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Default My "not so great" experience with the Mahindra XUV5OO W8. Too many niggles!!

Dear members,

I got the delivery of my XUV 500 W8 in moondust silver color on 30th November 2011 amidst pomp & splendour. My family & I were proud of the fact that we were one of the earliest owners of this excellent car. A lot was anticipated & said about the car. On the contrary, I was also advised to be careful by fellowmen stating "afterall its a Mahindra car". However my counter-arguement was always that why cant an Indian company be given an opportunity if they build a world-class product? I was assuming that after making a world-class car loaded with features & yet contained when it came to the price tag, the service standards too would drastically be upgraded. I was to be proved wrong in times to come.

The trouble started from day 1 wherein there was a noise in tail door. I called up the dealership in Malad, Mumbai & they sent a gentleman by name of Devilal who tried making some adjustments. However the noise continued & on 10th Dec, I was told to take the car to the workstation at Malad. My RM was to be one Mr Hussain. I called him on 9th or 10th of Dec and was told to get the car on 14th Dec.

On 12th Dec, my USB drive of the music system stopped functioning. On 14th Dec, I took the car to the workshop with the following complaints:

1) USB drive in the music system dysfunctional
2) Tail gate noise
3) Cabin noise
4) Gearbox was hard especially when down-shifting
5) Chiller box lid was not proper

While a time was given of 10am, Hussain reached only at 1045 hrs. All problems were explained to him and he assured me that the car would be ready in the evening. However it was not & I was told it will be ready the next day morning (15th Dec) and later in the evening (15th Dec). All this while, not even once did I get a call from Hussain and it was I who was following up once the timeline given exceeded.

On 15th evening, I reached the workstation and Hussain told me that the car was ready & all the problems mentioned above were sorted out. To my utter amazement, the car was dirty both from inside & outside. At around 1730 hrs when I had called Hussain, I was told that the car was ready & had gone for washing. At 1830 hrs when I reached the workstation, it was parked there with no sign of washing or cleaning. When I pointed this out, Hussain took a cloth & started cleaning the car.

This was just the begining. When I switched on the system, USB was still not working. I was told that it was working & that everything was checked before my arrival. When I asked Hussain had he inspected the vehicle, the answer was negative. I lost my cool and asked to see his senior. A one Mr Baiju was called who seemed really busy with multiple phone calls & enough crisis to handle. I explained to him the problem and he said that people from Nippon will have to be called for fixing the system and that I could take the car for the time being and he would send someone the next day to my office to replace the system. It took another 20 minutes for the exit procedure. The end result being that none of my complaints were sorted inspite of keeping a 10-day old car in the service station for 2 full days.

On 16th morning, I realised that the cabin noise & tail gate noise issues still continued & infact the noise had increased. I took the car to the service station and a couple of technicians came with me for a test drive. Amidst all these problems, fog started coming out from the air-conditioning system by which even the technicians were surprised as this according to them was first-of-its-kind problem. This resulted in me leaving the car yet again with the service station.

I had to go to Ahemdabad on 17th Dec & had planned to take my new car. The same was communicated to Baiju & Hussain well in advance. However on 16th evening I was told that the car needs further inspection & that a team from the plant in Nasik is coming down as the coolant pipe was ruptured?!? Meanwhile an Innova was arranged by G3 as a replacement wherein I had to bear the fuel cost which was agreeable by me. On my return from Ahemdabad on 19th morning, the car was still not ready & I was given a loaner car which was an XUV W6.

On 20th Dec too, I was given the same reason that the plant engineers were still inspecting the car which ticked me off. I demanded to speak to a representative from M&M and was given details of one Mr Jay Gandhi. After explaining my case to him I requested for his intervention. However at one point of time, I was told by him that the work was on & he wants to ensure that the car is delivered to me in "perfect condition" & that if I insisted, they could deliver the car and wont be responsible if it still had problems

Thats when I twitted about my continuing bitter experience & when I sent a twit to Mr Anand Mahindra, I immdtly recd a call from the Head of Customer Care, Mumbai. The car was delivered to me after repeated assurances from him & Jay that it was in perfect shape and multiple test drives, inspections etc. had happened by the plant engineers, on 24th night (exactly after 10 days). On 25th morning when I took the car out for an early morning drive, to my continuing annoyance & disappointment, the chiller box had started creaking, the touch screen of certain functions not working, tiretronics not installed, noise on driver's side door, a certain noise coming from the engine while the car gathers speed..............etc. etc.

