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Default Re: Genuine Auto Manufacturer branded spares: What's the difference?

Anurag there is no need to go for an overhaul just by opinion instead check the suspension play via the bounce test. Push the car down on each corner hard more than once so that it bounces up and down significantly and then check after removing the pressure if the shocks are oscillating more than once then you're suspension is heading for the overhaul otherwise fine. By the way on the topic sometimes aftermarket parts are really better than OEM ones like the shocks and lower A-arm which on my uncle's Alto OEM quality lasted for 40000KM but the aftermarket Gabriel are still holding after covering another 55000KM. This is just my personal point of view and others are free to disagree anyways.
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Default Re: Genuine Auto Manufacturer branded spares: what's the difference?

Originally Posted by greenhorn View Post
...OEM manufacturer and the Auto manufacturer as their own branded spares (Tata Original Parts/MGP/SGP). If you are getting your car repaired outside, they what difference does this make ? Often they charge a hefty premium, so what is the advantage they bring, especially in non critical functions ?
Some of the answers I've heard are
1. to ensure genuineness - But then wouldnt it work both ways - the parts manufacturer can add holograms etc, and the auto manufacturer's packaging can be imitated too
2. Better spec/quality/tolerances - Is this true?
Sometimes, the better specs/quality/tolerances apply to the after-market non-OEM spare, rather than the OEM one. But then, it's a matter of learning / knowing by experience. Your FNG is in a good position to advise you about this when it comes to common cars like Indicas, 800s, Swifts etc., but as Spike said...
Originally Posted by SPIKE ARRESTOR View Post
If not sure, it is advisable not to try this on your personal vehicle.
+1. If my FNG or I have no clue about the quality or manufacturing process of some weird Chinese company which supplies compatible filters / brake pads / spark plugs for my car, I run in the opposite direction (even if the product is more/less expensive and / or someone is trying to explain that it is OE fitment in every space shuttle that ever took off! )
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Default Mahindra First Choice (Coimbatore) installed poor quality parts despite promising OE parts

This is regarding a serious issue faced by my friend who gave his Ford Fiesta 1.5 Titanium for a service at Mahindra First Choice-NextStep Auto Care, Coimbatore. It was for replacing a clutch main cylinder which had a leak.

However, after he gave it for servicing, the SA advised him to replace Suspension components as well as steering ball joint. He gave them the nod, and made them promise they will only install OE Ford parts.

After getting the car back from the service centre after much trials and tribulations, which are mentioned in the mail below, he experienced unpleasant noises from the suspension, and got it checked from a Ford service centre. Turned out they had installed poor quality Aftermarket parts in replacement instead of OE parts. Moreover, they had charged him for OE parts.
I am attaching an excerpt from the mail he sent to Mahindra First Choice.

First of all, I regret heavily for choosing to service my car at Mahindra First Choice Service dealership. I was also skeptical about the fact that the technicians wouldn't know much about Ford cars but then I blindly trusted the Mahindra brand name that they would provide 100% well because it is an emerging brand with superior products.

However these MFCS technicians completely messed up my car.

Let me give you a brief

Mahindra First Choice NEXTSTEP AUTO CARE 322A & 322B, Nanjundapuram Road, Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu - 641036.

Invoice number : 8502150818

Job Card Number : 528927

Dated : 03/ 12/ 2016

Amount Billed : 32,732.00 (Thirty two thousand seven hundred and thirty two only )

On 25th Nov 2016 I booked a service from the NEXTSTEP AUTO CARE to service my Ford Fiesta. To fix Clutch Main cylinder which had a oil Leak, Upholstery cleaning, AC Grill change and for General oil service. A guy from the service center picked up the car and service advisor Mr.Venkatesh called me and advised that it is time to change the

1. Front and Rear Suspensions.

2. Lower arm.

3. Link Rod.

4. Steering Ball joint.

5. Alternator Belt.

I said OK and asked them to change only OE parts. They said "we will only use OE" and gave me the quote for parts and told they can get this done in 2 days and promised a delivery date by 27th Nov 2016. On 27th Nov 2017 Service adviser called me and told that they didn't receive the parts from mahindra hub, so it will take another 2 days to deliver the vehicle and rescheduled it to 29th Nov 2016. Again on 29th Nov received a call from service adviser and said that they didn't receive the clutch Main cylinder yet and it will take another one week to get the part, then he told he can deliver it the same day(29th Nov 2016). Again called and said that the horn was not working, they are looking in to it and didn't deliver on that day. The next day I personally visited the showroom and they said there is a problem in airbag clock spring , so air bag lights are ON and horn is not working.

