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vigsom 1st September 2006 17:58


Over 70% cars in Surat have borne the brunt of the floods in August.While the first vehicles to be tendered for service have started up,the later ones are still asleep because of shortage of spares,most importantly the ECM.

I have a few queries:

1.Have any of you tried restoring ECMs ?
2.Do these necessarily fail if powered on(battery connected) when the vehicle is submerged?
3.Anybody in Mumbai who has a high success rate of restoring ECMs
4.Where in Mumbai are new ECMs available without fuss?

26/07 is still fresh in the minds of several BHPians and I am sure their experiences will be valuable.

Cheers !!!!

wolfinstein 3rd September 2006 14:32

Really Don't think its possible to restore the ECU chip, Replacing the parts will be more expensive than the New ECU.

At least in Cell phones- For which My SE K 700 fell into a Bucket of water, I took it apart and used a Hair Drier to dry it up, and after wards used an PCB cleaner.

What you could do is that, Companies will provide ECU repair or cheaper replacement services now, contact them and Your Car Insurance to see if there can be any claim made.

Along with the ECU, The Car Transmission,Engine,Seals,Exhaust-Cat Con,Electrical Wiring will need to be checked and Cleared.

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