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mithun 29th March 2006 05:07

Tips for Central Locking Systems and Bypassing
I'm having a Autocop remote controlled central locking system installed on my car. The installers never gave any tips or infos. The user's manual is also quite bland.

I've also heard stories about central locking systems failing in the long run. So someone please provide me some tips for the better care of central locking systems ?

And how are the car thieves bypassing security systems ? I'm sure that they are not having immense technical know-how.

Doubt : If I want to open the door when the car is ON, should I press the button on the remote or pull the child lock near the driver's window. Which is the safer option ?

s0uljah 30th March 2006 11:37

Sorry but Im not able to address your query.

Disabling the alarm is easy in most cars, just a question of ripping apart 2 wires. There are advanced Systems these days with motion detectors etc which are little more difficult ot disable.

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