My previous cars included a Maruti Vxi and Honda City Automatic. I am appalled with the service standards and proficiency of M&M engineers vis-a-vis the other two cars I have owned in the past. The people around me were right, no matter what it does, its Mahindra afterall! I feel like I did not upgrade myself to a Rs 14 lac SUV which has won lot of accolades, but have downgraded myself to a car which has been giving me problems from the word go and an inefficient & unprofessional team who are ill-equipped / trained to live upto the buzz XUV 500 has created in the market.

Its great to make a world-class product but to support it with equally proficient team & service is more challenging!

As I write, Jay Shah with his team is expected to yet again inspect my car and take it back to service station, this time hopefully not for 10 more days.

This is my personal experience & probably I am the unlucky one who has received a defective car. I am glad for other members here who have picked up XUV and thoroughly enjoying their spins. Am not here to discourage the prospective buyers as well.

As mentioned earlier, this is what I have been subject to and while the car is excellent, its the service that will decide the fate of this car & M&M.

As I write, I have also got to know that some of the cars are having problems in terms of getting heated up and some car-owners have complained about the gearbox!

Will keep you posted on the developments!

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Default Re: My not so great experience with XUV5oo W8

Oops, not a good sign for M&M. I thought they were onto a winner with the XUV, sad to see so many quality issues and part failures in a new vehicle. Really reinforces my resolve to never buy a vehicle in the first year after launch.

Hope they fix the car soon enough, and I'm glad that atleast Mr.Anand Mahindra was prompt at initiating some follow up once he was aware of your issues. Shows that he cares about his customers. Only hope they did'nt have to go through such issues in the first place.
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Default Re: My not so great experience with XUV5oo W8

This was the greatest fear surrounding the buzz of the XUV5OO and unfortuately, cases such as yours have made it true.
Its very sad to hear this. I hope your car will be sorted soon.

Anyways, I still keep my fingers crossed and hope this is a one-off case

Also, the result of the tweet to Mr. Anand Mahindra is encouraging. It means they are not having a high-handed attitude but really want to make sure that the customer experience is good.

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Default Re: My not so great experience with XUV5oo W8

This is NOT GOOD. Is this the car which has won so many accolades, even in T-BHP?

I can understand that one particular piece maybe defective but is this the way Mahindra treats a customer who has spent 14 lacs on their product? And this is not the only case mentioned in T-BHP.

I am a Mahindra fan & I was a prospect customer of the XUV, to replace our trusty old Innova. Infact, I was waiting for the bookings to reopen. Not anymore. I would prefer buying the tried & tested Scorpio again, maybe the A/T.

We will wait for the outcome of this car or wait for M&M to clean up the mess first.
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Default Re: My not so great experience with XUV5oo W8

This is not good for the XUV brand. Mind you, all these are not problems related to 'fancy' electronics that W8 has. What is more appalling is the level of service that @hell yeah was provided. I really hope that these issues are fixed ASAP and Mahindra engineers take this input for the next batch.
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Default Re: My not so great experience with XUV5oo W8

Sorry to hear about your story, but my experience says wait for market response for any Indian make, be it TATA or M&M. They will take ages to rectify problems and delivery something matching International std. As well said by GTO in his review about XUV500, their service stations are not well equipped. And your case proves that.
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Default Re: My not so great experience with XUV5oo W8

Thanks for sharing your experience, it sounds like M&M still haven't learnt their lesson as far as Customer Service & Satisfaction are concerned. What is amazing is that their shoddy service levels manifested themselves even after your tweet to Anand M!

