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Default At what Temp should the Engine Oil be drained off ?

When I went to drain off my engine oil, the mechanic told me to wait for a few minutes so that the engine cools down and only after that the oil should be changed.

But I've always read the other way round, to drain off the engine oil when the engine is hot since the viscosity will be less; so the engine oil will be thinner and as a result it will flow off easily through the drain hole at the bottom.

So when should the oil be drained; when the engine is hot/cold ?

Is the same method applies to bikes which is having a a wet clutch/dry sump lubrication ?
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Even waiting for "few minutes" wonít make the oil cool down. It may take at least an hour to cool engine oil for a significant viscosity change. The mechanic is right because when engine is running the oil is thoroughly spread/ sticking to the whole engine. 3-4 minutes stop of engine will only help that oil to come down so that it can be drained out completely. Itís not a Hot/Cold question. Itís just that oil should be free flow at the time itís drained out. A few minute wait wonít affect its free-flowness. !!!
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Yes, Rohit is correct. Ideally 10 mins will ensure that most of the oil gets collected in the chamber.
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An engine oil change (which could be a do-it-yourself, if you love the job), is normally recommended after the engine is a bit hot. Not necessarily as hot as it will be after a long drive.

In case you think about changing the oil on a Sunday morning after the car was parked in the garage the whole night, then it makes sense to take it for a short spin and back. This increases the fluidity of the oil and thus in the draining of the same.

As others have replied, the mechanic by saying "a few mins" would have surely meant to wait for the oil to settle at the bottom, and not for cooling off.
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