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Default 2004 Optra 1.6 electricals messed up

So here is how it goes. I own a 2004 model Chevrolet Optra 1.6, petrol. I am the 3rd owner and have very little history of the vehicle when it was owned before me, although I have had it for a little over 2 years now.

Lately, the electricals are starting to falter. The power window circuit had a short circuit and had to be fixed. The other day I had a headlamp blown fuse. Then I had problems in starting the car due to solenoids on the 'self' malfunctioning - diagnosed due to wire problems.

Then the ultimate lightening struck last week. A rat decided to home in onto my helpless car, while it was parked for a week and made its home under the hood.

The rat not sure due to vengeance or plain idiocy decided to nibble on a few wires causing a few short circuits, the next time I started the car.

Now my car is acting like Herbie fully loaded. Everything on the car seems to have a mind of its own. The A/C had stopped working and was diagnosed that the ECM was not supplying current. A relay was attached to the battery to make the A/C direct. The fuel meter is not working despite a half day RnD by a few mechanics. And there are a few more things, but I guess you have the hold of the problem.

I have finally decided that enough is enough and I shall get the entire wire harness replaced. Now this is where Team-BHP and its vast pool of extremely resourceful people come into picture.

I send an SOS to all the kind souls out there to please either arrange for a complete set of wire harness and the diagram for my car OR please direct me to a place where I can get my hands on them.

I already have feelers out in Mayapuri and Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi.

Thank you already.
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Default Re: Help with electricals on Optra 1.6 (2004) petrol.

My heart goes out to you mate.
I understand your situation and heartache.
I recently acquired a Chevrolet Optra similar to yours.
I am the third owner and got the car for peanuts frankly.
But then, it did need a fair bit of work and parts replacement to get it working again.

Anyways, in cases like this where the car is pretty old, I will always recommend getting the spares from the Authorized Service Centers.
In my case, the front disk assembly, the vacuum hose, fan belts and a whole bunch of things had to be replaced to get the car working normally.
The independent garage here in Chennai, that comes highly recommended on Team BHP was of little help as they did not have access to the spares needed to get the car working again.
Ultimately, it was the service center that I had to go to, in order to get the parts replaced. And since then the car has been functioning properly(touchwood ).

I'd recommend you call up the Service Center and speak with them.
It might take them a while to get the wiring harness.
But once they have it, I'm sure it would be much easier for them to take everything apart and put it back together.
Might cost a bomb, but then again, getting an essential part like the wiring harness is an area where I would gladly put my money in.

And my experience with Chevrolet Service Center, here in Chennai atleast, has been good so far.
They listened to my problems. They took a long-ish test drive to find and locate all the issues.
They suggested replacement of all the parts which needed replacement.
And thankfully, after replacing everything they suggested the car has been working really well . I'm even getting close to 11 kmpl within the city with 100% AC!

Anyways, speak with the authorized service center my friend. I believe that should be your best bet right now.
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Default Re: Help with electricals on Optra 1.6 (2004) petrol.

Thanks for the empathy.

I am quite at ease with the Chevy dealer near my house. The Cruze in the house gets serviced there and they have serviced my ride also a few times.

I absolutely concur about going to the service centre for such parts, and I have done it for quite a few things in the past. But what kills the joy is the huge labor charges, VAT and the rest of the taxes levied. Moreover I dont want to pickpocket the BIGGER wallet for my tiny needs.

If I only save on those counts, I could splash the same money on getting Bilstien shocks or likes for her.
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Default Re: Help with electricals on Optra 1.6 (2004) petrol.

prateekpsingh, the electricals of modern cars are it's lifeblood. I think if you take your car to a proper automobile electrical specialist, your problem will be solved.Only the engine bay needs to be checked. A few hours on a ramp with electrical guy will do you good.

If you want to change the wiring harness, i would suggest to go to the authorised workshop. This is because, as the car is old, when you open her up, lots of bits & pieces will fall off, crack etc, & this will be hard to replace at a local garage.
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Default Re: 2004 Optra 1.6 electricals messed up

I am the first owner of a 2004 1.6 Optra Petrol (run 56k so far).

For the past couple of days the car has been erratic in starting and needed a couple of key turns before coming to life. I turned in the car to the Authorised Service Station today.

The preliminary diagnosis is that there's a problem with the starter. Since it's expensive, they're looking to replace child parts:
-Solenoid + Brush Holder Rs 8000/- appx.
-The parts need to come from Chennai, so car will be in workshop for a week.

Wonder if anyone has this happen to them as well ?
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