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normally_crazy 20th June 2006 14:27

Micro VBB Car Security Systems I read this in Indian Express too.

The Micro VBB device actually helped trace a car in 30 mins. Is it worth it ?

Here is the website -

Anyone using this ? Any reviews or personal experience will be great.


viper 20th June 2006 15:05

Hi NC,

This is an advertising gimmick. The person who has written the article is a relative of the so called vehicle owner. Have seen a live demo and was not impressed.

Buy and install as per your own instincts. I would not recommend as of today. If they upgrade or improve the same maybe in future.


n_aditya 20th June 2006 15:23

Sounds good but does it really work?

i visited the website... tried to send a purchase enquiry thru the form they have and guess what...

" jmail.Message error '8000ffff'

The message was undeliverable. All servers failed to receive the message

/home/purchase.asp, line 546 " ....... this is the error message i get... :WTF: do i need to send an sms now??? lol:

this is a whole lotta crap... talk about first impression.... the server has failed so i can imagine the product itself...

Boom Shiva 20th June 2006 15:38

How much does it cost? Seems like an interesting technology, but I'm dead certain the "article" is nothing more than an advertisement in disguise. Sad, because I used to respect the Express.

smats 20th June 2006 17:33

All such GSM based car security systems cost between 11k and 15k. Saw the demo during the Auto Expo.
If stolen, it works on the basis of a GSM cell which is a hexagonal area marked as a GSM unit. The problem however is to find the veichle in that hexagonal area and this are may be as large as 4-5 sq kms ! ! !

whatcanthisbe 20th June 2006 17:38

seems a lot like LOJACk used in the US

mithun 20th October 2009 07:57

It's a long 3 years...

Anyone having real experience of MicroVBB yet ?

micrographics 23rd March 2011 12:24

Re: Micro VBB Car Security Systems
My Experience with MicroVBB is really bad experience.

Upon recommendations and reviews on this forum, I opted for MicroVBB Elite and contact their Distributor in Bangalore.

Prior to finalizing, their response was quite fast and finally I decided to go for Elite Model.

Initially I asked them to come to my premises for installation which they refused and I took my car to them.

Upon reaching their place and after initial discussion, I came to know that they are doing this job on Logan for first time and they are not aware of anything about technical aspects of the car.

The So-called engineer/mechanic struggled with the car to find out all the wiring connection in order to install and after struggling for almost 5 hours, resulted in DAMAGED Central Locking. They failed to install and repair my Company Fitted Central Locking.

I paid Rs. 600/- to Company Workshop for repair of Central Locking and after getting it repaired, I called them again for installation and it is more than 1 week now, every day they make false assurance and yesterday they crossed everything when at 3.30 p.m. they told that within 10 minutes they will startoff from there office and come to my place and finish the job and also compensate for the loss I incurred on repair of Central Locking.

Now it is more than 16 hours, no one turned up. I tried calling them today and everytime it turned dead silense as no one picked up phone. Finally I called up their Bombay office and logged the complaint at 10 a.m. today and the gentleman who received my complaint and told me that I'll get Complain No. on my Cell. After waiting for 2 hours, I called up again and this time some lady picked up the phone and again same procedure I followed giving all the information etc.

So, guys, if you are from Bangalore : Never trust on the dealer who promises that you will get best service pre and post installation.

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