no different from any other NH, plus it requires you to stop and show proof of payment on 3 separate toll booths, has four unmanaged crossings and ONE intersection with a signal too! This is highway robbery at its worst, and they have been at it for quite a few years now. Isnt there a point where they stop collecting toll?

Jaggu/Psycho - thanks for putting me through to Chinoy. Met up with him and I should receive the CDI for my RD350 in about 10 days. I've also fixed up to bring my spare barrels and crankshaft for him to work on the next time I'm in Bangalore. Your references sure helped out...

Once again it was a pleasure joining you guys for a sunday afternoon drink. Till we meet again.....

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Originally Posted by Steeroid
At least it made Foster's taste good, that's a first time for me...

It was great meeting you too, I didn't know you were an avid biker until then.
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missed out this post.. glad to know its working out for ur rd
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Thank you once again, Bangalore and BHPians from there. Its been a great three days.

The highlights :

1. Meeting Desert Fox, an incredible chap who is now a very dear friend. Thanks DF for everything - you've been a great help.

2. Psyched Esteem. Need I say more (actually I have, in another thread).

3. v1p3r for playing gracious host.

4. Rahul and Tadu for joining us on one of the drive-outs.

5. Chinoy for taking in my RD engine, Zak for helping me STRIP the engine from the bike. Jaggu for telling me exactly what needs to be done to it.

6. Old Man Rudro for being the great friend that he is, and for the wonderful whisky-fuelled talk we had.


7. Godfather for not picking up his phone after creating a ruckus for not having gotten in touch.

The last three days have also been more like a vehicle spa visit with new tyres, service and TLC for my Dicor which is now (touch wood) back in showroom condition thanks to Prerna Motors, my dear friend and Tata Motors.

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Originally Posted by Steeroid View Post
7. Godfather for not picking up his phone after creating a ruckus for not having gotten in touch.
Sorry steer.. In the bangy meet thread i have explained that my phone broke.. I will get a new one today.. hopefully the N95.
and the next time you are here i am definately coming.

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You are welcome. Actually see you at Charan's farmhouse.
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whoa... thats almost 2 years now since you first met the bangy gang. I actually enjoyed reading the 1st post of this thread. Hmmm so Rudro da treated you to some fundu single malt, did he?
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Not to forget the chases

I look forward to the opportunity to start a similar thread for DXB.
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