("This is caused by their service mistake which they agreed upon to replace").

They told that they will get it fixed in 2 days, as it is not safe to drive without horn, once again I agreed to wait for the clock spring to be fixed. Then again I approached the service adviser on 03 Dec 2016, still they didn't get the part, with more patience i told them to fit at least a temporary horn setup, so I can drive the vehicle till they receive the part. They did add the temporary horn and delivered the vehicle in "HALF WET CONDITION" (due to Upholstery cleaning) which I could not even drive for the next few days due to the mildew smell. And they got payment for the invoice "8502150818". Then by follow up, they took the vehicle on 21 Dec 2016 and fitted the airbag clock spring on 23 Dec 2016 at "RAJSHREE FORD SERVICE CENTER" and delivered to me on the same day. Believing that everything was fine I took a drive with my family to my home town on 24 Dec 2016, after driving for a while the car was creating a lot of noise suddenly. So I decided to have a second opinion with an authorized service center, since they were all busy for Christmas and New Year Eve, I had to get back on 4th Jan 2017. They said that the parts used were are of AfterMarket (Brand name "PANARA") and not OE. Then I took the vehicle to the NEXTSTEP AUTO CARE, the center manager Mr.Dinesh agreed that they used "PANARA" and told that these are the parts received as OE from mahindra hub.

Ford says that these are not OE parts. MFCS dealer has cheated me and used fake parts. They have not stuck to their promise of using original spares. Such a pathetic malpractice done by the MFCS dealer. And more over the service manager Mr. Dinesh spoke & behaved rudely with me.

These mistakes can lead to fatal consequences in the Indian highways

Again on 6th Jan 2017, I came up with the below mentioned problems.

1. Non OE Parts.
2. Foul Smell due to half wet condition.
3. Spoiled airbag mechanism.
4. Spoiled all steering mount controls.
5. The annoying noise.

The information the MFCS dealer gave is that
1. They received the parts from Mahindra hub (Brand Name: "PANARA").
2. We can claim warranty for the damaged parts and nothing can be done on the above issues.

And the Invoice dated was on 03 Dec 2016 not 05 Dec 2016 (invoice attached for reference).
I don't need any free of cost service from you, I need a perfect service as promised for the amount I paid.
You promised for OE products and charged me for that, but used after market parts named "PANARA" (attached images).

What I need is

1. Change all the PANARA products to Ford OE Products.
2. Fix the air bag mechanism.
3. Fix all the steering mount controls.
4. Remove the foul smell created due to the half wet condition.
5. Fix the noise from suspension.

I can not give you the vehicle unsupervised. I need this to be done in my own / men supervision.
If you agree for this. I need this to be fixed in one day (doable), let me know the date. Also I would take the car to FORD dealer to reconfirm that the service has been done to 100% justice to the payment of Rs.32,7320/- I have made.
I hope Mahindra will look into this, take action on the malpractice done by MFCS dealer and provide 100% justice to me.
As is mentioned in the mail, there was an airbag issue as well. That is a very serious concern, and it is not at all safe to drive a car with the airbag warning light ON.

He has sent numerous mails to the service centre as well as Mahindra, to no avail. Mahindra First choice, it seems, are not concerned about customer satisfaction, or in fact, safety! He has had to drive the car in this condition for close to a month now.
I hope someone on this forum can help.
P.S : Please excuse the long post
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Default Re: Mahindra First Choice (Coimbatore) installed poor quality parts despite promising OE parts

Mahindra First Choice has made its presence felt here on forum for mostly wrong reasons. The issues described by your friend are really major ones and it needs to be sorted out. Don't get me wrong but why would anyone take his car to a multi car workshop until and unless it's an emergency? I feel that your friend is at fault here for trusting them blindly. I consider Mahindra First Choice centers as FNGs. For service related issues, one should always contact the authorized service center. If you are unhappy with the service center at your location, better to take it to some other city. Let's hope that your friend gets his car back in shape.
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Default Re: Mahindra First Choice (Coimbatore) installed poor quality parts despite promising OE parts

Originally Posted by BoneCollector View Post
Don't get me wrong but why would anyone take his car to a multi car workshop until and unless it's an emergency? I feel that your friend is at fault here for trusting them blindly. I consider Mahindra First Choice centers as FNGs. For service related issues, one should always contact the authorized service center.
Yes I agree with you on this. Even I don't know why he took it to Mahindra First Choice! The thing is, we, who are on this forum, read about instances and become wiser, and make sure we give our car to the right person. But most people will see the name Mahindra and trust it since it is such a big brand in our country.
They should at least have the courtesy to respond and try to resolve the issues.

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