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Default Report:Cochin Meet 28-08-2005

Finally ,On Aug 28th Saturday ,Cochin had its first TBHP meet at Nasha -watering hole at The Metropolitan.Before the meet i went through our Meet section in the site to know what turnout can be considered as good for a first meet.One thing was glaring out,apart from mumbai and bangalore no other cities had a turnout of more than 3.So i thought anything more than 3 for a first meet should be acceptable.And as luck or rather the spirit was good,we had an attendance of 6 people and out of them two people had driven down from neighbouring districts.Congratulations to all for making it a succesful one and special cheers to Steeroid for the best part-Taking the initiative.

Members Present:Steeroid,ArtofZen,Manoj,PhilipKutty,Carfre ak,KPhilip

Rides(above order):Safari DICOR,Accent CRDI,Esteem,Innova,Accent CRDI,Pulsar 180 with K&N

I reached the venue at around 7.15 and found Manoj already waiting in the lobby.Kphilip was the next guy in followed by Carfreak.Carfreak had driven down all the way from aleppey(70 kms) just for the meet.I wanted to see the aircheckers on carfreaks CRDI tyres and so went to check it out.he had 185/60R14 Michelins on his car which looked real sweet with the alloys.We checked out each others car after that till steeroid appeared in his new safari DICOR.I wanted to check the car then and there but decided to go in and have a drink first.Once settled inside,we got to know what Steeroid did for a living,(Didnt understand much except that everything was in dollars).

We talked about things from RD 350(which Steeroid owns and yes which he hasnt posted) to BMW 1942 motobikes,safari issues,carfreaks quiries about 350 parts,Steeroids job,accents ride,skoda..phew ya we did talk about a lot of things.;-)

And then came in Philipkutty(drove down around 60 KM),Anybody who still hasnt seen his homepage ,This is the point where you do.just one word.Fabulous.He started talking about his life ,how he started his farm,how he managed to get his first guest and finally how he managed to get his farm talked about by people thousands of km away.He had a very intresting story to tell us of how he turned his farm to the way it is now.Let me quote fromn his own word ;-) "The food,the room,the ambience...everything i sfree..We just carge for the time " .And the topics skidded from torque to scorpios handling(PAthetic!!),from TATA's way of dealing with warranty to a site called,from anita nanjappa to philipkuttuy's hobby.....Ok i know what you guys are wondering :-) His hobby is....Air Rifles...the usual -).ya right...I didnt tell about my hobby which is not very common like Airrifles....stamp collecton.Maybe next time.

The time now was 9.30..Two hours and nobody knew it.We never ran out of topic bcz there wasnt enough time to talk about a single topic.We decided to call it a day and got out.We were supposed to say goodBye and leave.Ha not so fast.All made a run for the safari DICOR. started it ,revved it,back seat ,front seat,tyres,stickers,brakelights...and at last Team BHP stickers.Took one and stuck it on Philipkutty's Innova then and there.

Now came the only bad part of the meet.No cam ;-( .Ya something had to go wrong.Managed a snap with my fone which had just 1 megapixel to capture one of the best meets in our lives.

L-R:Manoj,KPhilip,Safari DICOR ;-) ,CarFreak,PhilipKutty,Steeroid

We decided to split as it was 10.30 and two people had a loong drive home.But we had decided about the next meet.One an Offroad drive to test the 4*4 capability of DiCOR and a drive to PhilipKutty's farm.

Good bits about the meet:

->SIX people took part(A recod for a debut meet after Blore and Mumbai)

Cant list all the others ,too many..

Bad part about the meet:

->ONLY six people took part(Can improve next time)

->No camera

All in all a wonderful experience and a sense of belonging in terms of our passion.

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For Rudra sir on behalf of Steeroid

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well thats cool guys.driving 60-70 kms just for the meet..thats the spirit..a good report there artofzen and we all do hope lot more people turn up for the next meet..well try giving a serious competition to bangalore and bombay(i mean mumbai as its called off lately)!!!
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Well...the next meeting would be my chance to set a TBHP record for driving 220 kms in to attend a meet...from Trivandrum to Cochin.

Great report there artofzen...iI really missed the meet.... felt very sad after reading it...

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hi artofzen,
i guess all of us who made it to the meet owe you a lot-it is very difficult organising a meet and organising the first meet is even more difficult.hats off to you for doing all the tough,it would not have happened had it not been for you!!
a slight mistake buddy-i drove from kottayam,not alleppey.anyway the distance is almost same(ha ha)
yes we talked about a lot of things but then there was one thing in common-cars!!but then that was the common bond that binds all of us right?
and the picture has come quite good especially considering the poor lighting and that it was a camera phone.i guess all of us should take a print and keep it.since we all were the first(reminds me of an ad-line-when was the last time you did something for the first time?)forgot which ad though.
i am looking forward for the slush drive in steeroid's safari and of course the visit to philipkuttys farm.i will get pics of my rd350 too for the next meet if i dont forget!!!
and we all should keep in touch from time to time.
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Default Count me in too!!!!

Just joined this group and this is my first post... First let me congratulate you folks for organizing the meet at Cochin . Would've joined too if I knew :-)... Actually I stay just 60 kms from Cochin, at Thodupuzha... So, bye for now, and you would be hearing from me along.
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yea, artofzen and steroid needs a special thanx for organising this meet and making it a successful beginning.Hope all other mallus will be aware of the fact that cochin is as hot as the other major cities for the next time hoping to meet a lot more petrol heads in cochin.
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That's right kphilip...but the problem is that most of the better car-freaks from Kerala are settled else where... Bangalore, mumbai, etc
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Originally Posted by kphilip
.so next time hoping to meet a lot more petrol heads in cochin.

sure dude...c ya soon..

artofzen, nice review...

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kool review there, hope I could also join the gang, plz post when you next plan to have the meeting, would definitely try to make it..
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Default Thanks ARTOFZEN

Thanks Artofzen for making the meet happen and more importantly for posting it. I've been a bit caught up with my new apartment and the new Safari, so have been off the forum for a while.

We will make it to Philipkuttys and we will have a mudbath with the Safari. Its just back after the external VX upgrade (body coloured bumpers and mouldings + grille) promised by the dealer and it looks like a million bucks finally. I was quite pissed off with the grey cladding and its only now that I feel I've taken delivery of a brand new car.

Suresh (Indicoupe) had been in touch with me after the meet - we'll hopefully have a bigger crowd the next time around. And a camera,too...

As for the Dicor, its covered just 1,500 kms till date mainly because of my preoccupation with the apartment and a couple of trips abroad - no long tours yet and we're planning to start the Llumar Anti-glare sunscreens fixed and it cost me Rs.11,000/-. Also got speakers changed to Blaupunkt in front and Boston in the rear - I have a pair of Sony Explods which didnt work too well on the Safari.

Anyone interested in picking up a Blaupunkt Monte Carlo MP34 let me know...
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Hi arto,

Nice to read the 'minutes'. The next meeting may require a few pages for the minutes I hope, with all the interest shown . What was best about the meet was that we all got along very well. Regarding numbers my personal opnion is that we must not push for too many . Quality over quantity is important to sustain such meets!! Those commited will drive a long distance for the meet and the numbers should grow organically and not like the Karunakaran congress rallies!

As mentioned All are welcome for the next meet at my place.

Regards and best wishes for now.


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