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netarchie 29th May 2006 18:08

Changing Engine Oil..After run-in period
Is changing the engine oil recommended after the run-in period of the car is over , say after 1000 kms or 1500 kms, though in the manual nothing of that sort is mentioned.My car is due for 1 st service only after 5000kms.
in other cars does is the engine oil changed in first service? if so , after how many kms of running?

ThE_DoN 30th May 2006 01:30

Recommended but not absolutely neccesary..

ksethuram 30th May 2006 08:31

Could you please give us the information regarding your car. Experts would be able to advise you based on that.

supremeBaleno 30th May 2006 09:46

Engine oil + oil filter replacement depends on the car and manufacturer. For most (if not all) Maruti vehicles, it is changed during the 1st service at 1000kms. Subsequent changes are at 5K or 10K kms depending on the car in question. Other manufacturers might not follow this procedure. You could go by your owner's manual.

netarchie 30th May 2006 15:35

mine is Ford Fusion, in manual it says, first service after 5000 kms only.
and i have a TMP for 2 years frm the dealer, so oil change before the first service will cost me. just wondering if i shld do it or not!?

supremeBaleno 30th May 2006 16:16

You need not worry about this. The service centre will take care of that during the appropriate service. Just make sure that you take in the vehicle for the services at appropriate time specified by Ford.
After the free services are over, do the oil change at intervals specified in the manual (it must be every 10K kms for you, if I am right). This you can do either at the A** or someplace else.

kb100 31st May 2006 00:02

Will definitely help the engine if you were to change the oil... However if your manufacturer has put that down @ 5k, then there is no harm to wait till then,..

Logically... good if you do!

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