Hope they wake up before their reputation takes a further battering! In the meantime, good luck with your vehicle, hope the issues get resolved soon.
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Default Re: My not so great experience with XUV5oo W8

Immense sadness and a huge blow to the confidence.
Reminded me of moderator tsk1979's Safari thread, where problems keep on reappearing in one form or another.

The problems themselves are not big and are definitely not critical failures. But what is alarming is the service center's ability to resolve them in time and permanently.
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Default Re: My not so great experience with XUV5oo W8

Really feel sorry for you, i think XUV is one more product where the service standards and poor quality checks would ultimately blow it down and the waiting lists would disappear. We have a Scorpio and have always loved the car but the service standards by M&M have been below average everytime.

They were talking of relationship managers, personalized service etc, what happened? Are the RM's same normal service advisors?

Electronics have been a weak spot for Mahindra and the have loaded XUV excessively with it, good car, good engine, stable, everything good but reliability , the early owners are always guinea pigs.
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Default Re: My not so great experience with XUV5oo W8

Looking at this objectively, an automobile that is:

1. brand new from ground-up; launched for the first time.
2. manufactured with technology deployed for the first time in the manufacturer's history
3. known to have electronics that were admitted to be rather complex - by the manufacturer
4. experienced for the first time by the company's service centers

should probably be brought with a pinch of salt. Of course, this bearing in mind 100% accountability from the manufacturer towards the quality of its products.
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Default Re: My not so great experience with XUV5oo W8

One of my colleague was immensely interested in buying the XUV 500 but I had cautioned him against it after reading the issues being faced by Aria owners. I am happy that our Indian manufacturers are adopting to International standards really quickly but the back-up and support has always been lacking.
M&M should have prepared themselves to ensure that such issues are taken care of right from the beginning. I have always abhorred situations where-in manufacturers learn at the cost of the buyer. Come on ppl we are shelling out our hard earned money on these vehicles and do expect them to perform as promised.
Hope that these issues get resolved ASAP. All the very best mate!
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Default Re: My "not so great" experience with the Mahindra XUV5OO W8. Too many niggles!!

Thats really sad ! BTW you havent mentioned about the gearbox problems .Has that been sorted out ?

I can understand M&M mechanics not being able to readily solve the electronics glitches like the USB ...but other issues like a rattling door or a panel are things that any dealership should be trained enough to work on .

About most people having voted for the XUV ,how many of them have actually driven one ?. My assumption is that most of us have voted based on the specs and the looks .

Hw is the ride ? M&M vehicles have never given me a good feel in terms of the ride nor the drive .

Do keep us posted .
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Default Re: My "not so great" experience with the Mahindra XUV5OO W8. Too many niggles!!

Very sad, though not surprising. This is exactly what we'd reported on in the official review; the niggles & Mahindra's service experiences can take away from the pleasure of ownership. If this is happening in a brand new car, God knows how she will behave once you log on 20,000 / 40,000 / 80,000 kms. It might be recollected that our <1,000 kms test car also developed three niggles.

Don't relieve the pressure off Mahindra's back. You've paid over a million rupees for their product and they better give you quality service.

Meanwhile an Innova was arranged by G3 as a replacement
Looks like Mahindra also knows where to go when reliability is a must!
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Default Re: My "not so great" experience with the Mahindra XUV5OO W8. Too many niggles!!

It does leave a bad taste in mouth. But when buying a M&M/ Tata one needs to accept these kind of niggles and issues. Either live with it or visit the service station on your way to work and home!
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Default Re: My "not so great" experience with the Mahindra XUV5OO W8. Too many niggles!!


After owning / driving a long list of M&M vehicles personaly i feel Mahindra products are excellent, but Quality checks at plant & local service (Except v few)are pathetic. Plant final QA team will feel PDI will do it and PDI will think 1st service team will do it , ultimately nothing happens and product is pushed thru the throat of the customer...

My 2008 mdl SCORPIO MHAWK is offroaded for Engine rebuild.Parts ordered thru ASC since last 30days SAP NUM 4180786 , no info still...

My next vehicle is from TOYOTA.. as i need a peace of my mind ..and a final vehicle till my life time.
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