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wolfinstein 8th May 2006 14:37

Which would be the best small car for CNG

I will be buying a small car in the next two months and want to have it run on CNG along with Petrol..I wanted to ask that which car should I go for a CNG Fitment...I'm most likely to zero in on a Maruti 800, Unless there is a better choice in the small car segment

I came across an article at - Link is

Here the author talks of " Against this backdrop, Maruti Udyog has been astute in providing factory fitted CNG kits to private vehicle owners which previously were available only to the public transport sector. The Omni being perfect for inter-city travel was the first vehicle into which Maruti strapped in the CNG kit. CNG fitment however isnít just confined to the Omni and Maruti dealers will install a CNG kit into any of their existing models. "

Is that really possible, that I can get an official conversion done from a Maruti Udyog Dealer..!

Secondly, I rather not buy a new car for a CNG conversion I may look at models which have been around a year or two old with decent mileages, can anyone advise on what condition of vehicle should CNG be installed..after all I don't want to blow myself up that soon...! lol:


zulfikar 8th May 2006 14:46

i think Santro would be a good choice..
i have seen lot of people using cng on their santro...

revharder 8th May 2006 14:49

imho, if possible, try to opt for a car with boot.
look for a second hand petrol car with a boot.

no matter how old a car is, if it is decently maintained then you'd have no problem with that as it'd save you a big money!

go for certified cylinders only. and get it fitted from authorised fitters.

just one suggestion,
try to use petrol and CNG alternatively, i.e., use CNG one day and the petrol for atleast sometime on next day and so on. this way your engine should remain in a better state of health for as long as it survives!!

this is just one theory heard and read many a places, so please donot ask me about anything to prove it!
i guess there is no harm at all in using this theory, so its all upto you!:)

normally_crazy 8th May 2006 15:09

Hey Wolf ,

CNG or LPG ? I have heard that LPG is better than CNG. Lots of fluctuations in the quality of CNG we get here atleast in Mumbai. LPG is a safer bet here - and its available at the petrol pumps too. For CNG I think there are far and few refuelling stations (correct me if I'm wrong).

As for the car - a car with a boot will be ideal but if looking for a hatch , I say go for the Palio with a dealer fitted LPG kit.

wolfinstein 8th May 2006 16:42

Hey Guys,

CNG will be my choice though compared with LPG as, LPG is also expensive in the long run..Price's are increasing...! This small car will serve me to my college, When Mom needs to go shopping , Ocassional Spin's with friends the works..!

CNG quality is very good here in delhi, plus you have many stations now to fill CNG gas...More So, There is one right infront of my house..! So filling is not an issue...!

Santro..Well I was considering it, But somehow..I have never liked a santro only exception was Zip Plus...! But then a second hand machine will cost me almost of a new maruti 800 without AC...! I'm looking at total ownership of buying the car and getting a CNG kit installed...! So that has to be cost effective for me at least..!

Also, Yes I can confirm that is the case- You need to start your car with petrol and just before shutting down also you need to use petrol..this helps in keeping the engine lubricated enough as compared with dry CNG..!

So after the CNG, Will I need to use special CNG Grade Engine Oils or can continue with usual Servo or Castrol..!

Is there an LCD or Fuel gauge system that can show me the Gas level in the Cylinder right on the dashboard instead of Mental Judgement or Going all the way back and checking...!

So Santro-ZEN-Alto-800...seem like the most viable options available..??

zulfikar 9th May 2006 08:12

you can also add Palio 1.2 or 1.6 in that list...
these are also very good cars but dont know on how they would react to LPG/CNG...

anupamsinha 9th May 2006 20:52

I read that LPG is a bit better than CNG. As LPG is liquidified and hence also lubricates a bit. But this really be much of a concern. It might reduce engine life but then it should be by a few 1000's Kms. Steps you would require to follow to get a CNG kit in your car.

