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Dear Friends,

i have been tracking all the LPG kit discussions in the last couple of months and was quite sure about a Lovato LPG kit for my car until i got confused yesterday.

Before i go into detail, the following are some reasons why i want an LPG kit in my car:

1. I do an average of 40 to 45 kms per day.
2. I own an opel corsa sail (i do enjoy the speed but no time coz of work and hectic weekdays)
3. I spend a lot of money of fuel
4.weekend trips are rare and if i do some then i would love to enjoy a petrol drive (dont mind the cost then!!!)
5. The LPG bunk network in bangalore has increased, therefore me being able to refill even close to home.
6. In case of long journeys, i own a beautiful SUMO EX+ that works well for me on long travel.

I spoke to a few companies and narrowed down to lovato becuase of their years of experience and also various clearances in terms of safety, simplified fitment of kit, less body tampering, RTO clearances etc.

just to reassure myself i called the GM guys and they gave me a totally different 'gyan' about the damage that it can cause to my engine.they said the following:

a. engine will overheat drastically
b. cylinder damage
c. chances of coolant mixing with oil due to damage and overheating(which i frankly didnt understand)
d.warranty will be null and void (my car is one year and one month old)

i therefore need reassurance and suggestion before i take a bold step to get the kit fitted in my car for my advantage.
please help me out in this regard and spare a few minutes to help me out and let me know from some experiences(probable kit users), which are right brands to look at, etc etc. seniors please help too.need wisdom and guidance.

please help
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hi stevie,
do not feel bad about what the GM guys said. they just want to wash their hands (maybe their bums also) off on your car's warranty. i am not going to give you any technical ideas here. but all i can say is that i have been using LPG in my cars from 2001 onwards & till date none of the cars that i have used have had any of the afflictions that you have listed out.

one thing that you have to decide is the warranty. these guys just wait for the first opportunity to wash their hands off & this will certainly help them. if you are not particularly worried about it, then go ahead & fix it & start saving.
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Default thanks dude

hey esteem lover

thanks for your frank opinion.moreover i see that you have experience with more than one kit so i guess you should obviosuly know.well i may never get the extended warranty and probably in the future i may just end up servicing my car at one of the bosch service centres closer to home coz GM anyway charges a bomb.

will think well and take the plunge(for the good of course!!!)
thank you
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The last one is the only reason!!.. If you still want warranty to be left, don't fit it. Else be bold and go for it!!.
I had a talk with one guy once in train that guy manufactures domestic gas cylinders in pndycherry. Had a talk on both domestic and vehichle LPG. Automotive LPG is designed to run on automotives. So there is no damage. It has verified standard octane number etc etc. The guys say that engine gets heated because, eventhough normally people install the automotive LPG cyliner, they kind of 'pump' domestic LPG from the red cyliner to the car cylinder and use it. it will defenitely heat up the engine and cause all other damages associated with it. Domestic LPG is bad form of LPG. use automotive LPG and its safe and green....
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