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Default Re: The Contessa Club meets at Bangalore

Thanks Ram,
That's the whole idea behind the technical meet or as I would like to call it CCI EdSe-Jan 2011 (as EDSEE for education series)is to educate, inform and enable our members, providing deeper insight into the car and a trouble free ownership experience.
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Default Re: The Contessa Club meets at Bangalore

Hey Guys,
I recently came across a Contessa but sadly had to let go.
Reason: Too many rebuilds taking too much of my time and this vehicle though in a good condition mechanically, needed a lot of work cosmetically.
Here are some of the pics
Name:  Contessa Image00101.jpg
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Size:  63.8 KB

Name:  Contessa Image00102.jpg
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Name:  Contessa Image00103.jpg
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Name:  Contessa Image00104.jpg
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Name:  Contessa Image00105.jpg
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Name:  Contessa Image00106.jpg
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Plus the price I was getting it for was peanuts, actually peanuts.
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Default Re: The Contessa Club meets at Bangalore

Just had a fantastic Workshop.
Teaser pics for you.
The actual content will be posted after processing for other members to view.

Name:  IMG_0388 Medium.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0392 Medium.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0394 Medium.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0395 Medium.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0403 Medium.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0405 Medium.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0406 Medium.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0407 Medium.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0417 Medium.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0427 Medium.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0436 Medium.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0438 Medium.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0454 Medium.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0464 Medium.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0480 Medium.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0502 Medium.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0503 Medium.jpg
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Default Re: The Contessa Club meets at Bangalore

I personally wish to thank all attendees and CCI members for making this even happen and spend their valuable 2 hours with us .My special thanks to Krishna without whom this even would not have been possible.
M Iyer
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Default Re: The Contessa Club meets at Bangalore

one of the most informative meet....! Today's meet was an eye opener to many of our team mates, especially me. All thanks to Mahesh sir and Krishna sir. and of course the rest of the wonderful growing team of CCI as well. super interactive, loved every minute of the meet. looking forward for the next super meet. Ah almost forgot.... nice touch wit the CCI souvenir....
Krishna sir Last but not the least thanks a lot for the CONTESSA parts list and workshop manual cd's.
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Default Re: The Contessa Club meets at Bangalore

WOW!!! You guys are surely doing a fantastic job, keeping the passion alive and also imparting knowledge at the same time.
Hats off to you guys. Had there been a similar group in Delhi (NCR) it would have been wonderful, but allas there's none.
Cheers mate
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Default Re: The Contessa Club meets at Bangalore

Guys, when will you post the actual modifications, to be done ? Very very eager to see them - impart them in my conti asap.
Best Regards and Hearty Congrats for Miyer and Kittigadu for having a tech edu series of CCI.
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Default Re: The Contessa Club meets at Bangalore

It was a great meet indeed. Special thanks to mahesh and krishna in organizing them. It was like attending a highly organized and structural training which we happen to see at our work place, everything was perfect, starting with the introduction(awsome clip), followed by the session presentations and then proceeding towards live demo.
I liked the key chain too..

Krishna: request you to upload that intro clip too..
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Default Re: The Contessa Club meets at Bangalore

That's some great news! Eagerly waiting for the videos.

Special Cheers to Krishna and Mahesh!
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Default Re: The Contessa Club meets at Bangalore

Hi All,

Congrats Came to know about this club very late. Like the way the club is organizing and keep up the good job. Will join for next meet.

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Default Re: The Contessa Club meets at Bangalore

Krishna & Mahesh...Yet another stupendous effort from CCI to enligten the motorheads of their passion.Congratulations.
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Default Re: The Contessa Club meets at Bangalore

As part of CCI education series I am posting some information on Carbs:
I have heard of using carbs from other cars and some discussion. I agree that you can use the carb of your choice as long as the fundamental concept of the IC engine are met for fuel efficiency,power ect. The IC engine is basically an air pump and the carb is an important part of the assembly.

There are several calculators available for determining the approximate size of a carburetor for your engine application.

CFM and Carburetors:
Carburetors are rated by CFM (cubic feet per minute) capacity.

Rule: For maximum performance, select a carburetor that is rated higher than the engine CFM requirement.

Example: If the engine needs 590 CFM, select a carburetor rated in the range of 650 to 770 CFM for a single-plane manifold. A 750 would be right. An 850 probably would cause drive-ability problems at lower RPM. A 1050 probably would cause actual loss of HP below 4500 RPM.
Again manifold type have to be taken to consideration.