1. You have different kits for different cars. So make sure before buying a car that it has a certified kit and the same can be endorsed on the RC.
2. They need to be certified by the govt. and the car manufacturer. Palio doesn't has a CNG kit, I guess. In case you somehow get a kit installed in a car for which it isn't made. First of all it would be illegal and secondly you wouldn't be able to endorse it on your RC.
3. The biggest thing. You need to get the change reflected in your RC. The fuel section which probably read petrol before would now be changed to Petrol/CNG. Remember to get this done withing 14 days of getting the kit installed. I guess thats the rule. I would suggest that you ask your dealer to do the same.

wolfinstein 10th May 2006 11:27

Well Yes..LPG is better in Lubrication for the engine, But then LPG is not so freely available at all pumps, have seen only three in south delhi...One is right next to Apollo Hospital...!
But then LPG will not be cost effective...CNG is around Rs.18 per KG...! and One KG is approx of 1 Litre...!
Palio can be ruled out, although I love its drive and feel,It's not worth the conversion...I will be looking at Zen/Alto/Santro( Maybe)/800...!
The dealer who installs CNG Kit, will he get the formalities done, Or do I have to rush to RTO..!

First on the plan is to find a good car,Choice of paint will be Grey or Zen Grey...maybe I can manage with the orignal colour if its not expensive enough to go for a re-paint...!

Will need New Tyres and Alloys- Pref go for Bridgestone Potenza G3 Tubeless and Alloys from Hindalco...!

New Seat covers and some engine works depending on the condition...!

Is there anything else I will need..!

zulfikar 10th May 2006 12:53

best of luck...

the person you purchase the kit will do all the formalities..
you dont need to worry...

let us know what car you are buying...

PS: does palio has lpg kit or no...

DCEite 10th May 2006 12:57

Wait for the LPG WagonR coming next month.

anupamsinha 10th May 2006 13:06

Yup getting a Maruti and too a second hand would be the best thing to do. As you wouldn't have to worry about the warranty.

I don't know whether the dealer would get it endorsed or not. Make sure you go for all the bills, fire certificate etc. As you might need this in future. I guess there is also a cyclic inspection (I guess every 5 years).

I would suggest that you buy the vehicle. Preferably a MPFI one. Get the kit installed and then carry on with the servicing of the vehicle. Assuming it is not something that needs immediate attention.

As a general rule try and run the car on petrol a bit even if means a KM or so every time you go out. I would suggest that when you start your vehicle with petrol then switch to neutral (not the neutral gear) where the fuel supply would be cut off. Then when the engine begins to die switch over to CNG. I think that you would get accustomed to this switching with time. Make sure in case you do it early then expect a number of selfs before you are able to start your vehicle.

wolfinstein 10th May 2006 15:49


Originally Posted by dceite
Wait for the LPG WagonR coming next month.

Hmm..thats intresting...! Any idea what cost would this varient be, More Expensive than Petrol or cheaper...!

revharder 10th May 2006 15:54


Originally Posted by wolfinstein
Hmm..thats intresting...! Any idea what cost would this varient be, More Expensive than Petrol or cheaper...!

you are expecting it to be chaper than petrol!!
no way, govt is not going to provide any subsidy over such necessary things, so be ready to shell out some extra bucks to enjoy that economical LPG as your car's fuel!

wolfinstein 10th May 2006 16:02


Originally Posted by revharder
you are expecting it to be chaper than petrol!!
no way, govt is not going to provide any subsidy over such necessary things, so be ready to shell out some extra bucks to enjoy that economical LPG as your car's fuel!

But Rev, LPG-CNG Omni are cheaper than their Petrol varient, I would have thought on the same lines, But then Omni is no Wagon R....!

It could be better to promote CNG than LPG...and to add...I will check out the prospects of the DCE Boys launching their Pet-lec-city Vehicle with Mahindra and Mahindra early next year...supposedly the est street price is 1 lakh...

revharder 10th May 2006 16:12

omni is one car/van/whatever, which continues to dodge the govt!

it caters to so many categories of vehicles (as a 5-seater, 8-seater, commercial van, ambulance, hi-roof, lo-roof and blah blah!), that, they don't know what to do with it and even they have awarded some subsidies to MUL to make that car/van more affordable to masses!

so Omni is totally a different vehicle! :D

Wagon-R caters to honest tax-paying people like you and me, hence no subsidy from govt.
and thus, MUL ends up passing all the additional costs to the end consumers i.e., you and me!
thats why i guess, this wagon shall be no cheaper than its other siblings!

but if it does comes cheaper, then it's a real good news for people living in metros with incomes equivalent to peanuts, among rising costs of fuel!

lets see which side this camel sits!

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