CFM and Manifolds:
Manifolds must be sized to match the application. Because manifolds are made for specific engines, select manifolds based on the RPM range.
CFM and Camshafts:
With the proper carburetor and manifold it is possible to select a cam that loses 5% to 15% of the potential HP. These losses come from the wrong lift and duration which try to create air flow that does not match the air flow characteristics of the carburetor, manifold, head and exhaust so volumetric efficiency is reduced. An increase in camshaft lobe duration of 10 degrees will move the HP peak up 500 RPM but watch out; it may lose too much HP at lower RPM.
CFM and Cylinder Heads:
Cylinder heads are usually the limiting component in the whole air flow chain. That is why installing only a large carburetor or a long cam in a stock engine does not work. When it is not possible to replace the cylinder heads because of cost, a better matching carburetor, manifold, cam and exhaust can increase HP of most stock engines by 10 to 15 points.
CFM and Exhaust:
An engine must exhaust burned gases before it can intake the next fresh charge. Cast iron, log style manifolds hamper the exhaust process. Tube style exhaust systems are preferred. But headers are often too big; especially for Performer and Performer RPM levels. Improving an engine’s Volumetric Efficiency depends on high exhaust gas velocity to scavenge the cylinder. This will not happen if the exhaust valve dumps into a big header pipe. On the newer computer controlled vehicles it is also important to ensure that all emissions control devices, and especially the O2 sensor, still work as intended.
CFM and Engine Control:
Spark timing must be matched to Volumetric Efficiency because VE indicates the quantity of charge in each cylinder on each stroke of the engine. Different engine families require distinctly different spark advance profiles. And even engines of equal CID but different CR require their own unique spark advance profiles. Rule: Expect 0.1% to 0.5% loss in Torque for each 1 degree error in spark timing advanced or retarded from best timing. Also, detonation will occur with spark advanced only 3 degrees to 5 degrees over best timing and detonation will cause 1% to 10% torque loss, immediately, and engine damage if allowed to persist.

Now I also wanted to post some basic know how on the Nippon Kikaki Carb:

What to look for while buying a Nikki Carb:

As part of CCI’s education series, I wanted to include a full feature on the Nikki Carb purchase and rebuilding. Now that there is specific, mention about the Nikki, I would like to give some tips and a quick reference guideline for procuring used Nikki carburetors.

All people do is look for a glass window and jump into buying it and end up with a small window without the glass in their pockets. Spares are not easily available and rebuilding it to perfection can be a challenge.

Nevertheless a Carb overhaul kit is available and does nothing much to wake up a dead donkey.

The four sub-assemblies are the auto-choke and cable bracket assembly, the air horn, the main body, and the throttle body/flange body.

What to look for:

Does the car have a separate choke fitment? If you dint notice it in the car you can see a cable that separately connects fast idle cam/choke.

Don’t buy the Carb. I t means that the Solenoid valve assembly is either damaged or the wires off the soldering. Also the electric choke coil and piston assy is damaged or not functional.

In the Nikki Carb the choke it is automatically controlled by a thermostat employing a bimetallic spring. If the electrical connections and linkages are not intact and show some missing parts then you are in for some trouble again.
Does the diaphragm chamber (vacuum operated power valve) show signs of leak and when actuated, does it sounds like flicking your tongue with your lower lip to cause a vacuum? It sounds crude again but helps to check if it works.
If not then the Diaphragm assy is not working and will not actuate to let more fuel into the main circuit and stall after a certain speed.

It is important that the flange body is also intact and is prone to getting hammered while removing the Carb. Please observe that the breather pipes are not cut or damaged.

Once your carb is fully restored this is how it should look.

I have attached the pics.
Attached Files
File Type: pdf Carb pics.pdf (202.2 KB, 382 views)
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Default Re: The Contessa Club meets at Bangalore

Wonderful article. Thanks for sharing. When is the next CCI meet?
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Default Re: The Contessa Club meets at Bangalore

This is a wonderful place for Contessa Owners to check out the Mods and repairs of their cars.

Please do announce when the next conti club meet is expected to happen in bangalore.

I would love to be part of it

Best Regards
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Default CCI mentor Prof Ramaswamy passes away

Name:  ramaswamy1.jpg
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Size:  69.0 KB

Name:  ramaswamy2.jpg
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Size:  298.5 KB

I am grieved to let all our CCI members know of the sad demise of Prof. N S Ramaswamy.

He left us at 7:30 PM last evening after a brief illness. Fondly know as “Guruji”, Prof. was the vision behind many social and charitable initiatives.

Many of our CCI members would not be aware, that it was this great human being that inspired & mentored the formation of the Conty Club of India and its activities. He gave CCI the vision, mission and all support to keep this automobile alive and carry forward a legacy. His deep routed belief in charity, equality of all beings, passion for automobiles, environment, nature and management has inspired several youth to take up such activities. He has taken time of his hectic schedules to advice & mentor each of such initiatives till his last days.

Guruji is a Padma awardee, a national professor, the founder director of IIM B and involved with several such institutions in the capacity of chairman, advisor ect (the list is exhaustive). It is difficult to fathom the amount of work and service rendered by him in his life time. We pray, he can inspire more of us to lead a life of character and make a change even if it is small, towards our fellow beings and society at large.

We are privileged to make mention that the Contessa he bought and owned remains well preserved with Mike, one of CCI’s founder member. The mentor of CCI has left behind a huge responsibility for us manage. Let us join hands and keep the spirit, character, vision, mission and the very ethos of his life through our club and its activities.

Let us pay homage and pray to almighty that his soul rests in peace.

PS: The brake booster event took place in the CARTMAN park, Koramangala Bangalore, Guruji spent a few minutes with us when we were here.

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